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Know More about Tens Ems Electrodes

If you suffer from muscle pain, Tens units are your best go-to because they can release tension from the muscles and lessen the pain. After a toiling day at work we love to get a sumptuous massage on the aching muscles and Tens units are just made to serve the purpose. There may be many causes of muscle pain ranging from injury, strain or overuse. Most people complain about tormenting pain in the lower back. Rushing to the physiotherapist seems like a perfect solution in such a situation when the pain almost shoves you into a depression. Tens units are also apt to be used for the domestic purpose in case visiting a physiotherapist periodically seems like a daunting task to you. Notwithstanding you buy one portable Tens unit in your house, you will require an expert physiotherapist’s guidance to use it correctly. Tens units come with many intricate equipment among which are the Tens ems electrodes that improve the functionality of the overall Tens unit.

What are Tens Ems Electrodes and how they work?

A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit is a battery driven device which works by delivering small electrical impulses through electrodes that come with adhesive pads to be attached to the patient’s skin. EMS stands for electric muscle stimulation. The function of this is to instigate the process of muscle contraction via external electric charge.

It works on the principle of altering the painful signals which arise form the injured tissues and travel to the brain. In this the electrodes are placed on the affected muscles and the signal produced by the electrodes alters the painful signal which arises from muscle to the brain.

What does EMS consist of ?

EMS comes with electrodes; the function of this electrode is to provide an electrical stimulus to the muscles. To ensure this, the electrodes are placed on the skin and from here the electrical stimulus is provided to the muscles. This electrical stimulus causes muscle contraction.

The Function of an EMS Unit:

The function of EMS is to relive muscle pain. The electrical stimulus provided by the EMS is responsible for triggering this relief. With stimulation one can prevent swelling of muscles and thus reducing pain and at the same time it also prevents joints dislocation and muscle strain.  

Muscular pain can be troublesome , and their persistence can become problematic for people. One of the common ways to avoid this is by using EMS. They help in reducing muscle spasm by instigating electrical stimulus to the affected muscles. It also ensures seamless blood circulation.

The EMS also improves the range of motion which effectively improves the blood circulation and lessens the pain. The Tens ems electrodes are also used to increase blood circulation in the back and neck because these areas are more prone to stiffness than the rest of the body.

Ems Electrodes

Tens EMS electrodes are useful for those who are suffering from :

  1. Muscular pain
  2. Muscular atrophy
  3. Poor blood circulation
  4. Lost motion because of an injury

Some Useful Tips for Maintaining your Tens Ems Electrodes:

The pads used in there can become less sticky with time as they collect debris. It is advisable to  gently wipe them off with a damp cloth in case they are dirty. There is no greater alternative to cloth when it comes to cleaning the electrodes because if you use paper, chances are they will leave dirt behind. In case you are cleaning the pads with oil, make sure not to over-saturate them. Just a gentle swipe will work wonders to make the pads sticky again.

Although, this technique is a useful and effective one,  the effects are visible only when it is administered by an expert. Make sure that you contact an expert for undergoing Tens EMS electrodes simulation.



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