iOS Apps for Students

7 iOS Apps that can Support the Students in Improving their Educational Workflow

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This new age is all about technology and its best usage. These up-to-dated gadgets in use today have proved the proposition at its best.  However, some apps are designed and developed to safeguard the wellbeing of the students. These iOS apps turn out to be the best pal for the students, along with improving their productivity. Several apps are profound for the maximum efforts and student’s progress. All these apps encompass the students’ affiliated problems and generate better solutions. Have a look at these 7 iOS apps that perform in a great deal for the students.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an editorial app that signifies the importance of a well-written sentence. It helps to construct a good post or help you in completing your assignments. This technology is widely known as a keyboard-friendly application. Often, when you are in a hurry or having difficulty to structure a decent sentence, this is where Grammarly strikes in. In fact, the tagline of Grammarly is all about, ‘type with confidence, pumping the courage to initiate your task. It’s a keyboard, which is synchronized with all your apps, whether it is an Instagram caption or a college application. You can now do it with the little help of your keyboard instructor. With just $29.99 per month, you will have the comfort and confidence in your writing.

  1. Oxford dictionary

The learning pioneers, Oxford dictionary, is said to have 350,000 words stored with meanings and sentences. It has 75,000 audio pronunciations available with the experience of 150 years and optimized search tools for the betterment of students. It is also free to use and the best feature is that this application is ad-free. Now, you can learn without having distractions. Also, it works in offline mode too. If a difficult word pops up, you can safe it in your dictionary to have its meaning, origin, and sentence to use it later. It also snaps the photo of your assigned word for you to go through it later on.

  1. Photomath

Having trouble in learning and understanding math? ‘Fear not! Your Photomath is here’. It’s an educational app built to learn math. The best feature of the application is that it can be used without connecting it to data.  From the basic math problem to pre-calculus and trigonometry, Photomath can handle everything. This app is launched for the ease of students and given the accessibility to use anywhere.

  1. Mybib

Mybib is a Harvard citation application. This app can cite any link by using URLs and helps in managing your assignments within the due date. From your journals to assignments, it caters all your homework essentials. Be it videos, images, or quotes, just cite it with Mybib and you are good to go. It’s free of cost for all its users. The aim of Mybib is to project productivity to the students.


  1. StudyBlue

This application holds 10 million plus students with even greater number of the flash cards. This app is used for creating notes at any given time. It help the students to prepare themselves on the topic that they just covered. StudyBlue can also create test for revision purposes. Creating and sharing of flash cards with your friends or peers was never this easy.  Now, group studies can be more compelling with the use of an innovative app. You can create an account for free on StudyBlue for which, internet connection is a must. The best feature it provides is the sharing of flash cards and finding different ones from all over the world.

  1. Forest

This app not just connects you with your task at hand, but also with the nature. The app’s objective is to set your task and focus on it. The step one requires to optimize the timer on it and with each half an hour, the tree grows. If you use your phone before the given time, your tree will die. It demands you to prioritize your work and spend less time on your phone. It also urges you to be productive with the task at hand and use your time wisely.

  1. Class Timetable

For students, the most appropriate gift used to be watch that screams, be on time! But, as the world progressed, the techniques have changed and in the digital world, the apps are much more entertaining. Class Timetable is the best app for the students where they can have their routine, classes, and the events planned beforehand. It has multiple schedules for the week to ease the students. With the fun and colorful interface, it has attracted almost 5 million students. The app has multiple languages for all the students in the world. In addition, it is free for all its users.

With the help of this amazing insurgence in the technology every student is deemed to get an output from it. Each app is designed in a way that works for the welfare of the students; from their learning to organizing. Now, everything can be done and said on the mobile phones. When needed a little push to study, use the app to detour yourself from your phone. All these innovations are working for a better and easier environment.

Students having any problem regarding math or any other assignment can be directly connected to the world through these apps. They can get the multiple solutions for a problem. But, still if you are having trouble, use University Coursework Assistance, which is here to help and give you support regarding any challenges. Remember, an organized student is ready to tackle anything.

There are times when a student has to face many problems but, they also create many memories with it. All the chaos and uncertainty students face; these apps provide an essence of comfort for its users.