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In Latest Interesting News: How Sanskari Babuji Turns out to be Unsansakri After All!

Sanskari Babuji Turns out to be Unsansakri

The #MeToo movement in India has already created a virtual tsunami in the media industry. One after the other, stories of sexual assault, rapes and molestation are coming out.

After Tanushree accused Nana Patekar of misbehaving with her on the sets of ‘Horn OK Pleass’, people were in shock. Nana Patekar is considered to be one of the most respectful actors, after all.

These allegations questioned his status altogether and created an interesting news in India. But finally, things are in the hands of law now, and both the parties are taking legal actions against each other.

But, before the case of Tanushree and Nana came to a conclusion, a new story began to unfold.

Interesting news today: A new story added to the #MeToo movement

The latest interesting news is about the story of sexual assault against an actor who is apparently known as ‘Sanskari Babuji’. Yes, we are talking about the actor who is a butt of jokes due to his so called Sanskari image that he portrays on TV.

Alok Nath was accused by a TV writer- director Vinta Nanda, who directed the famous television soap named ‘Tara’ in the 1990’s. It was during her early time in the B-industry when she met Alok Nath.

What exactly happened back then?

Very few people know that Alok nath is a hard-core drinker and loses control over his actions and behaviour once he gets under the influence of alcohol.

According to Nanda, the incident took place after a party that she had attended at Nath’s house. There were many other people partying at his house that night. Naturally, when it got late Nanda got up to leave.

But, she was stopped midway by Nath.

As we all know that Alok Nath is the most sanskari person on earth, he ended up offering to drive her home.

But did he safely drive her home?

Of course not, he did what a drunk person would have done to satiate his sexual hunger. He began by making Nanda forcefully drink more alcohol, even though she was already under the influence of liquor.

On reaching her house he carried her inside. He then forcefully raped her in her house and left.

What did Nanda do the next day?

Nanda was horrified with whatever happened with her and called the people that she knew. Sadly, everyone she knew from the media industry asked her to forget about it and be quite. She even reluctantly visited Alok Nath’s house as she had to get money and some work for future.

He raped her again. Distressed and broken, Nanda returned back to her house and somehow held herself together.

Did she file a complaint?

After hard work and immense courage, she made her way into the media industry and made her name in the list of successful writer-director.

In 2003, she gathered up the courage and raised her voice against the actor. Even the news was published on various platforms.

But, it didn’t get any attention nor any action was taken against the actor at that point in time. Thankfully, now, after 19 years, people are listening and believing her story.

What is the current scenario?

Many have come in support of Nanda and believe that whatever she said is true. In the latest interesting news, Nanda held a press conference saying that today she will decide the next course of action and get back to Alok Nath.

What did Alok Nath say about the accusation?

Apparently, the all-time sanskari babuji got so scared that his health started to deteriorate. He is currently advised by the doctors to take rest.

According to the sources, rest of the things will be taken care of by his lawyer.

Meanwhile, all we can do is wait to see how this whole ordeal ends. Now that the legal system has finally come up and taken things in their hands, we hope the truth will come out soon.

What do you think about this whole case?

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