Important Types of Fencing in Wiltshire

Fencing in Wiltshire

The trend of fencing in Wiltshire is very common because the people are likely to the safety of their properties. Therefore, there is fencing on every next farmhouse and agricultural area. Fencing is not a new thing it is coming from many years when there was no material except wood. In these days, the people used to make fencing of the wood.

This is the most common type of farmhouse fencing in all the times wither past or present. It seems that the wooden fencing would be the cost used fencing even in the future. Because this is a very affordable, durable, and environmentally friendly material. When we talk about where we can get the best fencing for our use? Then we see that there is a considerable number of fencing companies in Wiltshire that are offering a variety of fencing to the people at different prices. But we should always choose the best one after a complete analysis of the available fencing companies. Fencing is a type of protection to a specific area like a farmhouse, construction area, or an agricultural land etc. It may be of any type. There are various types of fencing according to the material, according to use, and according to the designs. These can be explained in details below.

Popular types of fencing

We can classify the fencing in different varieties but there are different ways to differentiate them with each other.

1.    According to the material

  • Wooden fencing
  • Aluminium fencing
  • Metal fencing
  • Steel fencing
  • Copper fencing

Wooden fencing

Wooden fencing is the most used and popular type of fencing which is also a gorgeous type of fencing. Most of the people use such fencing around their residential areas and agricultural land. This is very environment-friendly and affordable fencing.

Aluminium fencing

Aluminium is also used in the fencing because it can be shaped in a shade or long aluminium blades that can be fixed in such a way they make a fence around a specified area. Aluminium fencing is also very beautiful because aluminium is a shining material that gives a stunning look to the fencing. Aluminium fencing in Wiltshire is very famous.

Metal fencing

Metal fencing is the most durable and reliable type of fencing which is made with pure metal. All fencing companies provide metal fencing. There is a metal wire that is used to make fencing to use in a specified place.

Steel fencing

Steel is also a type of materials that are similar to the metal but comparatively less strong than the metal. But its stainless type is very useful in the fencing.

Copper fencing

Copper is the most expensive material from the following ones because it is rare than the metal, steel, wood, and aluminium etc. it is also very durable and reliable because of its strongness and therefore people often use such fencing in the industrial areas. This is the rarest type of fencing in Wiltshire.

2.    According to the use

  • Farmhouse fencing
  • Prison fencing
  • Agricultural fencing
  • Industrial fencing

Farmhouse fencing

Farmhouse fencing is very common and also very old because in the UK most of the houses are designed in such a way they have some area as a garden or farm. Moreover, in farmhouses, the fencing is used to cover the area for the sake of safety from the animals and unwanted people. Wooden fencing is popular as farmhouse fencing.

Prison fencing

Prison is the place where the government keeps the prisoners unless they don’t complete the time of their punishment in prison. To make the jail more secure and safe from the internal prisons as well as outsiders there is fencing on the walls of the prison for protection. Moreover, it also disables the prisoners to run away from the prison. Metal and steel fencing is common in prisons.

Agricultural fencing

Agricultural fencing is used in the land of agriculture where we use to grow fields. In the farming land there is a need of protection for the fields so that the animals or outsiders may not damage or steal the crops and vegetables etc. so for the sake of protection people use agricultural fencing.

Industrial fencing

Industrial fencing is that which is used in the industrial areas. The owners of the industries are conscientious about their business and they keep the industrial area covered by the fencing. Industrial fencing is the second most crucial fencing after prison fencing because there are many chances of stealing something by the thieves.

Construction fencing

Whenever there is a construction process, the construction contractors install the construction fencing around the area of the construction. Because there is expensive building material in the under construction area which is not adequately covered by the walls. Therefore, there is a need for fencing in the construction areas.

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