Huge Skincare Trends for 2019


Good skin has a lot to do with your overall look and your amount of self-esteem you have. Good skin needs less makeup and gives you that natural glow that we all want. Make the real and the natural you more beautiful by looking forward to and following some trends that will make it big in 2019!

Expect skincare to become streamlined

2018 was all about natural looks and that no-makeup makeup look. Gone are the days with when exaggerated eyeliners were taking almost all the eye space. It’s time to feel happy in your natural skin. It then surely makes sense that in 2019 we will be going back to basics. A simple skin care routine will be more common with usually three steps: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. This will not just focus on your self-care but will also allow your pores to breathe. This small routine can be used and should be used by all!

Easy skincare applications

If you still think you need reminders of the easy skin care routines then you can also install an application for that. No matter how many times you forget the importance of this routine, the application will give you reminders and answer all your questions. 2019 is going to be answering most of your skin care related questions through the use of technology. The American Academy of Dermatology has, for example, has designed an app which can manage chronic urticaria. You might also be able to track flare-ups and when the signs have peaked.

Think of skin care products as a response to inflammation and pollution

Your face is constantly exposed to a lot of pollution and you aren’t even aware of it. The products coming in 2019 will be able to target these pollutants and the toxins from the environment. Pollution is known to increase redness, inflammation and even wrinkles. A topical with a powerful anti-oxidant can be helpful and you will a lot of that in 2019.


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