Increase E-Commerce Sales

How to Use User Generated Content to Increase E-Commerce Sales


This article will reveal the significance of user-generated content and how it can help eCommerce companies to drive sales when other strategies to push sales are paid, costly or might not be always effective.

While online businesses can inevitably boost their sales with paid ads and marketing campaigns, there are several priceless strategies that are equally or more effective in pushing sales. One such strategy that can pay off well for an eCommerce store is the use of user-generated content or UGC. They are pretty much useful in pulling visitors to a site and surprisingly beat out other marketing techniques like cookie-cutter ads or sponsored links. The reason? User-generated content are the ones genuinely given by other customers. It might be on the products, about company’s services, prices, promotions or anything else. Good or bad, it can range from social media feeds to customers’ reviews on the product pages. However, the great thing about UGC is that when positive content overdoes the negative ones, it helps in driving more of new customers with persuasion.

Needless to say, user-generated content can truly amplify any online business by giving an impression to the potential buyers. So, if ever you choose to have an online store, you must use a social aggregator to embed all of your user generated content on website. But before that, let’s disclose how UGC can be a catalyst factor to the eCommerce sales.

Helps to build trust in the company or brand

While customers don’t trust too much on any brand’s self-proclamations without concrete proof, user-generated content can be their source of trust. By providing opportunities to customers to write about their opinions, the company gets the chance to respond to concerns of the current customers, thereby giving out early answers to the prospective buyers! Such content is a kind of social proof that assures buyers about your store’s credibility even if a few negative feedbacks have been reported.

Showcase Brand’s Values

UGC is a great way to show what people have actually liked about the brand and how they are using the products. It’s sometimes better to show in actions the buyers’ responses than just sharing their words. For instance, the eCommerce site can present banners with images of customers donning the products of their store. This helps in showing how people connect to the brand, love its products and why it can be the best choice too for potential customers.

Leverage the loyal relationships with customers

The old loyal customers of a business are always priceless ones because no matter what they are going to buy from the same eCommerce store. According to market researches too, retaining the existing customers is less costly than acquiring new ones. So, having the most loyal customers generate some kind of content is always a win-win strategy to strengthen the relationships with the brand and give a boost to sales.

Turn negative UGC into brand’s advantage

While giving your site a scope to use user-generated content then there might be a chance for the eCommerce site to encounter negative UGC too. But, you need to use it in your site to your own advantage by addressing each of the negative feeds in the right way by giving them constructive opinions on behalf of the brand.

Clearly, UGC can help people who look for some guidance in the vast online marketplace before buying something. However, to get your eCommerce store occupied with user-generated content, you have to build your website accordingly, i.e. must have separate features for reviews, placing queries, direct social share, etc. So, book your eCommerce development services with some experienced companies that are well acquainted with the latest marketing trends in eCommerce.