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How to Transform Your House into the Home You Want

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So, you’ve just decided to buy a house after years of living in rented apartments. You feel accomplished because you’ll soon have a place that is entirely your own. Now you’ll truly feel the beauty of calling a place your home. But, how do you transform this entity into something that first pops into your mind when you think of the word “home”? Let’s learn how you can transform your house into your sanctuary after you find the one you like, sign paperwork, and receive the keys.

Make it functional

A house should be functional and every room should have it’s assigned purpose. You’ll probably have an image of the house you’d like to buy and visit only those that fit into this description. Everything else will be a waste of time. Your main goal is to make use of the space available and assign purpose to each room. On average, people are looking for a one-bedroom or two-bedroom house that has a separate living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Millennials are also looking for an open floor layout, where the living room, dining room, and kitchen all spread out over one big room. Either way, look for a house that suits your lifestyle and which you can use to the last square foot.

Flood it with color and life

People often show their houses fully furnished, so that you can get the idea of how a home looks and make a decision to buy that house. Every house looks better with furniture in it so people rely on this trick to make the sale happen. Bare walls and empty rooms don’t show off that warm and homey vibe. But, you shouldn’t be under their interior design influence when you buy it and start decorating it. Use the inspiration you can find online, to find the right inspiration and ideas. Nonetheless, make interior design choices that feel good in your gut. If you feel like having a purple sofa because seeing purple makes you happy, go for it. Use color in your interior design efforts to flood the entire house with life. 

Make smart choices

When it comes to buying a house, you should truly consider all your options. This decision-making process should happen before you make a purchase. You can choose between an existing house or build one based on your preferences. If you decide to build your house, find someone to guide you through the entire process. Consultants at Beachwood Homes are there to guide you through all stages of building your home. A consultant will help you vocalize your ideas and help create your signature home style. You’ll know what o expect and design the interior with ease.

Focus on both style and comfort

Since you’ve made up your mind regarding the purpose of each room, you should apply this to your furniture choices. We’ve already mentioned buying a purple sofa if you feel like having a purple signature piece in your living room. But, don’t buy the sofa or any other furniture [iece if it’s just pretty and far from comfortable. Modern designs and contemporary styles are innovative, unique, and often uncomfortable. So, don’t sacrifice comfort over style when setting up your oasis. Even if it takes you longer than planned to buy every piece you like, don’t neglect the importance of comfort. 

Furnish your floors

Area rugs have two purposes – sectioning and comfort. Beauty is another purpose, but you’ll buy a rug you like so we won’t emphasize this element over the other two. Properly positioned area rugs are an essential tool for sectioning an open layout. If your house features this contemporary style, use area rugs to create visual sections. If this is not the case, you should consider area rugs over bare floors for added comfort. It is also another design feature you can use to personalize your space so consider it.

Light makes a home look warm and inviting

The poorly lit room can impact your mood so aim for the opposite. Let there be light, both natural and artificial. When it comes to dressing up your windows, think in terms of something that allows as much light to flood your space but also helps you maintain your privacy. Light curtains or translucent blinds will help you achieve such a look and they are both timeless and elegant. When we talk about artificial light, start by placing an optimum number of overhead lighting.

Also, make sure you can turn these off when you don’t need them. So, discuss adding additional lightswitch with your electrician. If you need to change the preexisting fixtures and wiring, call a professional to assist you. Secondly, position accent lights around the room, especially where you need them the most for reading, or simply watching the TV. Lastly, don’t block sources of natural light with furniture. 


Even though your house might feel strange even after you go through all of our suggestions, it will slowly grow on you and feel like a home. So, buy every piece guided by your instinct and the warm emotions at first sight. 



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