June 23, 2021


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How to Satisfy Your Wanderlust Even When You’re At Home

wanderlust woman looking at nature

Any time of the year is good enough for travel. But, as we approach warmer months of the year, the urge to travel becomes stronger and stronger. Unfortunately, traveling is the luxury we can’t afford now. When people all over the world are told to stay home and commit to social distancing, traveling should be the last of our concerns. Our main goal is to remain safe and healthy and that’s why we should seek alternative ways to satisfy our wanderlust.

Relive all your best travel experiences

Start by reliving all your best travel experiences. When we travel, we take tons of photos and videos. Some of these end up on our social media channels, while the best moments are still hidden from the public eye. Now you can explore these moments by watching the videos from your most recent travel. Afterward, go through those million photos you took while you were exploring the streets of some European hotspot. You can also use this chance to sort out the photos and delete blurry ones or those you don’t like. 

Take a virtual cure for wanderlust

Wanderlust can be cured online as well. You can take virtual tours and visit some well-known tourist attractions from the comfort of your favorite chair. All you need is a stable internet connection, good mood, coffee or a glass of your favorite wine and you can start your online tour. The Louvre, Van Gogh Museum, The Vatican Museum, any many more have opened their doors virtually to anyone who wants to explore their offer. This is also a kid-friendly activity so prepare your kids in advance and let them enjoy this virtual tour with you.

Dive into a good travel book

The boredom caused by spending all this time at home can be quickly diffused by reading a book. Reading can stimulate our imagination when carefully crafted sentences teleport us into a different era or geographical location. Reading travel-related books like The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho or The Beach by Alex Garland, or Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert can be just what your adventure spirit seeks. You will commence your travel journey by following the adventures of protagonists of these books. You will relive their experiences and their journeys while you devour every word on the page. 

Search regions you’ve read about in your book on Google Earth

If you want to experience the aforementioned books in the best way possible, write down the list of locations and places the characters have visited. The only way to truly experience their experience is to view these places online. Google Earth can make this reading experience just as magical is it can be if you went there in person. Search these regions on Google earth and turn reading into a true adventure. 

Plan for the next trip

Even though we can’t travel at this very moment, nobody said that we can’t plan our next trip. The entire planning process can be just as good as traveling to a destination of choice. You will spend a significant portion of your time googling destinations, reading about must-see locations and reading about the history of these towns.  When you pick the destination you plan on visiting once the lockdown is over, you need to think of some new travel accessories and things that might come in handy. If you plan a summer getaway, you’ll need to refresh your summer wardrobe. Look for sarongs Australia has to offer because these people know how to dress for a beach vacation. Update the list of items you need for the ultimate getaway and plan everything in advance.

Watch a travel themed movie

Watching movies is probably your favorite social distancing activity. But, once your wanderlust kicks in, you can soothe it by watching a travel themed movie. There are many mesmerizing stories like the one portrayed in Into the Wild, Roman Holiday, Out of Africa , Lost in Translation or even in the French gem Amelie. You can also give your attention to documentaries or docu-series like Street Food, Mountain, or National Parks Adventure.

Cook something foreign

You’ve probably discovered the beauty behind cooking on your own recently. Staying home means that we’ll be cooking our own food all the time. Now’s the chance to learn how to make some of the most popular foreign dishes. This meal can transport you to Italy, Mexico, Spain or France quicker than any other flight. To make this even more authentic, play foreign music in the background. If you’re making Quesadillas you can also listen to Mexican music and get totally immersed in this adventure.


These tips are the only thing that can help us overcome our urge to travel when we can’t do that. There are many things on this list that will inspire you and make your next great trip even more memorable.