June 23, 2021


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How to Recover Formatted Data From Hard Drive – Follow Easy Steps

Recover Formatted Data

The HDD (hard disk drive) is the primary and usually largest data storage hardware device in a system. The OS software titles, and most other files are stored in the HDD. The hard drive is sometimes mentioned to as the “C drive” due to the fact that Microsoft Windows, by default, designates the “C” drive letter to the main partition on the main hard drive in a system.

While it is not a technically accurate term to use, this is still common. For example, Few systems (PC) have various drive letters like C, D, and E stand for areas across one or more hard drives. The hard disk drive also goes by the name HDD (its abbreviation), hard drive, fixed drive, hard disk, and fixed disk drive, fixed disk.

Overview of Hard Drive Format Recovery

With the increase in digitization of data, literally all of our memories, our crucial emails and entire the personal details are stored in our hard drive. While the reasons for data loss in hard drives are largely physical, few times data might be lost due to a mere human error. For example, formatting a hard drive without having a backup can result in the loss of important data collected over the course of years. Here is some possible reason of data loss:

Firmware Faults: Most of the time, it happens that the hard disk drive does not get detected by the computer. The computer may sometimes get stuck in the middle of the booting process, making it impossible for users to access their files.

Hard Disk Crash: Improper airing in the CPU fan can result in the crashing of the hard disk. In such situations, users can hear hitting sounds coming from their device.

Unstable Power Supply: Using unreliable power sources or too high and too low voltages to UPS power can reason for your hard drive fail.

Internal Failure: Mechanical failures can reason the data on users hard disk to become corrupt and inaccessible. Sometimes, users could face a black screen after the booting screen.

Corrupted Files: A sudden shut-down of users laptop or PC due to power surges can reason some data to become corrupt and make your hard disk to fail. Using malicious applications can also spread a virus in your pc leading to more corrupt data.

Human Error: Sometimes user an accidental formatting their data without taking backup calls for data recovery. Wrong installations of an OS can cause the hard drive to fail, thereby requiring a format.

All of the above reasons of the users hard drive data damage or lost thus the hard drive is often to be required formatted in attempt the resolved problem. All hard drive users are not taking backup of their precious data. Some users always search the solution of how to recover formatted data from hard drive. Now we will discuss about how to recover formatted data from hard drive with the help of professional software.

Recover Formatted Data From Hard Drive by Using Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Recover formatted data from hard drive by using hard drive data recovery software this software is able to recover formatted data from internal or external hard drive. This software recovers quick data from IDE, EIDE and SATA devices. It is able to recover Recover lost data from GPT and MBR hard disk partition. Just follow these steps and know how software works.

  • First of all launch The Hard Drive Data Recovery Software
  • Select the partition which contains data and Scan. Scan for Deleted and Corrupted data and for Formatted Scan for formatted data
  • Preview the restored data in the preview panel of this hard drive software
  • Save recovered data either by choosing or all folder