June 23, 2021


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Do You Know How to Recover Corrupted Video Files From Pen Drive? Find Out Here

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Need help! When I tried to open some of the video files they won’t open. I think my pen drive is getting corrupted. However, I need to recover corrupted video files from pen drive. So, please suggest me an appropriate approach for the same. Any help would be kindly gratifying. Thanks.

Corruption in the pen drive is not a new issue. Almost every single user have experienced this issue, once in their entire lives. But, the prime query comes in every user’s mind i.e., how to recover corrupted video files from pen drive. So, we considered this query and come up with this comprehensive article. Today! We are going to reveal some best tricks to recover corrupted video files from pen drive. You just, go thoroughly to complete to know more. Let’s get started:

How to Recover Corrupted Data Files From Pen Drive Instantly?

In order, to recover corrupted, deleted and formatted data from pen drive. There is no manual solution which can do so perfectly. But, here we come up with this amazing tool named SysTools Pen Drive Data Recovery Software to Recover Lost File from Pen Drive. With the help of this recovery software, users can easily recover their corrupted video files from pen drive. This tool facilitates ultimate and advanced features to the users. Using all those features a non-technical user can also implement the recovery procedure without facing any difficulty. Mainly, this pen drive recovery software is programmed to recover corrupted video files from pen drive without any hassle. Moreover, it does not integrate any compatibility issue. This tool supports all types and companies pen drive. And compatible with all advanced and below versions of Windows OS. Thus, you can check this corrupted data recovery tool by visiting our official page:

Steps To Recover Corrupted Video Files From Pen Drive

Just follow the below-listed steps execute the corrupted data recovery procedure.

  1. First of all, download and run the Pen Drive Recovery software into your local system
  2. Now, this tool will facilitate you two options i.e., Scan and Formatted Scan. Here, you have to select any option either scan or formatted scan, according to your requirement.
  3. Then, you can preview your recovered data in flash drive data recovery tool panel
  4. At last, click on Save option to store recovered video files at any desirable location.

Are You Gazing For Something Free?

Are you worry about that we did not mention a free solution to recover video files from corrupted pen drive?. Do not worry! Here, in this segment, we are going to disclose the manual approach for the same. Mainly, this technique to resolve the issue is obtainable in two ways and both are described efficiently. You have to follow any of them sequentially to implement the procedure to recover corrupted video from pen drive. Let’s have a look:

Method #1: Utilizing Windows Scan for Logical Issues

  • Initially, insert the pen drive into your system.
  • Then, navigate to This PC/My Computer and select the Removable Disk icon.
  • Now, right-click on the Removable Disk Icon and open its Properties.
  • Hit on the Tools option.
  • Select the Check Now button.
  • Here, you will get two check disk options such as Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors and Automatically fix file system error. You just have to check both the options appropriately.
  • Hit a click on start, this will begin the scanning procedure
  • Finally, quit the program when the scanning process is being completed successfully.

If you are using the Windows 10 so, you have to follow the below-outlined steps to fix corrupted pen drive without any hassle:

  • Firstly, plug in your pen drive
  • Go to This PC or choose the Removable Disk icon.
  • Now, right-click on the Removable Disk Icon and open its Properties.
  • Then, click on the Tools option
  • Select the Rebuild option to proceed further
  • Here, close the wizard after successful completion of the procedure properly.
  • At last, eject your pen drive from the system.

Special Tips!

Here, are some tips that can help your pen drive from not getting corrupted.

  • Run an anti-virus program on regular basis. This will help to remove the virus which occurs the corruption issue in your pen drive.
  • Always eject the pen drive via using the safely remove option. Ensure that you do not simply pull out the USB. Because this is a root cause behind the occurrence of corruption in flash drive.

Time to Summing Up

Most of the users prefer pen drive due to its portability and enhanced functionalities. Mainly, users can store thousands of data files in it. But, those data files that stored in a pen drive are prone to corruption. Once the data files are being corrupted so, it becomes difficult to recover them. So, in this blog, we emphasize the best techniques to recover corrupted video files from pen drive. But, no manual method can provide you the expected outcome. Thus, it is suggested to choose an alternative approach i.e., Pen Drive Recovery software. Ultimately, the choice is totally yours.