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How to Meet and Interact with Locals When in Foreign


Visiting a foreign country might seem like an easy task at first but without a proper guide or local help, internet cannot make it up for you. There is of course a travel app like Xoxo Tours which will help you connect to people from different ethnicity and different countries around the world. But virtual interaction and in-person interaction are two different things. No matter how introvert or self-guarded you are, getting to know local people always comes handy to make the trip exciting, minus boredom and confusion.

  • Start with Social Networking Travel App

A travel networking app like Xoxo Tours helps in getting in touch with locals of their respective countries around the world. Even if you have a planned itinerary, the new Travel Mate of Xoxo Tours would help you knowing their city or the cities they have been to, better. By describing about places that have potential but are less-explored and even giving you valuable information regarding traveling such as currency, documents etc, they will help in full-proof planning of the tour.

  • Go for a Guide

A travel partner on a foreign land can be both like a friend and a guide. While discussing about your tour plans to a certain city, ask the person if he/she can show you around. If you are feeling shy, then just hint a suggestion like “can you recommend about the places I can visit? I don’t know the area, so it would be better if someone was there to guide me.”

There are many travel guides too in the network who would be more than eager to be your travel partner and you no longer have to confused you mind about the places to cover and the places to skip.

  • Public Transportations Are Great Interaction Medium

As mentioned, public transportations are filled with local people and you can always meet like-minded people over casual chit-chats. In almost all cases, local people treat the tourists with a welcoming and friendly tone so that they don’t feel like an alien. To feel welcomed, you have to come out of the shell and start a conversation in a polite way.

  • Enjoy Drink or Share Food

Visit the casual restaurants, pubs or bars which are mostly visited by locals. Ask the local buddy you found through travelling web app or groups of locals (as most regular customers visit in groups) or the bartenders and waiter staff about the special dish or the special drink that they would recommend. You can even take a seat with them if they are friendly and welcoming enough. Tell them that eating alone was quite boring and you feel welcomed by joining them, ask if they would recommend any place or accommodation.

Be generous enough to make payment for your food and drink while traveling with a local buddy, and if you feel like, you can even pay for that buddy too who have taken the task of showing you around.

  • Visit Street Markets or Attend the Local Festivals

Street markets are always swarming with both local people and tourists. Having a travel buddy prevents you from getting robbed or spending more than what an item actually costs. Ask him/her about the souvenirs you can buy from the place while also asking about the best places to get those. Moreover, the local festivals act as cultural hub, where you can easily catch the show together, share some food and drinks and even exchange contact numbers or social networking IDs to stay in contact.

  • Stay at Hostels or Hotels near Tourist Spots

Finally, coming to the accommodation, try to stay at local hostels if you are not too choosy about privacy but are keen on meeting enthusiastic locals. If hostel is not your option, then try to stay at any accommodation near the tourist attraction which will help you get connected with local guides. Your roommate (s) or the receptionist will be well aware of the local activities, tourist attractions, transportation etc. Don’t be too friendly, neither too guarded –behave like a tourist and ask for suggestions.

No matter whether you have enjoyed the tour with the help of a friend from the travel app or just a friendly local, sharing gratitude with some trinkets or by taking pictures together always caters for a long-lasting impression.

Learn about new places which are not included in your itinerary, get acquainted with local culture and even find prospective transportation and accommodation. Foreign travels are made easy when you meet and interact with locals –Xoxo Tours will help you finding those local friends.