April 20, 2021


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How to Double the Speed/Performance of Windows 10?

optimize windows 10 performance

Windows 10 offers a startup application manager that almost any Windows user can use as it is simple to understand. It also shows which programs are leading to the slowing down of the startup the most. Windows computers tend to load slower gradually as more programs are installed. 

Here Are Few Tips That Will Double Up The Speed Of Your Windows 10, For An Optimized And A Better Performance.

  • Disable Startup Programs On Windows 10

Every time a program is installed, it automatically adds itself to the startup process and starts each time the computer is rebooted. These programs keep running in the background, which leads to the slow running of the computer. Disabling apps that are rarely used or never used will make the computer run smoothly.

Type task manager into the search box and press Enter. The Task Manager will appear, and you will find the Startup tab. The list of programs and services that launch when you start the computer will be there. 

To stop a program or service from launching at startup, right-click it, and select Disable. It will prevent it from launching at startup, but you can always run the application after launch.

  • Clean The Hard Disk

We all tend to unknowingly bloat our computers with files and documents that we don’t need anymore, which leads to slowing down of the computer. Clearing it out from time to time will give a speed boost and clear the storage for more useful files. Windows 10 has a built-in tool for doing the same called Storage Sense.

Go to Settings > System > Storage, and at the top of the screen, turn it from Off to On. Once done, it will monitor the computer and delete old unnecessary files that aren’t needed like temporary files, recycle bin files, etc. from time to time.

Deleting the previous versions of Windows will also clear enough space but note this before doing it as you won’t be able to revert the previous versions.

  • Reorganize The Hard Disk

When the hard disk is used more, it becomes scattered, which leads to the slowing down of the computer. A scattered disk store files haphazardly, which takes time for the system to put them back together before running them. 

Windows 10 has an in-built defragmenter that can be used to reorganize the hard disk. It runs automatically; hence it stays organized continuously. Just got to tell it to run, and it does the work.

  • Disable Shadows, Animations, And Visual Effects

Windows 10 has some fantastic shadows, animations, and visual effects that might not be an issue for the newer computers but can lead to slower performance of the older computers. If your Windows 10 freezes randomly, use the given tips to solve your issue. Just turn them off, and you’re good to go. 

Type sysdm.cpl and press Enter. It will launch the System Properties dialog box. Advance tab > Settings > Performance Options dialog box. A varied list of animations and effects will appear. Click Adjust for the best performance at the top and done. It will turn off all the effects that slow down your system.

  • Disable Transparency

Along with disabling shadows, animations, and visual effects, it also undermines the transparency effects for a better performance of the computer as it takes a tremendous amount of work for Windows 10 to create those effects.

Go to Settings > Personalization > Colors, select Transparency effects, and turn it Off and done. Your computer will be saving a lot of energy and running smoothly. 

  • Kill Bloatware

Bloatware and adware that takes up CPU and system resources might be a significant factor in slowing down your computer. The computer manufacturer installs these, and getting rid of these can make your computer run much faster than you can imagine.

Type Windows Defender in the search box and press Enter and click Scan Now. After the Scan, the Windows Defender will automatically remove any bloatware or adware if found.

  • Turn On Automated Windows Maintenance

Windows 10 does a security scanning and performs system diagnostics to ensure that everything is on track. It also automatically fixes problems if there is found any for a better performance of your computer. The automatic maintenance runs every day at 2:00 am by default if your computer is connected to a power source.

Go to Control Panel App > System and Security > Security and Maintenance > Automatic Maintenance, click Start Maintenance for immediate maintenance. To make it run every day, click the box next to ‘Allow scheduled maintenance to wake up my computer at the scheduled time’ under “Change Maintenance Settings.” 

  • Shut Down And Restart Windows

Shutting down and restarting your computer clears out RAM’s excess use that can’t be cleared otherwise. It also kills processes that are in motion but not needed, which is slowing down your computer’s performance. The changes can be seen at a surprising rate.


These are the few tips that might help Windows 10 run much faster and perform much better. The changes might differ according to your computer’s usage, but it will make your computer run smoothly.