How to Design Your own Dream Engagement Ring

There are many developing and new trends in jewelry and one of the more naturally evolving trends is taking the opportunity to design engagement rings

Design Your Own Engagement Ring and Have the Perfect Style your own engagement ring. While it was once practically mandated that engagement rings were to be surprises, were solely for men to buy to give to women, and were selected for the size of the diamond that he could afford times have definitely changed. Thankfully, the rules regarding engagement rings have bee tossed aside and now you have the freedom to delve into self design.

As with any jewelry design challenge, you probably don’t just want to design your own engagement ring to fit your look today. You may want to create something that will be proudly displayed on your finger as you change and grow. Creating a ring to match your current Goth style or that represents a special interest of today might mean that you have to change your ring in the future. Creating a ring that is designed to match whatever your current trend may be initially very cool. Thinking ahead allows you to break out of your own boundaries set forth by trends and style and really tap into what it is that you think is designed especially for the person you are all the way down to your core.

Do you have to be getting serious with someone to design your own engagement ring? No. Many women have a lot of fun designing it, even having it made, with the intention of having someone ask her one day. You don’t have to follow any traditional guidelines in order to have your ring design ready to go.

There are all kinds of different design structures and features that you can opt for. You’re certainly not obligated to even stick with the traditional diamond setting. A lot of people have opted for different stones, no stones, or a blend of stones. Having a traditional look might be important to you but having the freedom to create whatever you want can be liberating.

Try out several different design ideas before settling on the one that you think you’ll stick with. Sometimes you just don’t hit it perfectly until you have designed three or four different rings. When you design your own engagement ring there are really only the limitations that you put on yourself. This is the main reason why so many people are turning to self design. With a little assistance from computer programs, even those who do not feel they have the strongest design skills are able to create the perfect ring for them.

If you are planning to design your own engagement ring, the following steps will help you get the ring you desire.

  1. Decide the ring style.

Find out what would your to-be-bride prefer. Does she prefer traditional or modern, elaborate or subtle, feminine or stylish? Ask her family and friends for hint. Also look at her current wardrobe. You are sure to find clues to her style.

  1. Consider the type of metal you want in your ring.

Engagement rings are mostly made either in gold or platinum. In gold the popular choices are yellow gold and white gold in 18k or 14k gold purity. Platinum is more expensive than gold.

  1. Choose the setting.

Classic prongs is one of the most preferred settings for engagement rings. Other popular settings are bezel setting, tulip setting, pave setting and more modern styles include semi-bezel setting, tension setting amongst others.

  1. Decide upon the design.

Do you want a solitaire ring or a more elaborate setting with side stones? You can choose from solitaires, five-stone rings, three-stone rings or solitaires with accent stones.

  1. Select the center stone.

Think beyond diamonds. Colored gemstones like sapphire, emerald and ruby are the latest trend in engagement rings. For a more thoughtful ring, you can get your engagement ring with your fiancé’s birthstone.

Once you’ve decided upon the center stone, think of the shape of the stone. Round, princess and asscher are amongst the most popular choices. Other options are emerald, marquise, pear oval, radiant, and heart.

Once you have finalized all the aspects of the ring, match each of the aspects with the amount you are willing to spend. This will help you cut down on your choices and select your perfect ring.

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