Responsive Web Design

How to Create a Responsive Web Design?

Web Design

With the changing technology, the web design pattern is also changing rapidly. The major reason behind this is the way people see your websites continues to evolve with the technology and modern devices. These days are gone when web developers were used to building the website which can be viewed from desktops.

In this modern era, people view the website in different multiple ways. They can visit a particular website from their home computer, laptop, netbook, smartphone, tablet, and more. That’s why now it is important to design the website in such a way that the site can be accessed using these devices creating optimal viewing experience.

Web Design

One such design is responsive web design. It is generally used to create website layouts. With the changing times, mobile browsing has emerged as the latest trend. To attract more and more traffic and to boost your conversion rate you need a well-developed responsive web site. Herein comes the role of Responsive Web Design Service.

Responsive Web design and SEO benefits

It is a fact that the responsive web design does not only influence the viewing experience, it also helps in SEO practices. SEO helps in increasing the website traffic. As more and more people are now using mobile or smartphones to search on the web, it is the responsive web design that helps you ensure people can find your website through any devices. That’s why you need professional Responsive Web Design Service to develop and design a responsive or mobile-friendly website. However, here some of the SEO benefits that responsive web design can offer:

  1. Lower the bond rate:

If your website is not properly designed for all devices, people will leave your site. Through responsive web design, you can ensure that people are viewing your website properly and it allows them to engage with the website across all platforms effectively.

  1. A single site is enough for all devices

There is no need to develop multiple versions of your website for each platform. Just one website with Responsive website design can easily get fit on different platforms or devices that a person uses to visit your website.

  1. No site re-directs:

If you have a responsively designed website, then you will not have to worry re-directs which are irritating. Your site can generate genuine search traffic and fulfill your SEO strategy.

  1. Division of link equity:

If you have a website for a regular user and another website for mobile users, you will have to divide the links between these two sites. Doing such can affect the link equity of your website. With responsive web design, you can easily eliminate this issue. Because all the links will be pointing directly to one website and which in turn offer you maximum SEO benefit.

  1. Your website will get ranked on all devices:

You will need different SEO strategies if you have two different sites, i.e., desktop-oriented site and mobile site. It will be more difficult for your mobile site to get ranked in the search results. Responsive design will eliminate such issue by allowing your site to rank the same in search rankings throughout all devices.

So, hire professional Responsive Web Design Service to design a best responsive website, and you can enjoy those benefits.

Building a responsive web design- some useful tactics to use

  • Choose a mobile first approach

The mobile internet usage has been increased. You can’t deny the fact that desktops and laptops are still very important but it’s high time to start your design focusing on mobile. It will help you in building a smartphone-optimized website and you through this you can offer your customers the best experience on any device.

  • Do some sketches before designing your website

An important consideration of responsive design is the site’s layout. However, it can be quite challenging to picture this in your mind. That’s why to write down the required options through sketching. You can use pen and paper or an online sketching tool for this. In this way, your valuable time will not be wasted writing CSS.

  • Identify the important content of the website

Through responsive design, you can easily highlight the important content of your website even though the site is being accessed on smartphones. However, to get the desired result from your responsive site design, you should identify the content that should be displayed first on a smaller screen. Because by doing this you can instantly grab visitors’ attention. They will continue to browse on your site.

  • Understand and keep an eye on the breakpoints

One of the major characteristics of the website’s content, it shifts when displayed on screens of certain sizes. However, it is quite easy to evaluate breakpoints through CSS rules. But to get the best result to prefer to consider them early in the process of responsive design.

  • Employ adaptive images

There are various components that a responsive website carries. But the most challenging component is an image. The image you have used in your responsive design must have the ability of adaptiveness. As long as your task is in the hands of the professional Responsive Web Design Service provider, you can be confident that the perfect strategy will be implemented on your site.

  • Consider using compression software

To build a great user experience, it is important to provide the viewers with a fast website. Google for ranking your website, consider the loading time of your website. As the loading time is an important factor, different compression technology should be used to ensure faster loading time of your website.

  • Proper placement of navigation buttons and font

There should be an adequate distance between the navigation and buttons. For best result, keep a margin of 15px margin which will be best for all. On the other hand, keep the body font size at 16px with 1.4 height.

Only websites that load well on different platforms will stand out, creative, competitive edge, and encourage continued use. Developing websites through amazing user interfaces and layouts using the principle of responsive web design is a solid design strategy. If you want to achieve your business goal in less time, hire a Responsive Web Design Service provider to build an effective, responsive business website.