April 20, 2021


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How to Clean Your Area Rug at Home?

How to Clean Your Area Rug at Home

Rugs play an important role in the beauty of the house as rugs are treated as warm attributes. Although it is a fact that rugs are soft and they require special care for the maintenance of its look. But for area rug cleaning of your house, it is not easy to deep clean it. For this purpose, you have to take some things into consideration to clean your area rug if you are living in Los Angeles CA.

There are many hacks that can be used to keep the area rug of your home clean and maintain its beauty. You can use many homemade tips to clean the spots and stains on your rugs but if you have a little kid in your home, it is necessary that you should go for the adapazarı escort
professional deep cleaning services for your area rug cleaning once or twice a year so that you are able to keep it new and maintain its beauty.

When we talk about cleaning the area rug at home, the question arises in the mind that how to clean your area rug at home. You can do it yourself at home as it will help in saving time and you can clean your rug with staying in the comfort of your own home. Besides that, it is also necessary to clean your area rug at home if you are not willing to move your items around your house.
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Here are some of the useful tips that can be helpful if you are cleaning your area rug at your home.

Vacuum your area rug on a regular basis

When you are living in LA then, it is the first and most important step when it comes to Area Rug Cleaning Los Angeles CA. You should vacuum your area rug on a regular basis. It will be better if you vacuum both sides of your rug in order to keep it clean and maintain its beauty.

Brush your area rug

When you are going to deep clean your area rug, it is better to brush your rug before you wash it with using area rug shampoo so that you can make sure there are no hair or debris stuck in the fibers of your area rug. It will be the best tip if you have pets in your house because the hair of your pets gets stuck in the fibers of your rug. So brushing your rug before washing will bring better results.

Prepare shampoo for washing rug

You should prepare your cleaning mixture before you start the cleaning process of your area rug. But before your preparation of the shampoo, make sure you read all instructions carefully that are mentioned on the detergent bottle. Because the amount of the mixture sakarya escort
you are going to prepare for cleaning your area rug will depend on the type of shampoo that you are using for cleaning purposes. It will be best if you use a suitable container for the liquid mixture that you have prepared. Try to use warm water for rug cleaning because people usually use hot water which is no good as it can fade the color of your rug and it will also cause the transformation to your area rug.

Choose best rug shampoo

When it comes to area rug cleaning, the most important factor to consider is, how to choose the best and suitable shampoo and detergent for area rug cleaning. Because there are various options of shampoo brands available in the market that are specific for different types of rugs. For instance, there are powder cleaners available that do not require water for cleaning purpose and you are not supposed to dry your rugs after cleaning. You can also choose liquid cleaners that can be used for both purposes such as machine washing and hand washing. If you are looking to wash stains and spots on your area rugs, you can choose spray cleaners as spray cleaners are beneficial for the cleaning of dark spots and stains on your area rugs. You can spray on the dirty area of your rug and rub it after some time using a clean piece of cloth. There are different types of rug shampoos for cleaning different types of rug materials so you can choose according to your material of the rug.

Brush your rug after washing

After preparing the mixture of shampoo and detergent for area rug cleaning, you can clean your rugs using a brush. If you have expensive rug materials such as an oriental or antique rug, you need to be extra careful while you are brushing your rug. Always use gentle ways to clean your expensive rugs so that you can maintain the beauty as the fibers are very delicate and if you use hard hands it can ruin the look of your area rugs. You can use circular movements to brush your rug or you can also brush it with using a pile and always brush in the direction of your fibers as it will not ruin the fibers. It will be best if you avoid using an excess amount of water for cleaning your rug because if you want to dry your rug at home, it can take so much time in the drying process. You can clean it with a clean brush that can be enough.

Leave it for an hour to dry

After washing your rug, you should leave it for at least an hour to let it dry properly. Otherwise, it can create moisture if it is not properly dried which causes smell in your rug.

If you follow these simple tips for cleaning your area rugs, you can make your area rugs beautiful and clean until you deep clean your area rug next. Besides using chemical detergents and shampoos, you can also use some natural remedies from home ingredients to clean your rugs. If you use white vinegar it will be best as it helps to remove stains and dark spots from your rugs and it also keeps the color of your rug bright as it was when you just bought it from the market. You can mix white vinegar with warm water and clean your rug using a soft piece of cloth.