How To And Why To Avoid IP Spoofing In 2020

In today’s world of cyber attacks, a threat to privacy is not a foreign topic anymore.

Hacking, cracking, breaches, and attacks are not only a threat to one’s integrity but also costs one’s privacy.

The whole world is connected to the internet (World Wide Web). And so, one can share different information throughout the world, but there are some malware and breaches that may become a threat.

So, ever heard about Spoofing

No, then let’s understand

In simple words, it means that one is disguising themselves and will use your system.

It can apply to phone calls or message passing also. But in Information Technology and Computer Science, it is more technical it can be IP address Spoofing. IP addresses are the main target that hackers look out to. You can learn more about various IP addresses, their limitations, and how to secure them from More dangerous as the genuine user won’t even know that he/she is being spoofed.

Spoofing is a scam as one is trying to gather personal information about the genuine user without their knowledge. It is a threat to privacy.

IP address spoofing is to gain access to a network that authenticates users based on IP addresses. Attackers will spoof a target’s IP address first, giving them a denial-of-service attack to engage the victim with traffic.

How is IP Spoofing done?

1)Determine the IP Address of the host.

2)Attackers can change the packets to the header of the packets.

3)It will be seen like it is originating from a trusted source.

One must avoid IP spoofing by taking proper precautions as it can destroy the whole system.

Let’s take an example. 

If one’s personal information gets public like one’s social media handle or some personal searches or private searches gets in the wrong hand.

In a computer system, every piece of information is divided into small parts, and each part has its IP address and name.

By spoofing, one can manipulate all information existing in your computer system by getting an IP address.

How to avoid IP Spoofing?

1) Filter the inbound and outbound traffic that is incoming and outgoing traffic.

2) Enable encryption sessions on your router.

It will only allow trusted hosts to communicate with your local hosts.

3)Authentication must be done on the key exchange.

4) Web designers are encouraged to use IPv6, which is the newest protocol of the internet. This method will have encryption and authentication steps in the system, which makes IP spoofing a challenging task.

5)Multi-step authentication must be used.

Why avoid IP Spoofing?

It is almost difficult to avoid it.

That’s why it must be taken care of, as it can lead to some serious privacy threats.

And once an attacker gets into the system, they can steal any kind of information or spy on some, without even their knowledge.


The more advancement in technology, the more vulnerable one is, and more precautions must be taken.