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How Instagram is Triggering the Latest Web Design Trends for Driving More Traffic


As marketers or business owners, it is crucial to stay abreast with the latest technologies and the avenues available in contemporary social media marketing along with some important digital marketing realms including search engine marketing, SEO, digital advertising etc. Today web designers need to fine-tune their strategies to keep the social media traffic flowing.

Instagram is your best destination for hunting inspiring web design ideas and getting high-quality user experience inspiration. According to huffingtonpost, Instagram that was launched way back in October 2010 took until February 2013 to get its first 100 million users. So it took about 2 years and almost 5 months for obtaining 100 million users. Instagram went on to incorporate 100 million users approximately every nine months till December 2016. It then had about 600 million users that implied that it took just 6 months for the addition of the last 100 million users. This way, it was observed that Instagram took only four months to add the next 100 million users. It then boasted of 700 million users in the month of April in 2017.

Today in December 2018, Instagram is proudly marching forward with over 1 billion monthly active users. So we can understand the phenomenal growth rate of Instagram as a powerful social media platform. Web designers are drawing inspiration from this versatile platform so that customers coming in from Instagram are not disappointed and do not bounce back in a matter of a second. Here are some of the latest web design trends to boost more engagement and keep the traffic coming.

Video for Transforming Websites into Channels

Video has been a part of web design for many years now but currently, it has become an integral and definitely more prominent component of web development. Your website gets just a few seconds for grabbing any visitor’s attention and even engages them. A video is helpful in conveying your message or story in an engaging and emotional manner. Moreover, over 65 percent of users are predominantly visual learners. People want to watch instead of reading. In this context, you could boost the number of your real Instagram followers by contacting reputed digital marketing companies.

Truly Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile technology has brought about a radical change in the way businesses are run today. From customer preferences to mobile app strategies, you could see innovation in every step of the way and worldwide commerce is progressing in leaps and bounds. Responsive mobile designs make sure that e-commerce sites get maximum accessibility to particularly, mobile users and at the same time, they ensure seamless digital experiences.

Use Bold & Big Hero Images

More and more organizations are showing their preference for bold and big elements and including hero images and stunning videos with geometric typography in their website design. Even B2B companies are showing their bias for bold but clean designs.

Create Interactive Experiences

Consumers always have high expectations. You need to be fully prepared to deliver right from the beginning when a visitor arrives at your website and goes through the entire sales funnel. You must ensure a truly interactive experience to your potential customer. You must provide effective ways for customers to not only engage but connect meaningfully with you.

Incorporate Useful Content with Minimalist Design

Clean and minimalist designs are in vogue. Sites like Apple and MailChimp are brilliant instances with pops of color, ample white space, and basically, simple fonts. Markets are today trying their best to bring a balance between useful content and beautiful design.


Web designers are also, including some narrative elements in their sites as they are inspired hugely by the amazing success and popularity of Instagram Stories. Web designing is touching new heights with Instagram as the inspiration.



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