May 11, 2021


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How Helpful are the Plant-Based Supplements for Skin?

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A glowing, healthy skin requires not only skincare products but also an adequately nutritious diet. The dietary regime and skin nutrition are closely related. By consumption of nourishing, wholesome diet, one can maintain younger-looking, bright acne-free skin.

The modern lifestyle of stress, work overload, inadequate sleep and unpredictable, extreme climate changes make it indispensable to include multivitamin plant-based supplements in our diet. Health supplements containing vitamins and minerals from plants are better assimilated in the body organism.

Collagen is a protein that builds bones, hair, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is accountable for providing structure and strength to the body. It constitutes about 75-80 per cent of skin’s epidermis and maintains skin nutrition by protecting it against toxins and pathogens.

Benefits of Plant-Based supplement to Skin

The plant-based supplement helps to enhance collagen production naturally. Plant extracts accord the production of pro-collagen molecules that combine to produce collagen in the body. Moreover, ageing people require an external supplement to synthesize the amount of human collagen needed by the body.

Collagen keeps the skin from sagging, bestowing it with a plump look. It aids to improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and increase blood flow to the skin. Powders have amla, spinach and ceramides which boost the collagen production.

  • Vitamin E found in plant-based food supplements is a rich antioxidant. It protects the skin against free radical damage and harmful UV rays from the sun. On the other hand, it helps to absorb energy from the sun and protects against cancer as well.
  • Vitamin C abundantly found in plant-based supplements is also vital for skin nutrition. It rejuvenates the skin and boosts collagen to tighten the skin. Orange peel has the luxury of vitamin C; consuming oranges is an excellent source of this nutrient.
  • Vitamin A helps to slow ageing, reduces wrinkles and heals wounds. The greens and herbs plant-based supplement includes carrots and spinach rich in this vitamin.
  • The fatty acids are an essential part of the diet. However, the body cannot make them on its own. It is found in food supplements. They build healthy membranes that generate the skin’s natural oil. This helps the skin to look fresh and young. It may also avert dry skin, blackheads and whiteheads.

Plant-based supplements incorporate açai berry, which is rich in vitamin C and A, acerola cherry which is filled with vitamin C and sea buckthorn, which is a rich source of omega 7. The Sesbania Agtai, high in biotin, reduces wrinkles. Rose petals loaded with antioxidants are also amalgamated in the supplement.

The Japanese matcha provides efficacious skin nutrition. It improves skin tone and reduces pigmentation. Liquorice aids to reduce the dark spots and promotes radiant skin. Activated charcoal exfoliates the skin and treats acne. Ginger fades the dark spots and rejuvenates the skin. These ingredients are found in the plant-based supplements.

Thus, one can conveniently rely on the vegan food supplement for skin nutrition which is gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free and has no added preservatives.