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How can Broken Links Harm Your Website and How to Check it?

How can Broken Links Harm Your Website and How to Check it

Broken Links are one of the most annoying things that your customers can have on your website. These can ruin the overall experience of a customer surfing your website. After all, our priority is to give a smoother and satisfying web surfing experience to our customers. Right? No one wants to damage the ranking of the website, but broken links can do it. So, a broken link test is critical else it can harm your website. So, this testing should be a part of the website maintenance.

So, let’s first discuss what broken links are?

A broken link is a hyperlink that you have added in your content that redirects the user to another site to get the information. If a visitor clicks on the link and sees an error page, it is known as a broken link. There could be a countless number of reasons are present behind the broken links. Like the webpage has been removed by the website administrator, the content has been removed, the link of the page has been changing, or the entire website has closed down. It is because of the reason that you don’t have control over the site of the others. This creates a big problem for your website as well as it degrades the reputation of your website among users as they are less likely to come back to your website if it happens. After all, in this competitive world, customers go where they get a smoother experience.

Why broken links harm the SEO of a website?

The links that make you go to another site is known as the outbound link as you don’t have control over other web pages, so it is important to keep the track on. You will never get information that the webpage has been removed. So, to give a satisfying experience to your customers and to provide the information that they are looking for, it is essential to remove these outbound links from your website else it will harm the SEO of your website.

Google crawlers crawl your website to collect the data that users want, and if you have broken links containing on your website, crawlers will not index your website at the top.

How can you test the broken links present at your website?

SEO site checkup tool is the best way to test your website if broken links are present there or not. No matter how many web pages your website contains, this online tool will help you in identifying the broken links present on your website.

Make sure you keep on checking the website using this tool so that your website works well throughout the whole working. 

How to fix the present broken links?

As you know, it is important to check the broken link present at your website, but it does not end here because the real task is to fix it.

Once you have identified the present broken links with the online SEO checkup tool, the next thing you have to do is to take action on it to fix it as soon as it is possible. There are two possible ways, one is to remove these links, or the second is to replace these with another link containing the more relevant data.

In case if you have linked it to another webpage of your website and still getting an issue, then you need to either update the information of the webpage or you need to redirect 301 to let your customer jump on to the new page that contains the information your user is searching for.

Wrapping it all up!!!

The priority of a website owner or business owner is to attract more and more customers towards his/her website, right? But what if you are not even able to retain the visitors of your website? Yes, if you are not able to provide a great visitor experience to your customers, then lesser are the chances that they will visit again at your website. So make sure you directly provide them the information that they are looking for.

Sending them the broken links will end up in losing your customers. So, to enhance their experience, make sure you keep your website maintained and free from any broken links.



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