Repainting Your Home Exterior

Hacks for Repainting Your Home Exterior (Infographic)

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Ever since the advent of the digital age, several tricks, or more commonly known as hacks have started to emerge making much of our daily lives a lot easier. Hacks are defined as a typically simple yet clever technique for accomplishing some seemingly hard tasks in an easy and convenient way. As of today, there is an unlimited number of applications where you can try some hacks. In fact, any kind of errands or chores regardless of its difficulty might be done in less than a day or so with the help of hacks that simply speeds up the process. Some hacks enable anyone to do something that can produce better results.

In the aspect of maintaining the beauty of your home, hacks have always been useful to provide us with some pretty convenient ways to do it the easy way. Take for example repainting your home exterior. Being the focal point, or the part that initially becomes the center of interest or activity, home exteriors must also be treated with care.

If you are looking for a new but noticeable makeover for your home exterior, giving it a new look is an excellent way to give it a kickstart. Thanks to modern technology, some paints available in the market today are now designed so that it can extend some parts of the exterior such as the sliding and trim. Not to mention that it can increase the real estate value of your house just in case you’re interested in selling it to potential buyers in the future.

However, painting your home exterior is no easy task. It takes a lot of planning and hard work just to get the job done. Most people typically hire professional painters to do it for them; let’s be honest that it normally cost them a lot more bucks than usual. So, if you’re opting to choose the more practical way of doing it, do not worry for we have you covered! Here are some of the best and proven hacks for repainting your home exterior:

  1. Doing it on the best day possible – Weather is a crucial and deciding factor when it comes in home repainting. Basically speaking, poor anticipation of the weather can make the difference between a successful and failed painting job. So, better plan ahead of time and always consider proper scheduling.
  2. Covering up the cracks and scrape surfaces – No matter how hard you try; cracks and scrape surfaces will always appear on your home exterior. A cracked or broken section on the walls can ruin even the work of the best painter. This is the reason why you should never let yourself to do the painting without checking if there are any cracks and scrape surfaces around. Always do all of the fixings first,
  3. Choosing your weapon, or the tool of choice – Paint brushes are obviously the main tool to be used in this kind of tiring job. Which means that choosing what’s best and comfortable with you is one good example of a helpful hack. If you are undecided on whether you should use a standard paintbrush or a roller, most experts agree that you should use both depending on the situation.
  4. Do not skimp of high-quality paints – High-quality painting requires the need for high-quality Choosing the best paint can be tricky as paint manufacturers often offer a wide variety of paints that range from good, better, or best. So better have some chat with the manufacture before buying your paint. Remember that in this kind of situation, budgeting is always the key.
  5. Always do it under a shade – One common misconception is that it is the best to apply the paint in direct sunlight so that it can dry up a lot faster. While it can be technically true, it can lead to the paint to produce some premature blisters and flakes in the long run. So the proper way to do it is through beginning your painting job on the shady side of the house.
  6. Clean up everything afterwards – All of the leftover paints must be appropriately stored for future use. Make sure to keep your working area clean as repainting your home exterior is a messy work indeed.

To know more about these hacks, take a look at the infographic below brought to you by All County Exteriors:

Hacks for Repainting Your Home Exterior (Infographic)