Guide to Register Section 8


Section 8 of the companies was earlier known as section 25, which is precisely known as a licit form for all the Non-profit Organization (NPO) and the Non- governmental Organization. This section was enacted under the Companies Act in 1956 that allows different firms to assist commerce, science and many other things. A very A very profound company that assists anything related to section 8 registration and many other thing related to it is a big need. A company that is required for such a process should have the below mentioned points or facilities:

  • Superior service- The company needs to provide quality services where customers give their nod of approval with the functions being provided
  • Reasonable prices- All of us want our hard earned money to be at a premise where good service at a reasonable price is assured. Because of transparent pricing structure, the customers would more than be happy to invest in such a company.
  • Qualified oracles- A skilful and experience driven team to guide at each at each and every step of your journey.
  • Fully committed services- A company is known by the level of services they provide. Generally a company provides various resources as part of their repertoire.
  • Timely delivery- No one would trust a company who does not deliver on time. For gaining trust of customers timely delivery is a must.
  • Consistency and faith- a secured data ensures that the customers are fully satisfied. This is what they look upon.

Once this is all done, let’s now see the process for online section 8 registration:

  • Prepare digital signature certificates along with file name approval: Make sure you are very fast with this process as this requires most of your time. Also while registering the name, keep in mind that it should be unique and end with words like foundation etc.
  • Register for license: Once your name is filed, you need to file for license to the local director with the help of form INC 12.
  • Incorporating: This is also a very important step, as once your company is integrated; you can start your social with your company.

To register, we also require some documents, but here the documents required are divided between two,

  • For new shareholders: A copy of the PAN card, original aadhar card, a valid address proof (any bill), and a passport size photograph.
  • For the already registered people (if in case they want another registration) : Possession proof ( your any bill that you may have used for address proof) , efficacy bill and an NOC.

There are also some specifications along with the documents required:

  • Minimum 2 people are required for registering along with all the documents mentioned here.
  • You must be able to present your plan very well along with your objectives.
  • The capital decided has to be submitted prior two months.

The above mentioned section 8 foundation registration processis well submitted with a great help from a good company and is a very important aspect of your company.