home exterior with a pool

Get Your Home Ready to Sell with These Easy Updates

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Deciding to sell your home is probably one of those truly emotional decisions. But, it’s something every person will go through twice or three times during their lifetime. You’ll buy your first house in the late twenties or early thirties. Once you’re ready to raise a family, you’ll sell the first one and buy a bigger house with an extra bedroom and the bathroom. 

Ultimately, your kids will grow up and start their life elsewhere so you’ll once again decide to sell your home and settle for something that doesn’t feel like an empty nest. Based on all this, we can say that selling your house is something that happens along the way in life. If this is your first sale, you need to hear about the steps you need to take to get your home ready.

Replace anything that’s broken

When you’re planning to fix your house a bit before putting it on the market, you need to start somewhere. A good place to start is by making a list of anything that is broken that has to be replaced asap! If you think that a potential buyer won’t see that crack in the window or broken roof tiles, think again. Everything that is broken gives out a sign of major neglect and it’s not something you want to do. Go around our house, look at every corner, nook, look at every window, wall, and do the same with the interior.

Turn a sloppy home exterior into a shiny one

Even if your home exterior isn’t actually sloppy looking, it’s among the first things a potential buyer will see. If it’s been a while since you last painted the exterior, you should definitely consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. Your house will look neat, fresh and clean. It’ll show off the vibe that you care about the house and maintain it regularly. You should also clean the gutters, windows, get rid of any mold, and make sure everything remains in tip-top shape. 

Focus on the details

Even though the major things like the exterior, interior, and the amount of space will appeal to the potential buyer, you shouldn’t neglect the details. First of all, consider the point of entrance and the state of it. If you feel like the frog door looks a bit dated, your buyer will have the same thoughts. Make the point of entrance inviting by painting it in a new color. You can also add a few potted plants and make it look lively and vibrant. Next, move to your mailbox and replace it with a newer model that goes well with the style of your house. Change the house numbers into something distinguishable and new.

Add a few tweaks to your pool

Another way to improve the landscaping is by improving the condition of the swimming pool. Everyone loves to spend their leisure around a pool and it’s a place where every member of the family gravitates to. Potential buyers will definitely consider pool as one of the amenities and scrutinize its state. With proper pool renovation, you can resolve any issues and bring your swimming pool back to its former beauty. A professional will assess the state of your pool and recommend the most suitable solutions which will boost the property value.


Once you are happy with the exterior, you can turn your attention to the interior of your house. If prospective buyers will look at the house while you still live there, you should take advantage of having a perfectly staged home. The layout of your home can give them ideas on how they can set up the house if they decide to but it. However, in order to make your interior design shine in its glory, you need to declutter the place. Remove anything that increases visual clutter and takes away the limelight. Reduce the number of objects to a minimum. 

Turn your home into a sparkly oasis

Before you officially put your house on the market, you need to do a deep clean. You can do this last especially if you plan on painting the interior as well. You need to make sure every shelf, nook, corner, the window is sparkly clean. Your main goal is to leave the best first impression with the interior of your home and that entails having the house clean at all times.

You have only one chance to wow potential buyers, so make it count. Make sure all of these updates are in line with your budget. Pick your projects wisely and prepare your house for sale with these easy updates.