April 20, 2021


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7 Amazing Food Festivals Around the World to Visit in 2020

Food Festivals Around the World

The category and style of cuisine changes every few miles and offers a diversified range of tempting meals on the salver. While exploring a new location, food has always been a source of happiness. The love for food is the most sincere one & probably there’s no better way to perceive the essence of a place than through its food. Here’s a list of several International food festivals around the world. So, if you are planning to explore new places, make sure you plan according to these festivals so that you don’t even miss your favourite culinary delights along with a wide range of amusing events that takes care of food safety first.

  1. Pizza Festival: The best pizzas in Naples, Italy dishes up the 50-odd historic versions along with traditional Napolitana, Margherita and Marinara captivating the conceit of place. Join millions of populace on this event and munch through more than 100,000 varieties of pizza.
  2. Bacon Festival: A festival exclusively devoted to Bacon in Sacramento, California. The meat-loving populace of the world can go crazy over dishes like bacon ramen, bacon gelato, bacon salad, etc.
  3. MAD Symposium: A food fiesta in Denmark hosted by MAD Food Organization during summers. MAD which means food in Danish. This festival is a pilgrimage for keen foodies, with copious food-safety didactic talks and demonstrations.
  4. Salon de Chocolate: A chocolate fiesta in Quito, Ecuador is eminent for producing high quality chocolate.
  5. Dumpling festival: Dumpling fest in Hong Kong is celebrated on fifth Chinese lunar month, when numerous Chinese families worldwide feast on dumplings. Relish the flavor of zongzi dumplings; glutinous rice with special stuffing enfolded in bamboo, lotus or banana leaves.
  6. Vegetarian Festival: It’s a nine-day Thai fiesta; a prevalent event on the island of Phuket. The entire place goes veggie for nine days and is part of general mind and body detoxification.
  7. Herring Festival: Herring fiesta in Denmark is one of the cultural food festivals around the world where people come into the town to take pleasure in salvers of pickled, filleted, fried and baked herring!

There are numerous food festivals that are celebrated worldwide but the food safety measure that needs to be kept in mind is still a challenging issue. While preparing the food the important thing that calls for attention is the food safety first. The food safety measures are followed to reduce the food borne illness. Here are some food safety tips to be followed.

  • Always wash your hands before preparing or consuming meals.
  • Clean the food and surface often.
  • Use gloves and clean aprons.
  • Follow the first in first out rule.
  • Cook to the right temperature.
  • Separate the raw and cooked food.
  • Refrigerate the prepared food or leftovers within two hours.
  • Know which foods are likely sources of food borne illness.
  • Be aware of food borne illness and symptoms.
  • Thaw food in the refrigerator instead of thawing it in room temperature.

Taking care about food  safety first is the key for healthy and nutritious meals. These food festivals are popular because they actually take care of food safety first and then focus on the other elements.