Belly Piercing

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Belly Piercing


Let’s be honest: when it comes to seeing a well-done belly piercing, it’s really hard not to admire it. Moreover, when it happens to be emblazoned on a gorgeous figure, it makes turning away even harder. While the belly piercing certainly makes a statement as a sexy & alluring exclamation point for fashion, it actually has roots going back to what feels as the dawn of mankind.

But as with most things related to history, what you hear depends on who tells it. There are even some discrepancies based on the etymological origins of how to refer to the actual piercing. Men get ‘navel’ piercings whereas women get belly piercings. You’re still referring to the same area of the body, but it seems as though how you refer to this piercing may sometimes be impacted if you’re trying to give it a more feminine or masculine spin.

The thing is that for the most part, when you mention someone having a belly piercing, ten times out of ten, you’ll think of a teen girl or a young woman. Moreover, you’ll also assume that it’s a teen or someone young or youthful as it would seem almost silly for anyone else to have a piercing of this kind later in life. It’s this superficiality that would allow the belly piercing to rise to new heights but would ultimately be its undoing.

The 1990s were the heyday, with piercing studios being inundated with young people ready to make their parents as angry as possible. The thing is that as with most things, once something gets too popular, it starts being less cool. Piercers began to refer to the piercings as a ‘Stepford piercing’ or ‘suburban chic’. Not only did everyone have one, but the coolness gave way to being trashy in the eyes of many. By the end of the 90s and into the start of the millennium, what was once the hottest fashion trend in body art was now very uncool.

For all the talk about cool vs uncool & fashion statements, it has to be noted that belly piercings, as well as tattoos and other significant piercings & body modifications used to be done for important reasons. Throughout history, societies all over the world have begun to unearth evidence (some on actual remains) of these types of piercings being done for religious ceremonies and social rites of passage. Others were showing their status & rank in a tribe. It tends to put into perspective just how far the belly piercing has come and where we may be going.

Tattoo and piercing studios have noted that the belly piercing is starting to see a comeback in recent years, and many of these piercings are going to the same women who used to have one back when they were younger. Now, they’re grown women with different bodies but more experience and life under their belt. The piercing stands for something more than just being eye-candy for another person. It’s a way of giving themselves a hi-five for being awesome & still being cool all these years later. Needless to say, maybe the belly piercing, for all of its superficial flaws, has come around to being a little cooler for all the right reasons.

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