April 20, 2021


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Electrical Services – When should You Consult a Professional?

Electrical Services

It is important for a home or a commercial setup, that its electric systems are always working properly. Generally, an electrician does the job of installing, maintaining and repairing any electric issues that come around.

But the time has changed and DIY projects are adopted by many. For this, information available on the internet is playing a major role. People are getting inspired by reading the information on tips and tricks available on different websites.

It might seem like a lucrative option as it can save you a lot of money. But there are few areas in which you need the assistance of a professional electrician. A normal task like changing a fuse or light bulb is easy. But working on the complex electrical wiring is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, to cut a big slice of cost from the overall home renovation project, folks out there are forgetting the idea of hiring the experts.One of such jobs that require substantial knowledge ofelectrician is getting the electric system of your house rewired to make it better, flawless and safe.

Different buildings use the combination of high or low voltage wiring. Generally, low voltage wiring is used for powering phone lines, internet, and alarm systems. A skilled electrician can help you out with the installation process of electrical fixtures and appliances.

Now, the following is the different types of electrical services for which we require professional help.

Commercial Services

Any commercial setup requires customised wiring which can bear a combination of high and low voltage of electricity. Depending on the size of the business, the need varies. For example, commercial projects can be small or large and accordingly their requirement for electrical services will vary. No commercial setup can survive without proper lighting and the availability of electricity.

The following is a list of electrical services required by any commercial business setup:

  • Installation and repair services for construction projects.
  • Formulating a plan and designing the electrical setup for any new commercial business.
  • Refurbishments and fit-outs services for all the electrical equipment.
  • Assessment of safety laws in an established setup and guide to improving the same.
  • Regularly checking the system condition and their impact on electrical circuitry, to avoid any potential malfunction.
  • Providing all the necessary electrical services for maintenance and repair work for all the commercial properties.
  • Ensuring the safety of workers by checking all the safety measures installed in the building’s electrical system.

Industrial Services

As we discussed in the above points, electrical usage and requirements differ. A residential setup will have a completely different electrical service requirement as compared to an industrial setup. Depending on the size of the industry, it may require a number of electrical installations and its maintenance.

Here, the demand for electrical services becomes crucial as any problem can result in huge losses. Any typical industrial electrical services provider deals with repairs, maintenance, and installation of all the factories and warehouses.These industries require a well-structured installation design for creating an electrical circuitry.

It includes the installation of high voltage boards and machinery. The requirement for an electrician doesn’t stop after installation. Their services are regularly needed for repair and maintenance work. Just like commercial electric services, everything has to be according to health and safety laws. In huge industries, you can’t take any chances.

Residential Services

As compared to commercial and industrial electrical service requirement, the frequency of any major electrical upgrades or installation in residential properties is less. But it doesn’t negate the fact that you won’t require their services. One has to be cautious and look for the alarming signs which need the assistance of a professional electrician.

People these days are drawn towards the concept of DIY project and they can manage some of the tasks.

Electric Operations which you can do as a DIY job:

Some of the electrical jobs that people often prefer to do themselves are:

  • Light bulbs and tube lights replacement
  • Checking the functionality of common light fixtures
  • Installing pumps in your garden and backyards
  • Replacing or fixing battery-operated smoke detectors
  • Installation of patio and garden lights
  • Changing the existing or worn fuses

But for complicated tasks, we require a professional electrician. A residential electrical service deals with installing, upgrading and repairing switchboard, circuit breaker repair work, wiring problems, and switches outlet repairs. They are the experts and they can deal with those tasks efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a professional for a task which he/she can perform is a smart choice rather than acting by yourself. All the above-mentioned electrical services provided by an electrician is important for its smooth running.

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