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Do’s and Don’ts to Remember while Guiding your Bridesmaids with their Outfits


A good bride always looks out for her bridesmaids just as they are contributing to the event planning every day. Newly brides are following the trend of mismatched bridesmaid dresses to bring a harmony of contrast in a unique manner. And, for contrasting with white, red or blue sequined dress could be a head-turning choice.

On your wedding day, you want your BFFs to look as gorgeous as you. Especially, if they have chosen to be on the safe side by only choosing neutral shades or monochrome dresses, it is the perfect time to dare them with something bold. Now, what could be a better choice than donning a beautiful sequined top and a skirt? Or, a long charming one-piece sequin dress?

The shimmering gown will leave all the groomsmen gasping at your lovely bridesmaids. But, in reality, stylizing with a sparkly dress can be a little hard for someone who has not tried out before. That’s why; to avoid the cold glances of the fashion police, there are important things to remember before putting on the sparkly bridesmaid dresses.

Do Go for Golden Sequins

Golden sequin dresses are the perfect blend for sultry and decent. If you finalize on golden sequin dresses, your friends or cousins can put it on summer for showing off their playful side. As the whole dress screams attention, there is no need to go gaga over accessories or makeup. So, advise them to keep their hair down and wear brown lipstick to look breathtaking.

Do Get a Long Coat

If you are having a Christmas wedding, do not keep your bridesmaids freezing out there. While choosing the cheap bridesmaid dresses, don’t forget to shop for a long coat with the same length as the dress. It is better to keep the front open to show off the shinning sequins and the neutral shade adds contrast to the outfit. However, if you wish to keep your gal gang pretty casual, go with a short leather jacket for making an elegant point.

Do Keep it Simple and Streamlined

The streamlined dresses give your friends flexible moves than the ones hugging their curves. If you go with a simple cut, the shimmering of the sequins will look more elegant. Therefore, your cousins and sisters will not fight against the fabric and look graceful simply.

Don’t Encourage on Complicated Stilettos

It is difficult to imagine a special event with a pair of modish stilettos. However, complex stilettos and sequin dresses do not exactly go hand in hand. If you are choosing a short embellished dress, you should guide your friends to choose beige, peach, off-white, or champagne colors. The complexity of shining silver or gold may create a messy look. And, a pair of simple shoes will keep all the attention to the glitzy work.

Don’t Go OTT with the Sequins

Overdoing is always a risk with sequins and your friends may get blinded by the gleaming splendor. For showing off a matching outfit, they may tend to go with sequined sandals or sequined purses. Save your wedding photo and friend’s reputation by advising them to tone the shimmery factor down. Solid colored clutch or soft colored cashmere can keep things subtle.

If you are wondering what types of sequined dresses are on the market, the wide online and offline range of gold sequin bridesmaid dresses will amaze you.

Author bio: Rebecca Thompson, a fashion blogger rigorously following the modern trend of gold sequin bridesmaid dresses, pens some essential tips down on how to make your friends beautiful easily with the cheap bridesmaid dresses.