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Diabetes and Its effects on Daily Life


Treatment for type 1 and type 2 diabetes make it easy to live a normal life, but this does not mean that life is always going easy.
Diabetes does not just affect your routine life, but also have an impact on the emotions works, hobbies and relationship.

Diabetes and mood

It is a known fact that mood changes and depression are frequent in people who have a long term medical condition. There is some proof that some illness directly affects the parts of the brain and the chemical system that control our behaviour and mood.

The psychological and social impacts of illness are also significant. Suddenly, dependent on insulin can cause numerous effects. You may feel that you have lost control, or have changed the lifestyle entirely or give up a particular hobby.
You need to know that these conditions can cause anxiety and depression.

Sports and Activities

If you have diabetes, you can still win gold medals at the Olympic or other championship. This may sound extreme for several people, but you need to know that diabetes and an active lifestyle are compatible.
In some sports, the main threat is the consequences of hypo. A hypo usually occurs when blood sugar falls below 4mmol/L.

Most of the time you can avoid the threat of hypo

• Buy adjustment of diet and treatment, especially the timing and dose of insulin
• Ensuring others know what to do if you get into difficulty with hypoglycemia
Several sports especially scuba diving and skydiving put at a greater risk of the occurrence of hypo. If you are suffering from diabetes, you need advice on these sports provided by the relevant governing body.


If your diabetes is controlled by diet alone or by just oral medication, you don’t need to inform Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) unless you have relevant problems especially failing in eyesight.
If you are on oral medications and don’t have the appropriate knowledge of hypo, then there are specific conditions for holding a license.
If you occasionally need insulin injections to control the blood sugar level, you should inform DVLA who will ask you for more details. If it is necessary, they can consult your GP. They may request for a diabetic report from your GP.


Foreign travel in simple words travel to different time zones or countries can cause problems for you if you have diabetes.

If you are planning for a trip, your diabetic clinic can give you the appropriate advice. The main issue while travelling is a meal and insulin dosage. You need to ensure that you have taken all the supplies required before setting off.
If you are going somewhere else, keep in mind that insulin will be inactivated if frozen. So you should take it into your hand luggage.

Travel with Diabetes

You may carry oral glucose for emergency conditions. You need to clear that you have proper permission to carry needles, insulin, glucose, and you complete diabetes kit with you by hand.
To find out the specific vaccinations required in travel, you may consult your general physician.

After changing the lifestyle and diet, your general physician may prescribe you insulin. You may buy metformin online without the prescription of the doctor. Metformin marked under the brand Glucophage which is mainly used to treat type-2 diabetes.

Diabetes can cause many health problems if you don’t keep in check. However, you can still stay healthy and feel good if you follow the recommended treatment of a doctor. By choosing foods, exercises regularly, reducing the stress level and maintaining healthy body weight and by making some lifestyle changes living with diabetes whether of type 1 or type 2 will be easy.



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