May 11, 2021


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The Different Requirements That Make the Use of Custom Control Panels Imperative

Custom Control Panels

Control panels today form the heart of the industrial operations as they are the window through which all the machines (including VFD or variable frequency drive motors, cranes, and others) can run safely. However, the panel should be chosen in line with the requirements of the industrial process and should make the process efficient and safer. Therefore, users must consult and reach out to a leading company and producer of electrical panels and discuss the requirements before actually buying one.

Needs of an Electrical Panel

Electrical custom control panels can be a complex source solution and can be a single-source solution as well. There are multiple situations in which the panels are a requirement, and they always improve the production scenario and environment.

Legal compliance

Various government acts and regulations require that the electrical panels with right NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturer Association) rating or UL (Underwriters Laboratories) rating be used and deployed in industrial scenarios. For instance, they become a necessity in operational situations where there is the presence of hazardous materials (such as flammable particles).

Ensuring Safety

Whether you want to protect your electrical switches, supplies, and systems against dust, water ingress, moisture, or any other undesired substance, the electrical panels are a proven way to ensure safety. They help in protecting the switchgear and electrical circuits against accidental sparkles and breakdowns and ensure that their use is safe and workers’ health is not at risk while handling them.


Even when you want to simplify your electrical supply system, and ensure that it can be easily handled and worked upon, electrical panels prove to be a boon. With clear labels and LED lights, the panels ensure that the switches can be traced and operated. It also provides that there is lesser wastage or accidents.


Using the electrical panels will also help you make your operations more cost-effective in the long run. There will be a lesser threat of law-suits, and your company will not have to pay exorbitant amounts when the accidents do take place. The use of the panel shows the genuine efforts of the manufacturer towards ensuring worker safety. The panels also lower and reduce the chances of accidents. Imagine the loss that can be caused by a hazard like fire!

Even when you do not need an electrical panel, you get befitted from its use in multiple ways. The best electrical panel manufactures also make customized panels that are built-to-order for your production scenario. Upgrading your existing panel is also a good idea when you want to strengthen workplace safety further and want your industrial processes to be more modern and efficient. The smart panels, with micro-processes, like PLC or Programmable and Logic Controller panels, can help you save tons of money on each day of your operation.

Talk to a leading manufacturer and supplier to know the best options available to you. The leading manufactures will provide you custom control panels (that are NEMA/UL rated) at affordable costs.