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Consider This When Remodeling Your Bathroom

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We understand the meaning of a perfect bathroom, and the importance for your money. However, to bring you the best remodeling solutions for your bathroom we want you to consider certain things apart from giving inputs to us. Taking that into consideration here we list those things that you must consider when remodeling your bathroom.


One of the most important things and what we can consider the heart of this architecture are the drains. You need to find a plumber who has appropriate knowledge about the type size, length and proper fitting techniques to layout the drainage system. By default, most of the plumber tries to save money and usually use one and a half-inch pipes for the drainage systems. However, these small pipes are easily blocked by the amount of gunk and hair that they carry. So wider the pipe the more easily the clog can pass through it and it won’t clog that easily. The best about it is that the cost of upgrading from a one and a half-inch drain pipe to a 2 or 2 and a half inch is the pipe is almost negligible. So if you are careful and aware you can easily avoid the clogging problem in your bathroom or you can contact Eastvale Plumber to do a complete remodel of your bathroom. They are extremely professional and take care of every minute detail for you. You won’t be dissatisfied with their services.

Now one more thing that you need to be careful about is that, if you live in a region with low temperatures or regions with freezing temperatures, then make sure that your pipes are not routed outside of the house. This will cause a major problem for you when the temperature falls below the freezing point. The worst part is that you won’t be able to do a thing about it at that time.


Now one of the 3 reasons why people generally go a bathroom remodeling is due to the fact that either there is a problem with the bathroom drainage system or regular maintains or they want to change the interior of their bathrooms. Now if you fall under the third category then proper lighting is one of the most crucial things for you. But the thing is there is no predefined formula to perfectly balanced lighting for a bathroom interior. It’s all about your intuitively and creativity. However, we can provide you with some specific tips that might brighten the scope of your imagination.

  • Use at least 2 or lights: Depending on the size of your bathroom you can install more than 2 lights in your bathroom. However, if your bathroom is not that big we would recommend you keep it minimum.
  • Use Shower lights: These are separate lights for the shower area. They are extremely nice and can give you the bathroom an exotic look.

Use Mirrors

Of course, there are going to be mirrored in the bathroom. However, don’t just through them in at random places. Make sure that your mirrors aligned with your bathroom lighting, so they don’t provide unnecessary reflection.

Wall Hung Toilets

These types of bathroom fittings have grown quite popular nowadays. And there is a good reason behind it, one of them being their economically feasible and extremely good looking with some of the classic designs. Another important reason is that they save a lot of your space. So if you don’t have a lot of space in your bathroom then you could just use these fittings for your bathroom. However there is a cache with them and that is, that if you ever want to change to a floor-based fitting then you would have to go for a complete remodel form drainage system to the tiling etc.

So if you are opting for these types of fittings then make sure that you have your mind, set about using these fitting a long time.

Appropriate Window

Now, apart from the lighting and bulbs, you are going to need a natural source of light and a bit of ventilation for your bathrooms.  Also, take into consideration your privacy, and for that, we would recommend frosted glass instead of plain ones. They also look more stylish and are generally used for bathroom windows. Lastly, the type of window for the bathroom, we recommend a tilt and turn window.

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