Choose a trusted provider

Choose a Trusted Provider

Dental Care

Any dentist is able to take the time to sit the examinations and training that is needed in order to be able to offer their patients the unique Invisalign treatment that is so very popular worldwide these days.

But by choosing a team who are Platinum Elite Providers, meaning that they serve more than 150 patients each year with this treatment, patients can know they are working with professionals who are dedicated to what they do, and have confidence with their equipment and ability to get the results that are wanted.

Clear braces in Sydney CBD is a way for people to get significant results on the alignment of their teeth without needing to opt for traditional styles that may not be suitable for one reason or another.

If a dentist finds that their patient is viable for this treatment plan, it will be offered to them as a unique option to achieve similar, satisfying results. ; The price is comparable between Invisalign and traditional metal braces so this does not have to be a deciding factor, which can be for those people looking for the least costly option.

How do they work?

These devices work differently to traditional ones as they push teeth into their correct alignment rather than pulling them. ; Fixed models are generally consisting of brackets and wires that attach each bracket to the other.  A dentist will tighten these wires in a precise and predetermined way to pull the teeth into the alignment that they need to be over time.

Removable aligners also take advantage of brackets, a near invisible hook that connects with certain areas of the clear aligner. ; Depending on the severity of the case, a number of these will be placed onto teeth to be removed once the treatment is complete.

These aligners are worn for around 2 weeks before the next set is introduced. ; This gives teeth the right amount of time to move and relax into this new position before being moved again.  The gentle approach is necessary to allow ligaments the time that they need to adjust.


Ligaments will simply snap back into their original position if not held in place for a certain amount of time. ; This is why it is important to wear a retainer for a while after the treatment is completed so that patients can retain their new smile and their investment.

The retainer is worn at leisure in a more relaxed fashion than the aligners themselves, however; it is recommended that they are worn overnight frequently to give those teeth a chance at maintaining this new position.

Treatment times differ between patients, with most being around a year but can be up to five years until treatment is deemed complete. ; With high satisfaction rates being noted, both patients and dentists can be confident in this treatment as a means of providing the opportunity for people to straighten their teeth in a comfortable and relatively effortless way.

By speaking with a dentist about their options, patients can discover whether Invisalign is a good option for their personal situation.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.