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Benefits of Paint Protection Films on Cars

Paint Protection Films

Have you had enough of paying out for new paint jobs for your car every single time it gets scratched? Of course, you have!

Paint jobs are not only costly but are not an effective way to protect your car’s paint from minor scratches.

If you don’t want to have your car wrapped there is, luckily, another solution available to you for a lower cost than you think.

What is car paint protection?

Commonly known as ‘clear bra paint’, paint protection film is a thermoplastic, urethane film, designed to protect your car’s exterior. It is, as its nickname suggests, typically clear and acts as a barrier to protect your car’s paint and surface from minor scuffs and various destructive agents. 

Why you should have your car protected

car paint protection film

The reality is, that the use of car PPF not only lessens the likelihood of damage to your car, but it is a great starting place to invest in the long-term aesthetics of your car’s exterior.

Like most things based around a car’s visual appearance, it is probably best to ensure that you have any car protection film applied by a trained technician. Many customised car services offer this as a service and experienced car customising companies not only ensure a lifetime guarantee, but they can apply this finish to any car design.

Paint protection for cars has multiple added benefits that go far beyond acting as a simple shield.

The car protection film applied in this process is typically invisible and therefore does not alter the appearance of your car in any way. If you have just had your car repainted, this provides an obvious benefit.

It also helps to maintain your car’s paint, ensuring that harmful UV rays cannot damage the paint or cause it to fade or discolour over time.

Paint protection is also cost effective, have you ever considered how much you might be paying to have minor scratches and UV damaged repaired on your car each year? Not only this but if you are intending to sell your car on, this protective layer can add value to your car by giving it a well-maintained appearance while also being a protective element very attractive to potential buyers.

If you have recently purchased a new car, and you can see that the car’s PPF is peeling, don’t worry. It is commonplace for panels of paint protection to need maintenance and/or replacing and many custom car technicians will be able to complete the job in a matter of hours.

Many car technicians may offer to update your car’s protection by offering to create a new layer with XPEL’s Ultimate Paint Protection Film. This film combines durability and clarity that will not stain or yellow with time and usage. This upgrade may be offered as standard when reapplying your car’s protective seal, you may not be charged extra and the application will come with a standard lifetime guarantee.

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