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Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Mobile App

Mobile Apps

The mobile app industry is a vast industry where applications need to survive through the cut-throat competition.

No doubt, this is easy said than done. While you need a prolific app idea, outstanding features, and intuitive design, it is imperative to promote your mobile application efficiently among the target audience to ensure its surefire success. Thus, it is worth investing time and efforts to learn the best approach to market an application proficiently.

You might have observed that even an app with superior features isn’t able to get that much fame and success, while, an app with fewer features and functions get a phenomenal success. Have you ever wondered the reason behind it?

Influencer Marketing –

Influencer Marketing offers a great way to market an application among the targeted audience. In fact, with this approach, one just needs to concentrate on some individuals instead of focusing on the entire target market. These individuals are quite powerful and have the potential to influence customers, and are known as influencers. They are capable of leaving an impression on the market and channelizing the mindset and buying-decisions of others. If you can find influencers to augment your application marketing while persuading your target audience in your niche, your application can do wonders.

This marketing discipline comprises four key activities.

Step 1 – Identify the influencers and rank them by their importance.

Step 2 – Promote your organization among influencers, that is, marketing your brand among the influencer community.

Step 3 – Market via influencers, boost the market awareness of the brand among the targeted market through the influencers.

Step 4 – Promote with influencers, convert the influencers into the advocates of the brand.

Once you accomplish these four steps with a great precision, it will eventually help influence your target audience with a flair. In some situations, influencers may become your brand advocate. However, to reach that level, a lot of hard work and time is required; one needs to develop a healthy relationship with the influencers.

Who is an Influencer?

An influencer can be any person or group of people who has the power to manipulate others. They can be manufacturers, retailers, companies, professional like a journalist, blogger, reviewer, attorney, trade analyst, technical expert or anyone whose work can sway the majority of people effectively.

How to find suitable influencers?

It is essential to seek influencers who are relevant to your niche business. Indubitably, this demands a thorough research. There are three approaches that can be used for determining influencers in any industry.

Social Networks

By using the social media platforms, you can find the influencers that are viable for your application marketing. Although the data that you will receive with this approach won’t be comprehensive, you can follow some simple tips to identify the top influencers in your field conveniently.

For instance, if you are using LinkedIn, simply search your industry for LinkedIn Influencers. Follow them and their other social websites on LinkedIn. Now, collaborate different groups and look for group influencers.

Social Influence Metrics

Today, social influence metrics have gained immense popularity, especially in the field of social media marketing. These tools crawl efficiently through the social media websites, and after analyzing the interactions precisely, they consider the social influence of individuals (a person or business) and rank them online accordingly. There are numerous prolific tools available for the purpose; you may choose a tool like Klear, Klout, Inkybee, and Kred, to name just a few.

Search Engines

Search Engines can help you determine those who are using the same keywords, as you are using, and who is writing about your industry. However, this approach won’t share an insight into the matter, but you can get a glance of websites. It, thus, allows one to expand options.

You may choose any search engine, including Google. This approach proves to be useful when you are working in a peculiar market and seeking influencers in a niche market.

What makes influencer marketing a commendable app marketing approach?

  • Strong and Effective A warm recommendation always helps drive sales in a fabulous way. There are several studies that have proved that marketing through customer-to-customer recommendations can generate more sales than by marketing via some other means. Moreover, it also augments the customer retention rate. Influencing the target audience through the personalities who they already admire and follow can scale up your business brilliantly.
  • Quite a popular approach The influencer marketing is incessantly gaining the limelight. It is extolled not by a particular industry, but almost everyone across the globe is leveraging this approach to promote their business proficiently. Moreover, the Google Trends clearly dictate a burgeoning growth of this approach in the recent few years.
  • Far better than paid advertisements This is a fact that we are exposed to a colossal number of advertisements. It certainly leads to “banner blindness”, which means that we are tuning them out quickly. Thus, it has come to no surprise that people laud products and services that don’t deliver traditional ad-saturation media experience.

Let’s Wrap It Up

I hope this guide will help you better understand the influencer marketing approach. While this strategy can be implemented to promote any type of business, you can use it in the marketing of your mobile application in an efficient fashion. However, some decent efforts are required for identifying influencers for the job. But, the efforts will be well paid with fruitful results. You can amazingly attract a whopping number of audience with this approach and drive your profits while ensuring a better retention rate.