June 23, 2021


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Beat the Winter Blues: Fun Things for Couples to Do at Home or Out and About

Beat the Winter Blues

Winter may be the most depressing time of the year, but your attitude doesn’t have to match. It may be hard to pull yourself away from lounging in your PJs all day and binging food and TV shows, but with the right mindset and help, you’ll be your old active self in a heartbeat. Two heads are better than one, they say, and when it comes to beating seasonal depression, that’s the truth. Your SO and you already make a great team, so why not use this to support each other through winter?

1. Make a spa day

A couple’s spa day might just be what you need to get out of your winter rut. We spend so much time chasing things and reaching goals all year round that we forget to take care of ourselves. Self-care is the number one solution to the winter blues. A home spa day may also help you reconnect with your partner if you feel you’ve drifted apart over the last few months.

Fill up a bath and light some candles and enjoy yourselves with a glass of wine. Exfoliate your skin with homemade masks and trade massages. Not only is this the way to revive intimacy, but it’s also the key to feeling like a new person and kicking seasonal depression easily.

2. Take up a new hobby

Look around you, the city is full of couple’s activities, classes, and hobbies. Perhaps you just need something new this winter. Instead of sitting at home, finally, take that dance class you’re always talking about. Figure out how to cook delicious meals together at a cooking class, or find the artist within with pottery lessons.

Join a Yoga class together, or take up photography. Regardless of how different these activities may seem, they all have something in common. Each will teach you something new about yourself and each other, each will get you moving and help you feel like a brand new person. Going into the unknown together will provide a more comfortable experience, and soon, you’ll forget all about the winter blues.

3. Play board games

If the outside is just too cold for your liking, there’s no reason you can’t have your own fun indoors. When was the last time you played a board game? Remember how fun those used to be when you were a kid? Breakout your old monopoly set or scrabble and get ready for an evening of laughter and fun. If you want to crank up the competition, the twister is the way to go.

Board games can remind you to appreciate the simplicity of life. Boring doesn’t always equal boring, sometimes it counts as peace. You should look at winter in the same way. Another benefit is that you’ll probably learn a lot of new things about your SO just from the way they play monopoly.

4. Biking

Some light physical activity ought to get you out of your rut. Cycling is the ideal couple’s activity as it provides an opportunity for bonding in nature as well as a little competition. You can start light and then move on to real adventures such as mountain biking. Make sure to have bike gloves, helmets, and proper mountain bike shoes on you as the road can get quite rocky and somewhat dangerous.

With a kick of adrenaline, you’ll be moving swiftly through the trees and trying to race your SO to the imaginary finish line. Nothing can make you feel more alive than exploring nature by letting go of all your inhibitions and everything that’s holding you back in life. This is also a great stress reliever, and will undoubtedly get the sparks flying between you and your partner again.

5. Plan a getaway

If the environment is too depressing right now, just leave it. Sometimes all we need is a change of scene in order to feel refreshed and ready to get back on track. Winter might be depressing, but it can also prove to be the most romantic season of them all. A lot of weekend getaways are available at discounted prices in this period, so you might as well take advantage of them.

Snuggle up with your partner in a cabin while you watch the snow fall, with the relaxing sounds of fire cracking in the background. Let your inner child out and build a snowman, make snow angels, or have a snowball fight. Whatever you decide to do, a romantic getaway will help you realize winter isn’t so bad when you have someone to enjoy it with.


As you can see, couple’s activities just might be the answer to beating the winter blues once and for all. You’ll always have someone to lift you up and support you when you feel down, and they can always count on you to do the same. Mutual motivation seems to be the key to keeping active and enjoying life, even when everything seems dull and glum.