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Bathroom Basics: Furnishing Your First Apartment

Bathroom Basics

Having your own apartment lets you be in charge with how you’ll set it up. You can finally have a home styled according to your tastes. Personalizing your living space might be the obvious first step, but one shouldn’t forget their bathroom since it’ll end up as being one of the most used rooms in your apartment.

Your goal when furnishing your bathroom is to make it a pleasant and functional area you can use comfortably. You can personalize it with specific bathroom items that you like or would seem pleasing to you while making sure that any guests would also be able to use them. You can purchase some luxurious towels and soap for your bathroom, but luxury and wants tend are necessarily priority items on the first night.

What you need to set up on the first day are the essentials, luxury can wait. Prioritizing on design without having the necessities would let you have the bathroom you might have longed for while sacrificing its practicality.

The bathroom items you need to make it functional are toilet papers, a shower curtain and liner, at least two bath towels and washcloths, a bottle of liquid hand soap, and hand towels.

Some apartments might come with some other items like the toilet paper holder and a trash can, but some don’t, making it necessary for you to get your own. Besides the first two items mentioned, you’d also need a toothbrush holder and a bath mat. These items would improve your bathroom’s overall functionality.

Having such items in your bathroom would make it usable, but it isn’t complete without having cleaning materials stored near the toilet. You’ll need a plunger and toilet bowl brush in their own caddies stored behind your toilet, a multi-surface cleaner, and an air freshener.

You can finally personalize your bathroom with any luxury you can afford once the essentials are set up. You can buy high-end soaps and lotions to treat yourself and your guests, a towel warmer, a teak bench, and even a small potted plant. While the functional benefits they give are minimal, they tend to improve how your bathroom looks.

One might get excited to finally be able to decide how a living space would look like, but prioritizing on the living room without considering the status of the bathroom would keep you from using your bathroom should you need to, especially in unexpected times. It is best to prioritize making the bathroom as functional as possible to be ready for use. For more information on furnishing your bathroom, see this post by Mr. Rooter.

Bathroom Basics- Furnishing Your First Apartment



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