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Content Marketing in 2021: What Will Work and What Won’t?

Content marketing is pivotal in controlling the funnel of your customer lifecycle. Quality content will attract traffic, increase brand loyalty and even increase your odds at making more return customers. Great content is a way for your brand to generate value for your audience (for free), even before they do business with you. Now, because content marketing is so important, there are constant efforts to improve it always at play. So, the industry evolves every year. Here are several trends that are expected to be big in the following year. 

Growing competition and audience needs

Never before have people consumed so much content and there are numerous reasons for this. First of all, you cannot downplay the impact of a global pandemic on marketing. People are indoors, which is why they have increased their digital activity at the expense of their traditional pastime means. Still, there are other reasons for this increase in the audience’s thirst for content. More people have access to the internet than ever before and people are used to consuming content through all sorts of devices. This increase has also brought to an increase in content marketing investment by… well, virtually everyone. So, the competition is tougher, as well.

Part of a buyer’s journey

A buyer’s journey or customer lifecycle is a concept that serves as the backbone of every modern marketing strategy. Your content is often the first step on this path/journey. This is the way in which they get to sample your expertise and get some value from your business without making a financial investment. So, this is your opportunity to display your knowledge, niche experience and authority on the subject matter. Also, keep in mind that your own blog (since it belongs to the same industry), might provide some great opportunities for linking to your e-store, thus funnelling more sales.

Distinguish yourself from competitors

Because there is more content created than ever before people are used to content of all sorts. This means that their quality standards have grown, as well. This ranges from the purpose of the content, its value for entertainment, its originality and even the quality of its visuals. This is one of the reasons why investing in a quality web design might be such an important issue. Producing higher quality content may be possible in DIY conditions, as well, but keep in mind that this takes time and resources. If you are to post on a regular basis and maintain the quality level at the same time, you might need some outsider’s help.

Interest in short video formats is growing

One of the fastest-growing trends in content marketing is the increase in the need for short video format. This is due to the insane popularity of TikTok and Instagram Stories, which only last for 15 seconds. So, if you plan to improve the opinion that TikTok users have of your brand, you might want to invest some additional time and effort into learning all the rules and subtle tricks of this concept. Making a short video format is not just about cutting a video into smaller portions. It is about mastering the art of time efficiency and eliminating all redundancies from your videos.

Your audience expects credibility

Because of… well, the nature of the internet, people have grown accustomed to being sceptical towards anything they hear online. So, try to provide them with more credibility and more original content. First of all, try to use proper studies and credible sources when talking about numbers. Sure, statistics change but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are easily outdated or made obsolete. In a year or two, numbers from this year will still be relevant for comparison. This being said, try to go for numbers that are as much up-to-date as possible.

Recycling your content

The best way to generate more content is to learn how to reuse (recycle it). This helps you save time and maximize the effect of all your research and originality. A single piece of content can be reused several times in different formats. For instance, a whitepaper can be turned into an infographic. This way, you will make your content available even to those who are interested in the subject matter but terrified of the size of your work. In other words, you maximize your audience and gain more traffic by having two exposure cycles for each of your ideas.


Live-streaming is, beyond doubt, one of the most efficient content marketing formats in 2021. Reasons for this are numerous, one of them being the fact that, due to the inability to organize in-person events, one is not left with a lot of options. Keep in mind that live streams maximize engagement and ensure greater future attendance. A person who visits one live-streamed event is likely to visit your event in person next time. In this particular scenario, even watching your next live stream is quite valuable.

The greater effort on retargeting

Retargeting is really your best chance to actually make an impact on content marketing. The key thing to having a successful content campaign lies in delivering quality content to the right audience. Your current readership is already interested in your content which, in a way, makes them into low-hanging fruits. Moreover, there are a lot of instances where two subsequent posts are in continuity. This is why by successfully retargeting, you will drastically increase the engagement rate of your pieces. A notification system and email marketing are quite effective in this field.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, what works for some might not work for others and vice-versa. Still, the reason for the popularity of some of the above-listed trends is research-based or even a fruit of many years of careful strategizing and contemplation. So, not expanding your marketing arsenal by considering new methods or even rethinking old methods might be a wasted opportunity. Instead, keep up with new trends but always look for a way to customize them so that they fit your own needs.

Business Entrepreneurs

How to Start a Pet Care Business

Most people cannot resist the cuteness of puppies and kittens and are more than ready to spend their money on their furry companions. Pet ownership indeed does not come cheap: raising a large dog, for instance, can cost you over $2,000 in the first year, according to the ASPCA. But besides the basic necessities, today, luxury pet products and a variety of pet services are also in demand. With the pet care industry reaching a stellar $207 billion in value in 2020, thinking about starting a pet-related business makes sense. If you want to try your hands at such an endeavour, here is how to get started.

Decide what you want to do

A pet care business can mean a lot of things: from pet walking and pet sitting all the way to grooming businesses, you have a vast choice when it comes to what kind of services you want to offer to pet owners. Therefore, the first step is deciding what exactly you want to do. Besides your preference, your local audience is going to play an important role in your decision, too. Make sure you do some research to see what there is demand for in your area. What kind of pets are people mostly keeping? How big is their spending power? Is there a particular market gap you could fill? Take competition into account, too. 

Training and qualifications

Another key factor to consider when deciding on what kind of business you will start is your own knowledge. Loving animals is a great start, but it might not be enough for some pet care business options. So, consider your skills and qualifications. Certification is often not a necessity; you can choose from many pet business ideas that don’t require it. For a pet sitting business, for instance, you don’t have to enrol in a school or complete a course, but you might still need to get a license depending on your state. However, for certain professions, such as dog grooming, acquiring the appropriate certificates can not only elevate the quality of your service but will also give your customers peace of mind.

Find a location

Depending on the kind of business you have decided on, you will likely need to find an appropriate location for your operations. It may be a good idea to do some research and look at your competition to see how much space is necessary for your business to operate comfortably. For instance, you may be surprised that dog daycare requires more space than you initially thought in order for it to appeal to customers. At the same time, pay attention to zoning restrictions as you look around.

Register your business

After you have checked whether your endeavour will need licensing, it is time to get the bureaucratic part done. Every business needs to be registered in order to operate legally. To register, you will first need to determine what business structure best fits your needs. For a small business such as a dog walking business, a sole proprietorship may suffice. However, LLCs or limited liability companies provide an added layer of protection. Consult a professional if you need help with this.

Get insurance

Next up, no matter what kind of pet care business you are starting, it is highly recommended that you get appropriate insurance. Even dog walkers should get insurance since you never know what might happen while you’re out in the streets. Insurance will protect you and your assets if an accident occurs, or if the pet causes some kind of damage. Otherwise, you may be required to foot the animal’s medical bills, which can wreak havoc on your finances. Needless to say, if you’re going to run a business where you’re not the only employee, there is a slew of other insurance considerations that you need to make.

Set it up and get going

Once you’ve got all the formalities sorted out, you can finally set up your premises and get things in motion. Figure out your pricing, create a website and social media profiles, start marketing yourself. A presence on community marketplaces can also give you great exposure. Don’t forget to take pictures after every happy furry customer and boost your credibility with reviews.


Operating a pet care business can be a fulfilling career path. Not only do you get to work with animals, but you are also your own boss and have the power to steer the business in whatever direction you want. The beginnings may require you to make an extra effort but pet businesses have a great potential for success today.


Technology Trends That Will Lead The Way In 2021

The 2020 pandemic has turned out to be a challenging year. Both personally and professionally, we had to make many sacrifices and adapt to the new surroundings. Most notably, COVID-19 has accelerated many changes that were already underway. The digital transformation was sped up significantly over the span of just a few months. Companies are in a rush to incorporate new technologies in order to adapt to the new market conditions. Luckily for us, innovation never stops. Especially in hard times when it is needed most. Companies and individuals recognize the need to be resilient and adaptive to the post-pandemic world. The trends in technology we set over the coming months and years will shape the future. There are many tech trends that will drive the change in all of our lives. In this article, we will cover some of the most important trends and delve deeper into them. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


AI is one of the biggest tech discussion points that there is. It is a tool that helps organizations become more efficient in many aspects. It can predict customer’s decisions. Meaning, it can be easier for companies to know what the customer will most likely buy. Predicting market shifts before they happen can prove to be invaluable. Facial recognition is another very controversial topic. Businesses implement it to increase security. There will always be ethics and privacy concerns surrounding this part of AI. Never the less, even that aspect of AI will continue to progress as time goes on. Voice assistants we all have on our smartphones. It is the closest thing to AI that we all have in the palm of our hands. AI can be utilized anywhere and for basically anything. It is a constant work in progress. We can only imagine where it will be implemented next.


5G networking


5G if the fifth-generation mobile network infrastructure. It will bring even greater speeds for cellular devices at reduced operating costs. It will bring everyone closer to the Wi-Fi upload and download speeds that we are used to in our homes. Only now, it will be possible anywhere with 5G coverage. Such a crucial upgrade will shape the way we design, deploy, and interact with applications in the future. Most notably, the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) software. The new infrastructure will be able to support a large amount of smaller, non-bandwidth hungry devices. Physical objects with various types of sensors will share their data with the internet. Autonomous vehicles are making great progress as of late. The key is faster data transmission and increased bandwidth at reduces energy expenditure. In turn, this reduces the operating costs for the providers and clients alike. 




Blockchain is all over the news for years now. It is a database and a processing system for cryptographical record-keeping. It maintains security and makes sure that transactions are kept, processed, and validated. Developing such a system is not easy. It reached a stage of maturity where companies are looking for applications to use this technology in the marketplace. They use it to track assets, claims, to manage identity, for payment and settlement systems, etc. It has the potential to enhance trust between involved parties. Also, it can provide transparency in business dealings. Lastly, it enables all of us to exchange value across different business ecosystems. Ultimately, it comes down to the basics. It will reduce operating costs, improve settlement speeds and cash flow. It is a step towards turning the business world digital. Companies are seeing the future benefits of blockchain and are incorporating it into their business practices. 


Data analytics


We generate an unbelievable amount of data each day. Conventional analysts cannot process it efficiently with the current technology that is available. Companies want to understand how customers make spending decisions. Through business IT support, we can gather most of the data required. The problem is processing it efficiently and extracting valuable information. On the other hand, there is some friction between consumers who want customized products and their privacy concerns. Data analytics is used to provide current and future customers with personalized offerings. This involves tracking personal data like search history. Understandably, this raises privacy concerns. It is of utmost importance that their data is managed properly. Companies need to be transparent on how they manage this data. Building such trust can create another value proposition for the customer. People are aware their data is valuable to the companies they interact with. Provide value back to them.


Advanced Automation


Automation is the process of businesses utilizing technology to replace manual labour. There are many benefits of doing so. Reduced operating costs, low downtime, and much greater yields are just some of those. Hyperautomation involves multiple fields like AI that we have mentioned previously, Machine Learning, robotics, etc. Increased productivity will come not a second too soon in the coming period. It will also come at a cost for low-skill employment. As menial tasks are outsourced to machines, people will shift more towards high skill traits like programming and IT administration. Organizations are adapting to this new concept as automation and digitalization are becoming more available.


There are many trends that are going to make it big. Undoubtedly, there will be more to come. The most important thing is that we are all aware of the changes so we can act accordingly. It is our responsibility to incorporate as much of these principles into our personal and business ventures as possible.


What COVID-19 Means for The Future of Remote Work

A global virus outbreak is among few things anyone could have predicted.  Our mindsets are still adapting to the various changes in almost every aspect of our lives. The consequences of the pandemic are still not quite clear and defined. However, while we’re steadily reaching a new normal in our reality, there are some predictions we can make especially regarding remote work.

This is all based on the development of things so far. In fact, some trends we had to invent are here to stay. Requirements of both social and physical distance in combination with movement restriction have created a necessity for remote work.

It turned out to have many advantages for employees; so many companies have announced the continuation of the trend even without the restriction measures. Let’s see what the implications for the future are.  

Increase in popularity of it

There are numerous reasons for which most people have embraced working from home with ease. Many employees feel like they are losing a lot of time by commuting to work. This period of time can be rearranged to doing chores. The other option is allowing yourself to enjoy your hobby a bit longer. It doesn’t matter if we are speaking about quarter of an hour daily, or a couple of hours. This new lifestyle enables better time management, while all the tasks are still successfully performed.

The biggest drawback happened to people who don’t really have adequate space in their home for working without distractions. In other words, mostly people living with roommates or larger families.

We would like to emphasize that was only the case because the change was an abrupt one. Even that category of employees would be able to make different arrangements and be satisfied with the deal.

Consider the advanced technology we have in 2020. Do we all have to be in the same room to have a meeting? There are many online platforms that are there to meet all the meetings and video conferencing needs of any business.

For the employers, remote work also means not having to spend a large amount of a yearly budget. Paying for things like offices and utilities adds up. Some office space should exist, and occasional important meetings should be held in person. However, the vast majority of them are perfectly fine if conducted via camera.   

Data-centric evaluation of performance

We understand the importance of making a good impression in person. However, remote work has the implication that everything related to evaluations and promotions will be decided by the actual data. This is obviously a good thing.

Direct measures of everyone’s performance will basically result in everyone getting what they deserve. This would mean creating a thoroughly planned system including all the relevant variables, time-sheets, reviews and reports.

Such qualitative and quantitative measures might even increase the productivity levels within your employees. It creates a healthy competitive spirit, and will surely create a better overview for you as an employer.   

Mental health of employees

Not having to go to the office every day, among other things, means your employees have more flexible working hours. As long as they regularly meet their deadlines, they won’t have to worry about not scheduling a thing ever during the nine to five periods.

This can be extremely beneficial for people, allowing them more freedom to create their unique perfect daily routine. This will definitely boost your employees’ morale and productivity. Furthermore, they will acquire a whole range of new skills by adapting to these changes and become more creative on the way. 

Cybersecurity measures

Remember when we’ve mentioned all the money you can save by not renting a huge premise for offices and cubicles? Well, a portion of it will have to be invested in another way of making sure your relevant data is confidential, and that no one else has access to it.

A person working from home or in a local cafe triggers the question of just how safe their network is. This is why you need to make sure to implement all the precaution measures related to a data breach, such as investing in private hosting services, creating a VPN (a Virtual Private Network) for each of your employees, and similarly.

This goes regardless of how big or small your company is. A secure connection will encrypt all of your data on a private server, making everyone’s online actions virtually untraceable.


There is no way we can tell with certainty what is to follow, but we can make an educated guess based on the current state of the world. Changing our habits has become a necessity, and we must adapt to the circumstances as quickly as we are able to do so.

That is what being flexible is all about, and if our attitude is positively oriented, we will overcome all the obstacles on the way, perhaps even gain some valuable knowledge and/or skills on the way.

Basically, your state of mind will dictate the terms, and you should turn to a proactive way of thinking. It is what it is, and you will either accept that fact, or stay behind, the choice is all yours!


How to Transform Your House into the Home You Want

So, you’ve just decided to buy a house after years of living in rented apartments. You feel accomplished because you’ll soon have a place that is entirely your own. Now you’ll truly feel the beauty of calling a place your home. But, how do you transform this entity into something that first pops into your mind when you think of the word “home”? Let’s learn how you can transform your house into your sanctuary after you find the one you like, sign paperwork, and receive the keys.

Make it functional

A house should be functional and every room should have it’s assigned purpose. You’ll probably have an image of the house you’d like to buy and visit only those that fit into this description. Everything else will be a waste of time. Your main goal is to make use of the space available and assign purpose to each room. On average, people are looking for a one-bedroom or two-bedroom house that has a separate living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Millennials are also looking for an open floor layout, where the living room, dining room, and kitchen all spread out over one big room. Either way, look for a house that suits your lifestyle and which you can use to the last square foot.

Flood it with color and life

People often show their houses fully furnished, so that you can get the idea of how a home looks and make a decision to buy that house. Every house looks better with furniture in it so people rely on this trick to make the sale happen. Bare walls and empty rooms don’t show off that warm and homey vibe. But, you shouldn’t be under their interior design influence when you buy it and start decorating it. Use the inspiration you can find online, to find the right inspiration and ideas. Nonetheless, make interior design choices that feel good in your gut. If you feel like having a purple sofa because seeing purple makes you happy, go for it. Use color in your interior design efforts to flood the entire house with life. 

Make smart choices

When it comes to buying a house, you should truly consider all your options. This decision-making process should happen before you make a purchase. You can choose between an existing house or build one based on your preferences. If you decide to build your house, find someone to guide you through the entire process. Consultants at Beachwood Homes are there to guide you through all stages of building your home. A consultant will help you vocalize your ideas and help create your signature home style. You’ll know what o expect and design the interior with ease.

Focus on both style and comfort

Since you’ve made up your mind regarding the purpose of each room, you should apply this to your furniture choices. We’ve already mentioned buying a purple sofa if you feel like having a purple signature piece in your living room. But, don’t buy the sofa or any other furniture [iece if it’s just pretty and far from comfortable. Modern designs and contemporary styles are innovative, unique, and often uncomfortable. So, don’t sacrifice comfort over style when setting up your oasis. Even if it takes you longer than planned to buy every piece you like, don’t neglect the importance of comfort. 

Furnish your floors

Area rugs have two purposes – sectioning and comfort. Beauty is another purpose, but you’ll buy a rug you like so we won’t emphasize this element over the other two. Properly positioned area rugs are an essential tool for sectioning an open layout. If your house features this contemporary style, use area rugs to create visual sections. If this is not the case, you should consider area rugs over bare floors for added comfort. It is also another design feature you can use to personalize your space so consider it.

Light makes a home look warm and inviting

The poorly lit room can impact your mood so aim for the opposite. Let there be light, both natural and artificial. When it comes to dressing up your windows, think in terms of something that allows as much light to flood your space but also helps you maintain your privacy. Light curtains or translucent blinds will help you achieve such a look and they are both timeless and elegant. When we talk about artificial light, start by placing an optimum number of overhead lighting.

Also, make sure you can turn these off when you don’t need them. So, discuss adding additional lightswitch with your electrician. If you need to change the preexisting fixtures and wiring, call a professional to assist you. Secondly, position accent lights around the room, especially where you need them the most for reading, or simply watching the TV. Lastly, don’t block sources of natural light with furniture. 


Even though your house might feel strange even after you go through all of our suggestions, it will slowly grow on you and feel like a home. So, buy every piece guided by your instinct and the warm emotions at first sight. 

Real Estate

Get Your Home Ready to Sell with These Easy Updates

Deciding to sell your home is probably one of those truly emotional decisions. But, it’s something every person will go through twice or three times during their lifetime. You’ll buy your first house in the late twenties or early thirties. Once you’re ready to raise a family, you’ll sell the first one and buy a bigger house with an extra bedroom and the bathroom. 

Ultimately, your kids will grow up and start their life elsewhere so you’ll once again decide to sell your home and settle for something that doesn’t feel like an empty nest. Based on all this, we can say that selling your house is something that happens along the way in life. If this is your first sale, you need to hear about the steps you need to take to get your home ready.

Replace anything that’s broken

When you’re planning to fix your house a bit before putting it on the market, you need to start somewhere. A good place to start is by making a list of anything that is broken that has to be replaced asap! If you think that a potential buyer won’t see that crack in the window or broken roof tiles, think again. Everything that is broken gives out a sign of major neglect and it’s not something you want to do. Go around our house, look at every corner, nook, look at every window, wall, and do the same with the interior.

Turn a sloppy home exterior into a shiny one

Even if your home exterior isn’t actually sloppy looking, it’s among the first things a potential buyer will see. If it’s been a while since you last painted the exterior, you should definitely consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. Your house will look neat, fresh and clean. It’ll show off the vibe that you care about the house and maintain it regularly. You should also clean the gutters, windows, get rid of any mold, and make sure everything remains in tip-top shape. 

Focus on the details

Even though the major things like the exterior, interior, and the amount of space will appeal to the potential buyer, you shouldn’t neglect the details. First of all, consider the point of entrance and the state of it. If you feel like the frog door looks a bit dated, your buyer will have the same thoughts. Make the point of entrance inviting by painting it in a new color. You can also add a few potted plants and make it look lively and vibrant. Next, move to your mailbox and replace it with a newer model that goes well with the style of your house. Change the house numbers into something distinguishable and new.

Add a few tweaks to your pool

Another way to improve the landscaping is by improving the condition of the swimming pool. Everyone loves to spend their leisure around a pool and it’s a place where every member of the family gravitates to. Potential buyers will definitely consider pool as one of the amenities and scrutinize its state. With proper pool renovation, you can resolve any issues and bring your swimming pool back to its former beauty. A professional will assess the state of your pool and recommend the most suitable solutions which will boost the property value.


Once you are happy with the exterior, you can turn your attention to the interior of your house. If prospective buyers will look at the house while you still live there, you should take advantage of having a perfectly staged home. The layout of your home can give them ideas on how they can set up the house if they decide to but it. However, in order to make your interior design shine in its glory, you need to declutter the place. Remove anything that increases visual clutter and takes away the limelight. Reduce the number of objects to a minimum. 

Turn your home into a sparkly oasis

Before you officially put your house on the market, you need to do a deep clean. You can do this last especially if you plan on painting the interior as well. You need to make sure every shelf, nook, corner, the window is sparkly clean. Your main goal is to leave the best first impression with the interior of your home and that entails having the house clean at all times.

You have only one chance to wow potential buyers, so make it count. Make sure all of these updates are in line with your budget. Pick your projects wisely and prepare your house for sale with these easy updates.


5 Unique Client Appreciation Event Ideas

Client appreciation events are significant because they increase your credibility, raise awareness of you and your brand, whilst allowing your clients to see a different, more social and human side of you that won’t necessarily always be visible during business hours. It’s vital for your clients to feel appreciated if you want them to continue working with you. A regular phone call won’t be enough to show them how much you appreciate them, so instead of risking losing the trust and potential collaboration, be sure to throw an appreciation event from time to time. Not only will this type of event help you make the bond with clients stronger, but it will also allow everyone to socialize and have a fun time.

Ice cream social event

Do you want to treat your clients with a fabulous outdoor event that won’t break your bank? If so, an ice cream social event is a wonderful choice that will be ideal for hot summer months when everybody craves a refreshing entertainment. Not only will the crowd enjoy the party, but it will be the talk of the town for the next few days. You simply can’t go wrong with offering everyone countless flavours of ice cream alongside baked sugary goods, candy and a variety of additional treats on the menu. Stock up on mixed sauce flavours, nuts, and cherries to offer everyone the yummiest sundaes ever. Turn your dessert game up a notch and serve milkshakes and floats to blow everyone’s mind.

Food and beverage tasting

Nothing will bring people together better than food, so think about hosting a client appreciation event in terms of tastings.  For all the wine aficionados, visiting a vineyard for wine tasting would be a dream come true. If you’re not an expert on hosting client appreciation events, it would be a good idea to hire an event management company who’ll take care of all the relevant details, find the venue, schedule the dates and just allow you to appear and enjoy your gathering. Aside from wine, you can also go for beer or champagne tasting, or even throw in some delectable bites and shift to food tasting. Work with local businesses and consider beer and food pairing for an all-inclusive tasting experience.

Take everyone golfing

Spending time outdoors is an excellent option. People can both enjoy the fresh air and use the surroundings to the full advantage. One of the amazing ideas for an outdoor client appreciation event is to take everyone golfing. Many retirees and financial advisors enjoy playing golf, but it can also become a favourite pastime for younger people. Invite your financial advisors alongside their families, throw in a few of your friends, and host an event to remember. Thanks to the laid-back atmosphere that usually fills the golf tournament, you’ll offer everyone a good time away from business talks. 

Bring yoga and meditation to them

Working full hours and being wrapped up in a hectic lifestyle often makes us run on autopilot. Mindfulness is a long-forgotten term. Offering your clients a quality time to get back in touch with their inner self will be invaluable. A mediation class will feel invigorating and allow everyone to relax, without having to put too much physical effort into it. Yoga, on the other hand, can be a fantastic option for everyone who needs to work on their flexibility and breathing techniques. Offer the clients some tasty treats alongside yoga and meditation class, to allow them to experience a real Zen-like state. 

Arts and crafts are entertaining too

You can never have too many skills mastered. Looking for something new your clients and you could learn together can be a fun kind of an appreciation event for them. Have you ever considered taking a welding class? How about pottery? What if you offered everyone a painting class or have a teacher present archery to you? Everyone can bring a family member or their friends and enjoy a new experience together. This will be a lovely way for you to form stronger bonds with your clients. You will also offer them some thrilling time with the people they don’t get to spend loads of time with. 

Final thoughts

Giving back to your client can best be done by inviting them for a client appreciation event. Your clients need to know that you’re grateful for having them do business with you. When you asking them to go golfing, it will prove to them that they’re invaluable to you. The same goes when taking them wine or food tasting or throwing an ice cream social event. Learn a new skill or relax with yoga and meditation for the ultimate stress-free event. Everyone will enjoy and hope to attend these events again very soon. Don’t limit yourself to one event a year. Have them at least twice a year, and think about having a traditional annual event.


Global uncertainty: The economic fallout from coronavirus

Over the past several months it seems like the whole world got turned upside down. No one could’ve expected nor predicted a global pandemic outbreak, and we were simply not ready for it to happen. COVID-19 virus has influenced every single aspect of our lives and still is, as most of the countries are in a national emergency state and a lockdown. Businesses are closing, many people have lost their jobs and financial stability in these unfortunate times. The world market is changing on a daily basis and there is only one thing we can say for sure – the effects of the pandemic on the global economy will be long-lasting.

Tourism and Travel Industry

Some of the industries are suffering more than the others, and it is quite logical that the most affected ones are related to tourism and traveling. Countries all over the world were gradually announcing the lockdown state, meaning traveling and movement restrictions. Prevention is the best medicine, they say, but this is what happens when we are not cautious enough and take important aspects of our vulnerability for granted. All movement that is not absolutely required is banned. The very fact implies tremendous suffering of airline companies, hotels, cruises and everything else related to this line of business. 

The battle is World vs. Virus, so everyone needed to comply to new regulations – no flights, no vacations, no group gatherings etc. which for the industry means no profit. The World Travel and Tourism Council has stated that Asia is impacted the most, which also makes sense. As the virus has originated there, people will surely be reluctant to go on a vacation for a while after things get back to normal. And that new normal won’t be the same as before the outbreak, in an economic sense, but also in terms of people’s mindsets. It is predicted by the Council that it will take up to a whole year for the tourism industry to stabilize again. Just to put things into perspective, ten percent of global GDP and the number of jobs is accounted to this industry.

Global Supply Chain

 Another thing on the world market that is deeply affected by the pandemic is no doubt the manufacturing industry and the whole supply chain. Everything is connected, so this is only a consequence of other government bans, including the traveling one. Manufacturing has been reduced as many industries have been temporarily closed, so the whole supply chain is disrupted. We’re used to everything being available on a global market level, and many companies rely on manufacturing and getting supplies from China. Even the largest corporations such as Amazon and Apple have stated the concern that they simply won’t be able to import enough inventory. 

It has never been clearer how even the largest networks operate in a chain reaction. This disturbance is on the very bottom level and it will change the world’s schedule. Some of the companies were prepared and had a backup inventory and other plans. But unfortunately, we’re talking about the minority of cases. It is extremely hard to stay objective in the situation where you’re already losing profits. Therefore, it might be time to get some help in the logistics part. It is highly recommended investing in the national 3pl services, to help you organize your inventory and revaluate your shipping methods, distribution and transportation services. This applies especially if you’re closed for business and have an excess of inventory. So, finding a third-party logistics facility should be a top priority! 

Stock Market

Everyone is wondering whether or not the recession is to follow. The most frightening part is that we have no idea how will the crisis unfold, and what will the economical result be at the end of a pandemic. Stock prices are fluctuating, but at some point, there has been a twenty percent descent. Not even the experts know what to say, or anticipate the following steps. So, basically, everyone owning stocks is now playing a guessing game with the outbreak spiraling for months. For this reason, people have started shifting to different sectors, especially those benefiting from COVID-19, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

On the other hand, we have the lowest price of crude oil in the past eighteen years. The oil market is suffering tremendous losses. The travel industry is on hold, hence the oil demand is at its lowest. Many other industries that use oil have reduced the activities or completely stopped them. So, less oil and oil-based products are both produced and used in general. There is a prediction that the price is only going to continue to decrease. Some analysts claim the OPEC problem will turn out to be the biggest problem in the world market. It seems the world is on hold, and life is paused. Long-term economic outlooks are not clear. It will take a while to understand the consequences, not even to mention act in accordance. 


The above-mentioned are just some of the most important aspects of how the world got disrupted by the pandemic outbreak. Various other smaller industries have been affected, and all the predictions we make carry a heavy load of uncertainty. The threat is a deadly virus, and the consequences are yet unknown. Luckily, it’s the 21st century, so technological advances will allow us to handle the issues in the best way. However, for us to even start dealing with those, it is necessary for this pandemic to end. But there is still so much we don’t know about COVID-19, therefore the uncertainty. We can only hope to strategically, and in unison approach the situation when the pandemic is contained.


How to Satisfy Your Wanderlust Even When You’re At Home

Any time of the year is good enough for travel. But, as we approach warmer months of the year, the urge to travel becomes stronger and stronger. Unfortunately, traveling is the luxury we can’t afford now. When people all over the world are told to stay home and commit to social distancing, traveling should be the last of our concerns. Our main goal is to remain safe and healthy and that’s why we should seek alternative ways to satisfy our wanderlust.

Relive all your best travel experiences

Start by reliving all your best travel experiences. When we travel, we take tons of photos and videos. Some of these end up on our social media channels, while the best moments are still hidden from the public eye. Now you can explore these moments by watching the videos from your most recent travel. Afterward, go through those million photos you took while you were exploring the streets of some European hotspot. You can also use this chance to sort out the photos and delete blurry ones or those you don’t like. 

Take a virtual cure for wanderlust

Wanderlust can be cured online as well. You can take virtual tours and visit some well-known tourist attractions from the comfort of your favorite chair. All you need is a stable internet connection, good mood, coffee or a glass of your favorite wine and you can start your online tour. The Louvre, Van Gogh Museum, The Vatican Museum, any many more have opened their doors virtually to anyone who wants to explore their offer. This is also a kid-friendly activity so prepare your kids in advance and let them enjoy this virtual tour with you.

Dive into a good travel book

The boredom caused by spending all this time at home can be quickly diffused by reading a book. Reading can stimulate our imagination when carefully crafted sentences teleport us into a different era or geographical location. Reading travel-related books like The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho or The Beach by Alex Garland, or Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert can be just what your adventure spirit seeks. You will commence your travel journey by following the adventures of protagonists of these books. You will relive their experiences and their journeys while you devour every word on the page. 

Search regions you’ve read about in your book on Google Earth

If you want to experience the aforementioned books in the best way possible, write down the list of locations and places the characters have visited. The only way to truly experience their experience is to view these places online. Google Earth can make this reading experience just as magical is it can be if you went there in person. Search these regions on Google earth and turn reading into a true adventure. 

Plan for the next trip

Even though we can’t travel at this very moment, nobody said that we can’t plan our next trip. The entire planning process can be just as good as traveling to a destination of choice. You will spend a significant portion of your time googling destinations, reading about must-see locations and reading about the history of these towns.  When you pick the destination you plan on visiting once the lockdown is over, you need to think of some new travel accessories and things that might come in handy. If you plan a summer getaway, you’ll need to refresh your summer wardrobe. Look for sarongs Australia has to offer because these people know how to dress for a beach vacation. Update the list of items you need for the ultimate getaway and plan everything in advance.

Watch a travel themed movie

Watching movies is probably your favorite social distancing activity. But, once your wanderlust kicks in, you can soothe it by watching a travel themed movie. There are many mesmerizing stories like the one portrayed in Into the Wild, Roman Holiday, Out of Africa , Lost in Translation or even in the French gem Amelie. You can also give your attention to documentaries or docu-series like Street Food, Mountain, or National Parks Adventure.

Cook something foreign

You’ve probably discovered the beauty behind cooking on your own recently. Staying home means that we’ll be cooking our own food all the time. Now’s the chance to learn how to make some of the most popular foreign dishes. This meal can transport you to Italy, Mexico, Spain or France quicker than any other flight. To make this even more authentic, play foreign music in the background. If you’re making Quesadillas you can also listen to Mexican music and get totally immersed in this adventure.


These tips are the only thing that can help us overcome our urge to travel when we can’t do that. There are many things on this list that will inspire you and make your next great trip even more memorable.

Home Decor

5 Outdated Home Decorating Trends to Leave Behind in 2020

Home decor is something widely discussed upon, year after year. Each year brings its own new trends and opinions on how your home should look like. Instead of finding new things to obsess over in 2020, let’s reflect on the outdated home decorating trends that should definitely be left behind. These trends simply shouldn’t have a place in your life or home anymore, as they ruin the otherwise beautiful composition you have created. Avoiding them will bring the beauty of your home to the next level, as well as completely modernize it.

1. Macramé

It seems macramé is on every possible Instagram page nowadays. Combined with the Jungalow trend, it’s a callback to the seventies, to accessories that are all about rope and knots. Things like hanging planters and chairs from rope have been all the rage recently, a resurgence from the seventies. 

The problem is – not everybody can pull this off. Sure, adding some extra texture to your space means a lot, but these things are absolute dust magnets. Furthermore, you can always add texture through cushions, rugs, maybe some new materials. But when it all comes down to it, macramé’s time has passed.

2. Barn doors

It seems that with the rise of rustic farmhouse designs, every home had some kind of sliding barn door. Many home designers are sick of this style, and with good reason. It’s clunky, it’s expensive, and unless you intend to get your entire home in a kind of rustic style, it’s going to stand out like a sore thumb. 

Invigorated by cheap TV shows that seem to shove this type of door down our throats as a cheap way to add “character“ to your home, these kinds of doors have no place in modern homes. If you really want to save up on some space, get sliding pocket doors, just to give you one example.

3. Concrete floors

How on earth did this come about? Sure, it was a darling of the design world, in the same way, some architects like brutalism. Cold, sterile, no personality (unless that personality is one of Cruela De Ville), concrete floors should die out with a whimper or a bang, it doesn’t matter. Sure, they are simple to care for, they are pretty durable, but you can get the same effects with a bit more soul and with a bit less cash.

4. Not paying attention to the home exterior

Have you ever noticed how almost all home decorating trends are focused on the interior of the home? This results in numerous homes having extraordinary interior design but a decaying exterior. The outside of your home needs some love, too. The most neglected part of the exterior of the house is coincidentally the most important one- the roof.

Without replacing the roof slates after years of wear and tear, you risk your home being exposed to various outside elements. In countries like Australia where the weather is nothing short of extreme, professional slate roofing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and all other major cities is even more important. Not only that, but a roof that hasn’t been cleaned or maintained for a while is the first thing that you notice on a house, thus also taking a toll on your aesthetic appeal. That’s just another reason to opt for slate roofing in your area.

5. No more brass

Yes, we said it – no more brass. It made huge booms years ago, it was everywhere. Brass replaced nickel finishes, it had this sort of elegance and old-timey style that made your home pop. Mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms, brass was a call back to the forties and fifties. Usually accompanied by art deco designs and intricate spreads, there was a good reason why they got so popular when it did. 

However – enough is enough. This trend is everywhere, it’s not anything special anymore, it’s becoming tacky and boring. So, please, say bye-bye to brass, and say hello to something that isn’t so overused. Home decor has developed many times over up to now so you have plenty of more modern alternatives.


As you can see, these outdated home decorating trends truly belong in the past. Your house will do much better without them. Simply forget that they ever existed and move on to the current year. You’ll find your home is much more tasteful and elegant with these trends left out from the design. We’re confident you’ll fall in love with your home all over again soon enough.