woman weraing a mask while working remote, from home, during the pandemic

What COVID-19 Means for The Future of Remote Work

A global virus outbreak is among few things anyone could have predicted.  Our mindsets are still adapting to the various changes in almost every aspect of our lives. The consequences of the pandemic are still not quite clear and defined. However, while we’re steadily reaching a new normal in our reality, there are some predictions […]

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Outdated Home Decorating Trends

5 Outdated Home Decorating Trends to Leave Behind in 2020

Home decor is something widely discussed upon, year after year. Each year brings its own new trends and opinions on how your home should look like. Instead of finding new things to obsess over in 2020, let’s reflect on the outdated home decorating trends that should definitely be left behind. These trends simply shouldn’t have […]

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