How to Recover Deleted Folder from USB Drive – Know Here

Summary:- If user’s folders are deleted and users are upset for this and want to recover deleted folder from USB drive. Then this is perfect place for you. In this post, you will know about the best SysTools USB drive data recovery tool.

“Today morning I was deleting some folders from USB flash drive. But I don’t know when I deleted important folders. Now I realized my crucial data deleted permanently and I have no idea how to recover deleted folders from USB drive. Please suggest to me how to restore the folder deleted from pen drive because my all deleted folders are very precious for me.”

I have taken this query from the forum website most of the users face these issues in their day-to-day life. After that, we have decided to write an article on this topic. Because most of the users don’t know how to recover deleted folders from USB drive.

Now we will tell you the best software. With the help of this application, users can recover deleted folders from USB sticks. USB recovery software was compatible with Windows Edition. When a file deleted from USB flash drive, it’s not mean data deleted permanently. But keep one thing in your mind you cannot save any new files and folders on your USB drive. If users save their files then, users deleted data is overwritten after that your data recovery is not possible at any cost.

Recover Deleted Folder from USB Drive with Automated Solution

Restore deleted folder from flash drive with the assistance of USB deleted folder recovery software. This utility is able to retrieve normal deleted, shift deleted (permanently), corrupted data from USB stick. This application has the ability to recover all types of data like documents files, text, audio, PPT, Videos, so on. Now we will discuss the working procedure of the utility:

  • First of all, connect the damaged USB flash drive on you Windows PC after that launch the software
  • Software provides you two recovery option Scan and formatted you can choose Scan option instead of formatted scan
  • Then, application will list all restored folders into left side and highlight the folders which contains data. Just explore the folder and preview data into right panel of the application. Tool will highlight the permanently deleted data by red color.
  • The tool provides two way to save the retrieve data for example: save selected data and save complete restored data.

Beneficial Features of the Application

  • USB flash drive recovery tool provides advance search option
  • Supports to restore exFAT, FAT (16, 32) and NTFS formatted
  • Tool recovers data from USB drive, pen drive, flash drive and SD card
  • It supports all brands of USB flash drive like Samsung, SanDisk, LG, Moserbaer etc.
  • Supports to restore all files formats like .pdf, .doc, ppt, .odt, excel etc.
  • Tool permits to retrieve all images formats like JPEG, PNG, TiFF, GIF etc.
  • Permits to recover selective data
  • Software gives free demo versions users can view the entire deleted data
  • It is a user-friendly software anyone can use this software very easily.
  • Recovers data in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese etc.

Final Verdict

In the above write up we have discussed one of the most effective methods to recover deleted folders from USB drive. First of all users can try the demo version of the software to know the working efficiency of the utility.


How to Recover Deleted PDF Files from Windows PC

Have you ever lost your PDF files from Windows PC? Are you searching for a solution to recover deleted PDF files from Windows PC? If so then your searches finished here. In this article, we will discuss the most effective solutions to know how to restore deleted pdf? So let begin the article.

PDF always contains crucial information, losing which can make the situation worst. If you have backup of your crucial data then you are save from this situation. Because data recovery is complex task and recovery of deleted PDF files from computer depends on the factors such as how you are treating your deleted files.

In this PDF file recovery guide, we will share the steps users can use to maximize the chances of restoring unsaved, lost, deleted, inaccessible, and corrupted PDF files on a Windows PC.

Five Workarounds to Recover Deleted PDF File from Windows Desktop

Workaround 1: Stop Using the Computer or the Drive Instantly

This is important to avoid overwriting deleted PDF files, which other than can cause PDF data file corruption and permanent loss beyond recovery. In other words, the most users use the system or drive after a PDF file is lost or deleted, the lesser will be the chances of restoring the PDF file.

Workaround 2: Check Recycle Bin

When a file is deleted from the computer, it is sent to Recycle Bin—unless users used Shift+Delete or software to wipe the PDF file. Users can recover such deleted files from Recycle Bin in a few simple clicks.

  • Go to the recycle bin folder
  • Now search option to find deleted PDF file from Windows computer
  • Then, right-click on file then you can select restore option and you can also user cut option from recycle bin and paste it at your desired location.
  • Finally, if you click on the restore option then your file is saved to the original location where your file save

Workaround 3: Check Your Backup

Sign in to your cloud storage drive or access the local backup to check for the lost PDF copy. Try the search option on the cloud drive and in Windows File Explorer (for local backup) to rapidly locate the PDF file and restore it.

However, if there isn’t any backup available, or the file is not found in your last backup, head to the next step.

Workaround 4: How to Recover Deleted PDF Files from Windows PC Using Reliable Software

With the help of SysTools Windows Data Recovery Software to recover deleted PDF files from Windows desktop. It is able to recover formatted and reformatted data from any version of Windows. This tool supports recovery from FAT and NTFS file formats. It is able to recover deleted partitions of any size of data files. It supports recovering data in multiple languages. The best thing about this utility it has a user-friendly GUI. Savvy and non-savvy both users can use this utility without any hassle.

The foremost thing about this utility is it highlighted permanently deleted data in red color. The tool supports lost data recovery from MBR and GPT partitions.

Points to Remember to Overcome from These Issues

  1. Always take backup of your important data in storage device or on cloud
  2. Scan your PC to any reliable antivirus software to get rid of the virus
  3. If you plug any device into your system always eject your device before unplugged
  4. Always check warning signs of your drive

Summing Up

Whenever you lost your data backup is your first priority to recover deleted PDF files from Windows PC. If you don’t have any backup then go through the SysTools data recovery software to overcome data loss issues. In this article, we have mentioned few simple steps you can try anyone as per your requirements.


How to Recover Data from SSD Hard Disk

The solid-state drive has gained a bevy of popularity over the years due to their speed, performance, and reliability. Nowadays, a lot of people use the solid-state drive in their PC or laptop for storing crucial files for quick access. However, the risk of data loss is there and if it dies, users will need to recover data from SSD hard disk. In this post, we will discuss these things so, let’s start the article.

What is SSD

SSD (Solid State Drive) offers a lot of benefits over the traditional hard drive. The primary advantage of SSD is that they use non-volatile memory chips that improve performance and loading speed. It uses less energy and is more compact, making it perfect for computers, laptops, and mobile devices that require more lightweight storage options.

Common Reasons for SSD Data Loss

There are several reasons for SSD data loss few reasons mentioned below:-

  • Failure of electrical components
  • The problem is the controller chip
  • Because of capacitor damage
  • Bad sectors
  • Virus attacks
  • Firmware updates
  • Corruption of the flash chips
  • Short-circuit
  • Human errors like intentionally and unintentionally deletion of data files or formatting of solid
  • state drive
  • Solid State Drive Failure
  • Application corruption etc.

Can we Recovered Data From SSD Drive

SSD drives data recovery is complicated for normal users. Who don’t have technical knowledge but, With the help of Data Recovery Software users can recover deleted, corrupted and formatted data from SSD drive. This software has simple GUI with this non-technical users can also use this utility without any hassle.

Recover Data From SSD Hard Disk With Reliable Software

Accidental deleting of files, formatting the SSD hard disk, a virus attack, OS failure or file system failure – These are only a few issues that can be solved with issues by SSD Recovery Software. Users can recover shift deleted data from the SSD drive. It supports recovering data in multiple languages from installation setup. The tool supports to recover SSD data from internal and external SSD drive. It supports lost files recovery from dynamic SSD. It provides advance search options users can find specific data by using this option. Provides an option to recover deleted data from SSD hard drive from exFAT, FAT (16, 32) & NTFS systems.

Steps to Recover Data From SSD Hard Disk

To perform this software users have to follow a few simple steps, that listed below to implement the procedure to recover data SSD hard disk.

  1. First of all, download and install the SysTools SSD drive data recovery software to recover data from SSD disk.
  2. Now, you have to choose Scan option when the software provides you two options such as Scan and Formatted scan.
  3. The tool provides the refresh view option to view attached documents
  4. After completion of the scanning procedure, the application will display all the restored data in the right panel of the software.
  5. Finally, hit on Save button from the top panel to store complete recovered data from SSD hard disk


What exactly happens when users lose their important data? It might stop them from breathing. But, do not worry! Here, we come up with this flawless article to let users know. How to recover data from SSD hard drive. Mainly, we had disclosed the perfect technique for the same. With the help of this handy software, users can quickly recover deleted files from SSD disk. Moreover, users can get and check this tool by visiting its official website.


How To Recover Data From VHD File – Instant Solution

VHD or VHDX files are crucial system files, and it is used by Microsoft virtual computers. Have you never created a VHD or now you are looking for how to recover data from VHD files? So read the article carefully and know everything about VHD recovery.

What is VHD (Virtual Hard Drive) File?

VHD is a file format which stands for a virtual hard disk drive. It may carry what is found on a physical hard drive, like disk partitions and a file system, which in turn can carry files and folders. This is used as the hard disk of a virtual machine. VHD generated with Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual PC, Virtual box is basically a disk image sort of file format that is used to store the entire data of a hard disk.

Therefore, VHD and VHDX files make it possible to form various operating system to exist on a single computer. It is a great application for developers. Developers can test the same tool in multiple operating systems without facing any problem. With this user don’t need even second hard drive. Users don’t even have to partition the existing hard disk in various volumes.

How to Generate VHD or VHDX File?

Generating VHD and VHDX format file is simple. But before users start, users need to define the reason for generating one. Consequently, you can generate the VHD file with the Disk Management Feature. Here’s a look at the method:

Generate VHD File with Windows Disk Management feature

To generating VHD file users have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Firstly go to the Desktop. Right hit on ‘My Computer’ and then hit on ‘Manage’.
  2. Hit on ‘Disk Management’.
  3. Hit on ‘More Actions’ on the right side of a window and then hit on ‘Create VHD’.
    A Create and connect Virtual Hard Disk window will open. Browse the needed location for saving the VHD file.
  4. Specify the file format and select from 2 options – ‘Dynamically Expanding’ or ‘Fixed Size.’
  5. Then hit on ‘Ok’.
  6. The Virtual Hard Disk will be created accordingly.

Reason Behind Data Lost from VHD File

There are multiple reasons behind data loss from VHD files few are mentioned below:

  1. Due to Virus attacks
  2. Storage media failure
  3. Software Malfunction
  4. Improper System Shut-down

Because of these reasons, your data is corrupted and your VHD files have become inaccessible. If you are suffering from the same then here is the solution that I mentioned below.

Recover Data From VHD File by Generating Virtual Machines

VHD File Recovery can also be done by generating a Virtual Machine. Mentioned below steps you have to follow:

  1. Generate a New Virtual Server and then add a new hard disk to it.
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ and choose the created hard disk then, browse to the VHD file that needs to be repaired.
  3. Open the Virtual Disk Wizard and choose the ‘Compact’ option, then choose the ‘Convert it to a fixed-size virtual hard disk’ option.
  4. Now you can save this VHD file with a new file name.
  5. This will successfully compact the VHD file, and then you can mount it to the original server.

Recover Data From VHD File By Using Automated Solution

If the above-mentioned steps are not able to recover data from VHD file then, you can try the third party software named as SysTools VHD Recovery Software. It is easy to use anyone can use this software. This software can also able to recover accidentally deleted, formatted data from VHD file. This application supports to recover corrupted VHD and VHDX file. This best thing is that you can install this software at any version of Windows.

Steps to Recover Data From VHD File

  • Launch and Run SysTools VHD Data Recovery Software on your Windows system
  • Then click on the open button from the Menu bar
  • Navigate to the destination where you have saved your VHD or VHDX (Virtual Hard Drive) and browse. But the virtual disk should be unmounted.
  • Now the software will provide you various options, select the required one. To recover data from the vhd file. Check Advance Radio Button and from Scan type.
  • After completing the scan execute the tool will provide you the preview of restored items in software panel.
  • Now click on the Save button from the software menu bar and provide the location to save restored files. And finally, go to the location and display lost or damaged virtual hard disk files in a healthy state.


SysTools VHD data recovery software has the ability to recover data from VHD file. It can recover all types of damaged or corrupted data from VHD or VHDX file. In this post, we mention two methods of VHD data recovery you can choose any method of data recovery. Now it is your turn takes decision wisely.

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Do You Know How to Recover Corrupted Video Files From Pen Drive? Find Out Here

Need help! When I tried to open some of the video files they won’t open. I think my pen drive is getting corrupted. However, I need to recover corrupted video files from pen drive. So, please suggest me an appropriate approach for the same. Any help would be kindly gratifying. Thanks.

Corruption in the pen drive is not a new issue. Almost every single user have experienced this issue, once in their entire lives. But, the prime query comes in every user’s mind i.e., how to recover corrupted video files from pen drive. So, we considered this query and come up with this comprehensive article. Today! We are going to reveal some best tricks to recover corrupted video files from pen drive. You just, go thoroughly to complete to know more. Let’s get started:

How to Recover Corrupted Data Files From Pen Drive Instantly?

In order, to recover corrupted, deleted and formatted data from pen drive. There is no manual solution which can do so perfectly. But, here we come up with this amazing tool named SysTools Pen Drive Data Recovery Software to Recover Lost File from Pen Drive. With the help of this recovery software, users can easily recover their corrupted video files from pen drive. This tool facilitates ultimate and advanced features to the users. Using all those features a non-technical user can also implement the recovery procedure without facing any difficulty. Mainly, this pen drive recovery software is programmed to recover corrupted video files from pen drive without any hassle. Moreover, it does not integrate any compatibility issue. This tool supports all types and companies pen drive. And compatible with all advanced and below versions of Windows OS. Thus, you can check this corrupted data recovery tool by visiting our official page:

Steps To Recover Corrupted Video Files From Pen Drive

Just follow the below-listed steps execute the corrupted data recovery procedure.

  1. First of all, download and run the Pen Drive Recovery software into your local system
  2. Now, this tool will facilitate you two options i.e., Scan and Formatted Scan. Here, you have to select any option either scan or formatted scan, according to your requirement.
  3. Then, you can preview your recovered data in flash drive data recovery tool panel
  4. At last, click on Save option to store recovered video files at any desirable location.

Are You Gazing For Something Free?

Are you worry about that we did not mention a free solution to recover video files from corrupted pen drive?. Do not worry! Here, in this segment, we are going to disclose the manual approach for the same. Mainly, this technique to resolve the issue is obtainable in two ways and both are described efficiently. You have to follow any of them sequentially to implement the procedure to recover corrupted video from pen drive. Let’s have a look:

Method #1: Utilizing Windows Scan for Logical Issues

  • Initially, insert the pen drive into your system.
  • Then, navigate to This PC/My Computer and select the Removable Disk icon.
  • Now, right-click on the Removable Disk Icon and open its Properties.
  • Hit on the Tools option.
  • Select the Check Now button.
  • Here, you will get two check disk options such as Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors and Automatically fix file system error. You just have to check both the options appropriately.
  • Hit a click on start, this will begin the scanning procedure
  • Finally, quit the program when the scanning process is being completed successfully.

If you are using the Windows 10 so, you have to follow the below-outlined steps to fix corrupted pen drive without any hassle:

  • Firstly, plug in your pen drive
  • Go to This PC or choose the Removable Disk icon.
  • Now, right-click on the Removable Disk Icon and open its Properties.
  • Then, click on the Tools option
  • Select the Rebuild option to proceed further
  • Here, close the wizard after successful completion of the procedure properly.
  • At last, eject your pen drive from the system.

Special Tips!

Here, are some tips that can help your pen drive from not getting corrupted.

  • Run an anti-virus program on regular basis. This will help to remove the virus which occurs the corruption issue in your pen drive.
  • Always eject the pen drive via using the safely remove option. Ensure that you do not simply pull out the USB. Because this is a root cause behind the occurrence of corruption in flash drive.

Time to Summing Up

Most of the users prefer pen drive due to its portability and enhanced functionalities. Mainly, users can store thousands of data files in it. But, those data files that stored in a pen drive are prone to corruption. Once the data files are being corrupted so, it becomes difficult to recover them. So, in this blog, we emphasize the best techniques to recover corrupted video files from pen drive. But, no manual method can provide you the expected outcome. Thus, it is suggested to choose an alternative approach i.e., Pen Drive Recovery software. Ultimately, the choice is totally yours.


How to Recover Formatted Data From Hard Drive – Follow Easy Steps

The HDD (hard disk drive) is the primary and usually largest data storage hardware device in a system. The OS software titles, and most other files are stored in the HDD. The hard drive is sometimes mentioned to as the “C drive” due to the fact that Microsoft Windows, by default, designates the “C” drive letter to the main partition on the main hard drive in a system.

While it is not a technically accurate term to use, this is still common. For example, Few systems (PC) have various drive letters like C, D, and E stand for areas across one or more hard drives. The hard disk drive also goes by the name HDD (its abbreviation), hard drive, fixed drive, hard disk, and fixed disk drive, fixed disk.

Overview of Hard Drive Format Recovery

With the increase in digitization of data, literally all of our memories, our crucial emails and entire the personal details are stored in our hard drive. While the reasons for data loss in hard drives are largely physical, few times data might be lost due to a mere human error. For example, formatting a hard drive without having a backup can result in the loss of important data collected over the course of years. Here is some possible reason of data loss:

Firmware Faults: Most of the time, it happens that the hard disk drive does not get detected by the computer. The computer may sometimes get stuck in the middle of the booting process, making it impossible for users to access their files.

Hard Disk Crash: Improper airing in the CPU fan can result in the crashing of the hard disk. In such situations, users can hear hitting sounds coming from their device.

Unstable Power Supply: Using unreliable power sources or too high and too low voltages to UPS power can reason for your hard drive fail.

Internal Failure: Mechanical failures can reason the data on users hard disk to become corrupt and inaccessible. Sometimes, users could face a black screen after the booting screen.

Corrupted Files: A sudden shut-down of users laptop or PC due to power surges can reason some data to become corrupt and make your hard disk to fail. Using malicious applications can also spread a virus in your pc leading to more corrupt data.

Human Error: Sometimes user an accidental formatting their data without taking backup calls for data recovery. Wrong installations of an OS can cause the hard drive to fail, thereby requiring a format.

All of the above reasons of the users hard drive data damage or lost thus the hard drive is often to be required formatted in attempt the resolved problem. All hard drive users are not taking backup of their precious data. Some users always search the solution of how to recover formatted data from hard drive. Now we will discuss about how to recover formatted data from hard drive with the help of professional software.

Recover Formatted Data From Hard Drive by Using Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Recover formatted data from hard drive by using hard drive data recovery software this software is able to recover formatted data from internal or external hard drive. This software recovers quick data from IDE, EIDE and SATA devices. It is able to recover Recover lost data from GPT and MBR hard disk partition. Just follow these steps and know how software works.

  • First of all launch The Hard Drive Data Recovery Software
  • Select the partition which contains data and Scan. Scan for Deleted and Corrupted data and for Formatted Scan for formatted data
  • Preview the restored data in the preview panel of this hard drive software
  • Save recovered data either by choosing or all folder