Spy Apps VS Parental Control Apps


The article is related to signifying the difference between a parental control app and a spy app. First of all, we need to define both comprehensively.

Spy app: A spy app is basically a software program that seeks to track all the activities performing over the target device, over digital space. It is used by the individuals who seek to keep a watch on their target individuals.

The most common users of the service are the employers who look to spy on the activities of their employees to ensure the productivity and performance of their business.

Parental control app: A parental control app is a software application or a program that keeps a check on the digital activities of the kids. They are used to restrict access to inappropriate content, or to reduce screen time, and for many other purposes.

The parents in this digital age excessively look forward to using a parental control app over their kids so that they may be protected from all kinds of evils all the way.

The pressing questions

There are a few questions that are excessively getting hype that

  • Are spy apps and parental control apps work in the same manner?
  • Do they offer the same set of features?
  • What is the main difference between them?

The experts look forward to answering these pressing queries of the individuals because the clarity of thought in this aspect is pretty much necessary.

Answers to the questions

A number of experts from both the technical and behavioral domains have come forward to answer these questions. The answers to the questions are as follows.

  1. Are spy apps and parental control apps work in the same manner?
  2. The answer to the question is a big YES. The experts established that, more or less, one way or the other, the spy apps and parental control apps work in the same manner.

Both of them look to track and monitor the communication between individuals over the target devices. So, there should be no confusion about this at all. Both of them have the same working capacity.

  1. Do they offer the same set of features?
  2. To answer this question, the most reliable and authentic opinion is of technical experts i.e. the software programmers. They established that spy app and parental control apps, in one way or the other, offer the same set of features that are used most commonly.

Both of them have location tracking, social media monitoring, email, and SMS monitoring, surround recording, screen recording, and other features of the same kind.

  1. What is the main difference between them?
  2. The main difference among both of them, as established by the researchers and experts, is the intention of usage of the service. The only difference between spy apps and parental control apps is the intention of the end-user that for what purpose the end-user wants to use the service.

If the parent is using a spy app, then it is a parental control app at the same time and vice-versa. Both of the words can be used interchangeably in certain dynamics.

There is a supplementary argument in addressing this question as well.

According to this, the experts suggest that the use of spy apps and parental control apps should always be within the prescribed boundaries of legitimate monitoring. It should be respecting certain limits of privacy.

The use of such apps much be with consent or at least adhering to public and state laws of monitoring.

The decisive argument

The decisive argument with all the above discussion is that the use of spy apps or parental control apps must be for legitimate or justified purposes. It must be within certain limits.

The justified use of these services is the parents tracking their kids and employers monitoring their employees for augmented performance and productivity.


The parents look to use the service to protect their kids from cybercriminals who try to harass and bully the kids for their personal gain.

The parents want to restrict the kids’ access to the adult and appropriate content as well, using the parental control service.

On the other hand, employers look to track their employees’ activities to ensure performance and productivity.


The article signifies the difference between spy apps and parental control apps. It is established that both of them work in the same manner, one way or the other.