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Are You Risking Yourself from UV Radiation While Driving?

Many drivers might think that they’re not at risk from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation thanks to the protection of their cars.

Many experts have already stated that drivers are at risk of contracting the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation even when inside their vehicles. People are at risk of receiving skin cancer and cataracts when exposed to UV light even if they don’t spend at least four hours outside their cars.

Drivers might have a lower chance of contracting both skin cancer and cataract because of their windshields being able to block around 96% of UV-A rays, a type of UV that’s associated with skin damage. Their side windows, however, won’t be able to give the same measure of protection.

The protection offered by side windows tends to be inconsistent and lower than that of windshields, making commuters at greater risk from UV rays. The dangers from UV rays are cumulative and would only show up around one or two days after a person’s initial exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

People might think nothing about getting exposed to sunlight since their constant exposure doesn’t seem to be life-threatening, but they might forget that they can get skin cancer from it. Skin cancer is also currently the most common type of cancer in the UK.

Around 900,000 people are blind according to the World Health Organization, thanks to cataracts triggered by UV exposure. Putting on some prescription glasses or applying sunblock all over the body might seem to be a good solution, but UV light can still penetrate such measures and harm your skin.

Car owners can remedy the issue of being at risk from UV rays by applying window tint films on their windshields and side windows, especially since window tinting can further filter out around 80% to 99% of the sun’s UV rays depending on the type of window tint used. For drivers to know more about the risks from UV radiation and how window tints can reduce them, they’ll need to see this infographic by Global Tint.

Are You Risking Yourself from UV Radiation While Driving



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