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9 Amazing and Useful Health Benefits of Olives

Health Benefits of Olives

Olives are salty and delicious to eat but they are bitter when eaten right off the tree. The different processing methods depending upon the region and olive variety is the reason for different olive taste, color, and texture. They are considered to be among the healthy fruits available and is responsible for the well-being and good health.  Olives come with a powerful health package. The olives are associated with the Mediterranean regions as they play an important part in their diet. Olives are mainly originated in Northern America and are cultivated in large numbers in the Mediterranean regions of Greece and Italy. They are consumed in the form of oil, pickle or eaten whole. Olives are nutritious and delicious fruits with a wide range of health benefits. Let us look at some of the amazing and useful health benefits of olives.

  1. Protection Against Cancer

Olives are filled with compounds like squalene, terpenoid, and potent anti-cancer agents. They also contain vitamin E, mono-saturated fats that help in reducing inflammatory markers and restricts the process that triggers cancer. Olives also contain anthocyanins that are positively related to cancer prevention. The antioxidants present in the olive helps to fight against the free radicals that cause healthy cells into cancerous ones. So having olives helps to protect yourself from cancer.

  1. Improves Circulation

Olives contain plant-based compounds that increase the production of nitric oxide, it helps in improving vascular function by promoting blood flow to your body tissues. Good circulation is beneficial and helps to prevent the risk of chronic disease. It provides a good amount of iron that helps to deliver oxygen to the body. The essential components like iron and copper present in olive are used to create red blood cells in the body and help you to prevent anemia.

  1. Improves Brain Health

Excessive inflammation and oxidation deteriorate your health and brain function. Olives can help you to reduce the oxidative stress caused by inflammation as well as to protect vital organs from harmful damage. Phenolic compounds present in olive helps to prevent you from conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and memory loss. Vitamin E and the presence of anti-oxidant can help you with improved cognition.

  1. Helpful for Skincare & Treating Allergies

Using olive oil and olives in your daily diet helps to reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles and other skin- related problems. They can also be used as a cleanser to unclog pores, remove dead skin cells and oils to prevent your facial skin from acne and drying of it. The presence of vitamin E, iron and copper keeps your skin healthy and soft. They also help you to reduce the signs of allergies and the intensity of allergic reactions.

  1. Lower Bone Loss

The presence of hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein in the olive helps you with increased calcium disposition and bone growth. It also reduces the risk of osteoporosis, a medical condition in which bone becomes fragile due to the deficiency of vitamin D and loss of tissue.

  1. Good for your Eye

Olives contain a good amount of anti-oxidants and vitamin A and they are associated to benefit your eye health. They also help you to prevent macular degeneration or fatty deposits under the retina and use to preserve the health of your optic nerve.

  1. Improves Digestive Health

Olives have probiotic potential to maintain your digestive health. The phenolic compound present in olives helps you from stomach inflammation and it acts like the gut bacteria that helps to improve and maintain digestive health.

  1. Helps to Absorb Nutrients

The antioxidants found in many fruits and veggies are absorbed in a better manner when taken with dietary fats like olives. So adding some olive oil to your cooking, salads, and dips can help you to increase the intake of carotenoids that benefits your eyes and reduces the risk of long-term disease.

  1. Diabetes Control

Diabetes causes an increase and decrease in the blood sugar levels in your body, so many of the people with diabetes need to be very careful to maintain blood sugar level. The presence of mono-saturated fats in olive oil is effective in controlling diabetes.

Note: Generally olives are extremely beneficial for your health, but there are some disadvantages associated with the olive. They can be allergic to your skin and health due to olive tree pollen getting into the olives. Olives contain high levels of sodium, so if anyone suffering from high blood pressure or heart-related disease should limit the intake of olive and olive oils. 

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