April 20, 2021


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7 Vivid Night Markets in Vietnam You Should Not Miss

Night Markets in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the top traveling destinations for international tourists. This beautiful country offers tourists a vast array of beautiful landscapes for sightseeing, as well as, numerous scrumptious delicacies. Night markets play an important role in the lives of Vietnamese people which open in the evening, selling a huge range of clothes and household goods, etc. Here’s a list of the popular night markets in Vietnam that you should consider in your Vietnam trip.

Ky Lua night market

With its own identity, Ky Lua night market in Lang Son province left a deep impression on visitors when coming here.

Ky Lua market is held 6 times a month on the 2nd and 7th lunar calendar days. On the days of the fair, many young people of Tay, Nung and Dao ethnic groups come here to go shopping for goods and find their mates to meet and express their feelings through the sweet folk melodies.

Anyone who comes to Lang Son also should visit Ky Lua market to buy some gifts because this is a place to exchange goods between regions in the country so the goods are very rich and diverse.

Night market in Hanoi Old Quarter

The night market in Hanoi Old Quarter is a typical culture of Hanoi which is loved by both Vietnamese and foreign tourists. The night market meets from 18:00-23:00 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening on the streets of Hang Ngang, Hang Dao and Hang Duong. Now the night market is extended to both Hang Khoai and Hang Giay.

People come here not only for the purpose of shopping for different types of Vietnamese souvenirs such as ceramics, bamboo paintings, cosmetics, bags, clothes, etc but also for enjoying the bustling, fun and touching atmosphere in the lifestyle of Hanoi people.

Hoi An night market

It is no coincidence that Hoi An was honored as one of the 20 best places on the planet at night. When night falls, you will see a very different Hoi An with sparkling, poetic beauty.

Hoi An night market located on Nguyen Hoang Street, Hoi An, Quang Nam gathered nearly 50 stalls with various kinds of goods and beautifully handcrafted products of indigenous people. It attracts tourists with lanterns of all colors. Besides, there is also a bustling night food town with many specialties such as cao lau, Quang noodles, chicken rice, etc at an affordable price.

Nha Trang night market

Nha Trang Night Market is located in a walking street next to the cultural center of 46 Tran Phu. The market is uniquely designed with a length of 137 m but the night market illustrates the idyllic scenery of Vietnamese villages.

Right from 7 p.m, local people rush in the market very crowded. The space of Nha Trang night market is relatively large and quite clean. It is where the goods are displayed and sold from gorgeous fabrics and hand-crafted jewelry to Khanh Hoa’s specialties like salangane nests, aloe wood, dried seafood, etc. There is also a really nice beach-front walk with plenty of bars and cafes for grabbing a drink and watching activities outside.

Dalat Am Phu night market

Referring to Dalat, people cannot ignore the night beauty at Am Phu night market. The market meets from 19 pm until 4 am.

Although it has the creepy name – Am Phu means hell in English, but the atmosphere in Dalat night market is very bustling. Many tourists come here to visit the market and buy sweaters, coats, wool scarves at very cheap prices. Besides, the market also has a lively dining area with popular dishes. At night, amidst the cold weather of the foggy city, this market is a paradise of delicious grilled dishes.

Ho Thi Ky flower night market

Ho Thi Ky Flower Market is located on Ho Thi Ky Street, Ward 1, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. The market is where it supplies fresh flowers from kinds of chrysanthemums, orchid flowers, roses, etc at relatively low prices in Ho Chi Minh city.  Most of the kinds of flowers appear in the flower stalls with radiant beauty.

Amidst the chilly atmosphere and the light looming in the night, tourists in Ho Chi Minh city will experience a peaceful and romantic space in Ho Thi Ky night market. Wandering around the flower market to choose for yourself a few branches of flowers or a bouquet of fresh flowers for your lover, and send sweet and good things to them on a new day.

Dinh Cau night market

With more than 100 stalls stretching on Vo Thi Sau Street, Dinh Cau night market is the place that attracts the most visitors in the evening in Phu Quoc.

Coming to Dinh Cau night market, you will be free for buying strange and unique items and enjoying the fresh and delicious cuisine of Phu Quoc island.

Besides, you should not ignore the specialties of Phu Quoc such as fish sauce, pepper, sim wine and other types of seafood caught and processed by the people here, all sold in this market.

Night markets are places that tourists should never skip whenever traveling to Vietnam. This is where you can enjoy a wide range of irresistibly delectable local fare and experience the local culture and nightlife. Complete your trip by heading to at least one night market when you visit Vietnam! Have a blast!