May 11, 2021


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7 Fabulous Australian Wine Regions for Your Wedding Venue

Australian Wine Regions

Dreaming of a white wedding reminiscent of the most beautiful fairy tales out there? Do you and the love of your life share a passion for fine wine and spectacular views? Fortunately, the gorgeous country of Australia has a solution for engaged couples who are looking to tie the knot in places which remind one that magic truly exists. Vineyards have been a popular choice among newlyweds searching for the perfect wedding venue. Without further delays, here is a carefully put together a list of the most eye-catching fabulous Australian wine regions for your wedding venue.

Dive into the magic of the McLaren Vale

Kicking off the list with one of the most favourite options amongst newlyweds is the lush wine region called the McLaren Vale, famous for producing some of the most luxurious wines in the whole world. The wine region is situated in the very heart of the Fleurieu Peninsula, about 40km away from the beautiful city Adelaide. Once there, many recommend looking up Serafino, located amongst lush green landscapes and ancient gum trees. Over the years, it has earned a reputation of one of the most ideal wedding venues for couples who are looking for a professional approach. Interested couples can choose from a wide array of interesting locations all around the property or just stick to the magical courtyard. The courtyard is an especially unique choice, and it is also extremely photography friendly. The McLaren Vale truly deserves a top spot on this list; it is internationally famous for producing Shiraz and Cabernet, as well as being the home to some of the most breath-taking beaches in the country.

Take memorable photos in the Hunter Valley

According to many, the Hunter Valley is a top favourite choice for passionate foodies and wine lovers. Hence, why not treat your wedding guests to the finest sorts of wine in the country and take them on the private wine tours in Hunter Valley? In fact, the Hunter Valley is home to more than 150 deluxe wineries, among which a notable mention is the Hunter Valley Gardens. The location is a popular choice for couples, and it offers a ceremony area, gorgeous photography settings and plenty of space for friends and family. However, there are many more potential beautiful wedding venues in the Hunter Valley which feature picturesque views and quality service. Even though ceremonies in this wine region can be a bit pricey, there are plenty of affordable Hunter Valley weddings for newlyweds. If the budget is not an issue, then consider flying above the valley in a hot air balloon or helicopter transfer. Everything is possible on a grand day.

Get pampered in the Yarra Valley

If looking for a simple countryside wedding, then definitely consider the Yarra Valley. Couples are advised to get organized as soon as possible because this region offers a selection of more than 90 exclusive wineries and plenty of classy wedding venues. One of the biggest perks if choosing the Yarra Valley as the spot for the big day is that its picturesque views make it certain that the wedding photos will turn out just as the bride and groom imagined them to be. Also, the Yarra Valley is great for newlyweds who are hedonists at heart and who do not shy away from self-care and a bit of pampering. There are exclusive spas and resorts in the area to which the newlyweds and the guests can freely treat themselves before or after the grand day. One of the most popular venues in the area is Rochford Wines, which is famous for its endless vineyards and countless photography opportunities. Other notable wineries which couples should consider are Helen and Joey Estate, Oakridge and Coombe Farm. After the wedding festivities, guests who are intrigued by winemaking and the intricate processes are advised to visit Giant Steps, truly unique wine and food experience in the Yarra Valley. The guests can witness the winemaking process and take part in the tastings.

 Taste prestigious wine in the Barossa Valley

 Located in the Southern part of the country, the Barossa Valley is considered by many to be one of the most prestigious wine regions in Australia. The fact that the area is home to vines more than 150 years old helped the Barossa Valley earn the title of prestige. Also, since it takes less than an hour to get there from Adelaide, many find it extremely accessible when taking a trip to South Australia. Couples are advised to try out samples of the famous Shiraz, Riesling, Chardonnay and of course, Cabernet. More adventurous souls should dare to taste blends of the Southern Rhone wines which are a mix of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre grapes. Couples can also choose from numerous wine estates, such as Saltram Wine Estate or Barossa Weintal Resort. The first option offers newlyweds a location catering up to 120 guests, whilst the latter has some of the most scenic views imaginable. Choose wisely!

Experience luxury in the Margaret River region

The home of the most exquisite blend of Chardonnay is the Margaret River region, located in Western Australia, about 3 hours from Perth. The best thing about this wine region is that it is extremely Mediterranean-esque, which means that the weather is always perfect! This is crucial when it comes to wedding planning because no one wants to deal with the hassle of a cloudy day or sudden rain. Couples who love spending time by the ocean and around vineyards should consider some of the more popular Margaret River wedding venues. For example, Pullman Bunker Bay Resort is ideal for newlyweds who are looking for an extra touch of luxury. Couples have the opportunity to utter the vows either on the restaurant’s terrace, the garden amphitheatre or the grand foyer. Another popular option is Meneghello Estate which is not only known for its perfect wedding ceremonies but also their high-quality unrefined olive oil. Enjoy the flawless olive groves and endless bushland!

Witness black cockatoos in The Adelaide Hills

The Adelaide Hills is yet another magnificent spot for a magical wedding reception and ceremony, located between the McLaren Vale and the Barossa Valley. It is world-famous for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir as well as the exquisite Sauvignon Blanc. One popular choice for weddings in the area is Longview Vineyard, famous for its countryside views. In fact, Longview Vineyard’s venue is award-winning and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful ones out there. There is not only a ceremony area available but also plenty of space for canapes and fun lawn games. A more elegant option on the Adelaide Hills is Howard Vineyard, which offers truly rustic charm. Newlyweds who yearn to witness the most beautiful backdrops in the Adelaide Hills are advised to head to Sinclair’s Gully. This eco-certified winery in the Adelaide Hills’ is a once in a lifetime chance to catch a glimpse of gorgeous black cockatoos whilst enjoying a glass of premium tasting wine. Hence, couples looking for the perfect countryside wedding should definitely not skip on this one.

Take a walk on the farmland in The Tamar Valley

 Even though it isn’t quite as popular as the other wine regions on this list, the Tamar Valley in Tasmania is slowly but steadily gaining popularity when it comes to wedding planning. Nowadays, the Tamar Valley is one of the leading wine regions on the island, producing some of the most superb wines in the last couple of years. When looking for a wedding venue in the area, plenty recommend checking out Wines for Joanie, an elegant 140-acre property perfect surrounded by farmland and a stunning vineyard. Another popular option for newlyweds is the Tamar Valley Resort; couples can tie the knot in the beautiful chapel fit for up to 80 guests and later have the ceremony at the Lakeside gazebo. The Tamar Valley in Tasmania is especially special due to its perfect combination of excellent produce, top-quality wine and natural attractions; not to mention the awe-inspiring scenery. Surely, every newlywed couple would love to proclaim their eternal love in the region.

All in all, there are plenty of beautiful and scenic wine regions in Australia for the perfect wedding day. Make sure to make early reservations and plan things out carefully to avoid crowds! Congratulations!