6 Top Reasons Why to Have a Locksmith on Your Speed Dial


We all like to fix things around the house ourselves, whether to save money or to prove that we can. However, not everything is a DIY project inside the house, so it is useful to have numbers of several handymen on your speed dial. The most important phone numbers to have are ones for emergency repairs, such as the locksmith. In fact there, there are at least 6 extra reasons why to have a locksmith on your speed dial.

Losing your keys

In order to save money, many homeowners don’t make a spare set of keys or they do but give them out to family members. This leaves them without a backup option if they lose or displace the keys to their home. In the worst-case scenario, you can even have your keys stolen, so it is imperative to change the lock as soon as possible!  A locksmith can either pick the lock and rekey it instantly or they can install an entirely new lock and give you a new set of keys (and a set of spares).

Locked your keys inside a vehicle

Another common scenario in which you “lose” your keys is to accidentally lock them inside your car. Even worse, you can lock the car keys inside the vehicle as well. Luckily, a locksmith can pick car locks as well, allowing you to gain access to the key to your home. However, you should call them right away, because it is not safe to stay outside for too long, especially after dark.

Have you ever locked yourself outside? 

Modern technologies have made our lives easier but sometimes high-tech gadgets can ruin our day. For example, modern home security systems close and lock the front door after we leave the house, making it possible to reopen them only using a keycard or a passcode.

However, we can lose the keycard or the keys themselves and many people forget the passcode, especially if they have recently installed a high-tech security system. In these instances, a locksmith on speed dial is your best option because it will take ages to resolve the issue through the call centre of the company that installed the home security system.

When the key breaks in the lock

Although keys are made from strong alloys, they become fragile after years of wear and tear and simply break in half. If this happens while the key is inside the lock, then you’re in for trouble. The problem can also occur is you jerk the key or insert it in the lock at an awkward angle.

The only course of action when this happens is to solicit the help of emergency locksmith services that will help retrieve the key fragment. Since you will be standing outside your house agitated, having a locksmith on speed dial is of great help. Once the locksmith arrives, he/she will replace the lock or make a new key for you.

What happens when you move house?

Moving into a new home means that you get the keys to it from the previous owners. However, you can never know how many copies they have made, so a change of the lock is in order. Furthermore, you might want to install a state of the art alarm system that will add an extra layer of protection to your home. In all of these cases, a locksmith on speed dial will solve all the security issues with a matter of hours, allowing you do tend to decorate and furnish your new home.

Dealing with the aftermath of a burglary

A burglary or a home invasion can often turn violent and you can lose more than your belongings. With a bit of luck, you will never have to come face to face with a criminal but a burglary can still set you back thousands of dollars in property and cash. A successful burglary on part of the invader that your home security system is faulty and that you need to fortify your home.

The first and the most important step you should take the day after a home invasion is changing the lock. You need the locksmith to be there first thing in the morning, removing the old lock and installing a newer, tamperproof version.

This is why it is important to store a number of a locksmith who does emergency repairs and he/she is available around the clock. In addition, a good locksmith can give you additional info regarding the best home security system to install. After all, they have repaired so many picked locks that they know which locks and doors are the most secure.

Any issues with the lock and key on your home’s front door are necessarily urgent. Since you’re not an expert locksmith, calling one is the best option. Moreover, the locksmith should arrive as soon as possible, which means that you should be able to get in touch with them within minutes. A locksmith on speed dial is the best way to prevent and resolve all key issues (pun intended).