Sore Neck from Sleeping

6 Tips to Avoid a Sore Neck from Sleeping


We take for granted a lot of things until they are there and our health is one of them. It is similar to a pain-free shoulder, neck and back which we do not pay heed to until they start hurting.

For many, the neck pain from sleeping has become a constant problem while it is just a fluke for many.

But remember that an ounce of prevention can be more worthy than a pound of cure. It is true that some kind of causes like the age-related wear and tear cannot be prevented. But if you know how to prevent and deal with it correctly, you will be able to thwart this from being a massive problem.

So, if you are suffering more a sore neck after sleeping, you must step out of bed and learn to control the pain which is taking over your ability to think freely. So here are some way that can help you to overcome your neck pain. Just take a look and pick a few options that can help you to wake up without your neck pain. Just take a look.

  • Choose the Right Pillow Wisely – You should find the right pillow in order to soothe the neck pain. If you sleep on your side, a supportive pillow which can keep the neck straight is usually the best. If you are a person who prefers sleeping on the back more, the pillows that are flatter and allow the head to be placed in a backward manner are usually better. You should stay away from the puffy pillows, in this case, as they can cause the neck to bend forth. The researches have also brought forth the fact that the pillows which are neck-specific are firm and can assist people with the neck pain that is chronic now.
  • Devise the Strategy for Exiting from the Bed – Your body can still be in a sleep mode even if your brain signals you that a new day has begun or is about to approach. To wake up you should not strain out of the bed as that can add to the neck pain. Instead, you should turn on the side to face towards the bed’s edge. Then rest the elbow (closest to the bed’s edge) over the bed. You should place the palms together in the front and by pushing them collectively you should push yourself up to the sitting position. As you push the palms together you must push into the elbow which is nearer the bed’s edge.
  • Sort the Right Mattress Out for You – The perfect mattress can be the reason for a good night’s sleep. The moderately firm mattresses are seen to provide more comfort and support for the individuals who have back pain. The Goldie Locks rule can actually help you understand this. Just like the neck, the natural body’s posture is slightly inclined towards the back. The firm mattress can permit the lower portion of the back to be aligned but you my still wake up with painful neck because of the cushioning. If the mattress is not firm the spine can conform excessively and the posture can get misaligned.  The mattress that is moderately firm offers sufficient support to get the perfect bed to sleep.
  • Go for a Hot Shower – You should allow the warm water give the magical touch to your neck assisting it to awaken, loosen and calm down. You can also go for your favourite essential oils on a cloth next to your shower or in your warm bath. You should place the drops on something absorbent so that they are not washed away by the water.
  • Maintain a Strict Bedtime – As humans, we are all slaves of habits. If you wake up and go to sleep at particular time every day you will be able to train the body for following the routine. Again, if you fall asleep at 9 pm on some day and at midnight on some other day, your biological clock will go haywire and it will be more challenging to be asleep. You should try to maintain a sleep schedule and you can even find that you don’t require an alarm to wake you up at the morning. This can assist to reduce your sore neck as well as don’t have to struggle to get up or fall asleep.
  • Go for a Few Neck Stretches – You can slowly opt for stretching your neck muscles for alleviating unrequired stress and remind the spine that it is alright to move. You can try the shoulder circles, side strengtheners, chin tucks, side tilts and so on. You should take the time to allow the muscles to slowly loosen up. You should not try and force the neck to in one or the other direction just like that.

The above are some of the things that you can try for avoiding sore neck after sleeping. However, if all these don’t work, just like it is wise to seek oral appliances for sleep apnea from your doctor if you are a snorer, for this, too, you should consult with your doctor for professional guidance and solution.