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6 Reasons Why You Should Take Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and Supplements

The human mind works 24/7.  Whether your body is working physically or mentally, your system needs to be healthy.

Imagine yourself having a healthy body while working the tasks for the whole day; it is promising.  You will surely be enthusiastic about finishing the given function and still be energetic even after work.

Your leisure time will not be at sake because even after a heavy duty on the whole day, your body has still the energy to give yourself a night outbreak.

However, in the generation wherein preservatives and toxins are rampant, can you guarantee that eating a heavy meal three times a day and two snacks within a whole day are enough to give you a healthy and energetic body?

If you are hesitant with your answer, try considering vitamins and supplements to stay fit.  Why not? These could be your ground basis to stay conditioned in the world full of pollution.

Perhaps, the following reasons will give you bases to pursue taking vitamins and supplements whether you live your life healthily or noxiously.

Taking into consideration that these are the benefits that a body could have when it is cared about by vitamins and supplements:

1. Filling the Nutrition Gap

If you think that eating foods alone is enough for you to have the recommended amount of nutrients, change your own belief because most of the people fail to meet dietary recommendations due to strict dieting, poor appetite, or the most, changing nutritional needs.

Furthermore, when we grow older, the human body could experience malabsorption because of the changing nutritional needs.  Moreover, this only shows that there is a decreased ability of the body system to digest and absorb nutrients from food. If such is encountered, it can lead to general malnutrition or variety of diseases which is associated with deficiencies in specific nutrients.

In a more straightforward sense, it only means that our body needs a specific amount of nutrients to sustain our body system become healthy.  By taking vitamins and supplements, it will bridge the nutritional gap that your body needs.

In doing such, you can maintain the proper balance of nutrients from food and supplementation.  As a result, it will enhance the nutrient density of your diet while obtaining the right amount of nutrients.

However, if your budget is inadequate to what your body is needed, availing vitamins and supplements drug coupons would help your budgeted financial problem.   

2. Fight Harmful Chemicals

Our food nowadays has undergone pesticides and herbicides.  Pesticides are used to control pests in the farm while herbicides are toxic to plants for it is used to destroy unwanted vegetation.  

It was proven already that pesticides could suppress a person’s Vitamin D level, in which, it will lead to deficiency and worst, disease.

Because of this drastic polluted food, we have including the external environment issues like pollution in our air, water, and food, which we have experienced, the body needs extra vitamins and supplements.

It is because the phenomena as mentioned above will cause our bodies to use more nutrients which our body has to detoxify and eliminate harmful substances.  

So, try considering the use of the vitamins and supplements drug coupons, by these, if we could buy it, the created free radicals of the harmful chemicals that attack a human’s digestive and immune system will be fought.  

3. Prevent Expensive Health Issues

Scientific research supports that revealed benefit of using supplements for specific health conditions regardless of its effectiveness.

Many health awareness advocates and health care providers consider the tagline, “Prevention is better than cure,” in encouraging people to stay healthy and be healthy.  It is because giving our body the nutrients it needs can prevent us from serious health issues. They encourage people to look for disease prevention instead of treatment.

Impressively, the benefits we get if the proper dosage of vitamins and supplements is injected within our body can prevent us from expensive health issues which include but not limited to:

  • Night blindness of the eyes.  It is because Vitamin A is essential for caring eyesight which means the deficiency of such vitamin can still see regularly during the day but have reduced vision in darkness because their eyes struggle to pick up light at lower levels.
  • Low risk of certain cancers. Having higher amounts of vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene has been linked to a decreased risk of certain types of cancers including cervical, lung, and bladder cancer.
  • Reduce the risk of acne.  Studies show that deficiency of Vitamin A can increase the risk of having acne because it causes an overproduction of the protein keratin in your hair follicles.

4. Subsidized the effect of Soil Depletion

There are studies already showing that the cause of malnutrition is due to the diminished nutritive elements and vitamins in plant-based food.  Last 2004, nutrients in food were being reduced by soil depletion which includes protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron riboflavin and ascorbic acid.   Moreover, still, even after a year, it goes far as nutrient depletion harms soil quality and reduces crop yields.

Moreover, farmers over the years over-farmed lands and have not rotated crops because of profit.  Also, by doing such, it results in nutrient depletion.

So if the soil quality is a significant factor in food nutrient deficiency, it affects the consumers’ health, just like for instance, weak immunity. It only means that the even if people would be buying foods, they still need extra sources of vitamins and supplements.

Therefore, by taking vitamins and supplements, people could subsidize the deficiency caused by the soil depletion.  

5. Overlay Poor Eating Behaviors

Eating habits are different from people’s eating behavior.  Many people already know that a healthy eating plan includes vegetables, fruits, fat-free or low-fat dairy products, and whole grains.  Further, a healthy diet also includes lean meats, fish, beans, eggs, poultry, and nuts.

Even if all of the people knew these, other people have changeable eating habits: some chew food insufficiently, and others also eat on the run, which leads to the contribution of their poor digestion.  By this, it makes their bodies to have difficulty in extracting all the nutrients it needs from the food intake.

With a more straightforward sense and way, taking vitamins and supplement could overlay the misbehavior of people when eating.  At the same time, even if supplementation cannot replace a poor diet, it can help prevent the damage that poor eating behavior is causing.

6. Support nutrient needs in exercising

Whether you are an athlete or just a person, who’s doing minimal exercise, a lot of energy and nutrients are required unto you to stay in shape.

As you exercise, your body uses a lot of energy and nutrients which are stored in the body.  So because of this, it is essential to recover these essential nutrients and fuel the energy levels.

It becomes the reason of many athletes or just exercising people to take vitamins and supplements to recover themselves from the activity they have quickly.

By this, their enthusiasm to work out can be sustained because the energy they’ve used is immediately recovered through the vitamins and supplements they intake.


To be less the chance of nutrient deficiency, taking vitamins and supplements is a pivotal element of a person that needs to be considered.

Many benefits have been pushed by health care providers and even health advocates because of the discovered advantages which could be offered towards all of the people in any social status.

In this article, the benefits which are elaborated include Filling the Nutrition Gap, Fight Harmful Chemicals, Prevent Expensive Health Issues, Subsidized the effect of Soil Depletion, Overlay Poor Eating Behaviors, and Support Nutrient Needs in Exercising.

Taking into consideration the future health risks which are the consequences of having a nutrient deficiency, prevention is still better than any other else.  If financial problem concerns your pocket, taking vitamins and supplements drug coupons could help you.

Although all of us have the discretion to believe regarding the reasons on why we should take vitamins and supplements, always consider that prevention is better than cure.

So perhaps, even if benefits are underlying the motivation to take vitamins and supplements, making too much of it can also be risky because excess consumption can lead to a toxic level.  That is the reason why balanced consumption of vitamins and supplements should still be observed.

If there are possibilities, it is still advisable to get regular exercise, proper diet, and frequent visit to the doctors are very important to prevent costly health issues in the future.



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