April 20, 2021


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6 Reasons that Make India the Favorite KPO Destination of the World

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At present, the knowledge process outsourcing services industry of India –

  • Prevail at a net worth of $6 billion inclusive of a predicted ‘hike’ to $1.1 trillion by 2020.

That projects about 17% growth from the last years with a CAGR of around 45% per year.

But, what essentially enact behind this overwhelming ‘bloom’ of this definite service sector?

In accordance to market experts, not ‘one’ but quite a few distinctive factors contribute in making India the most pursued off-shore destination of global brands for perfect execution of their ‘in-house’ intellectual jobs.

Amongst them 6 definite aspects matter the most and:

  • Let the nation’s KPO sector endow over 52% to the GDP.

Keen to know those? Here are they upheld-

Most Extensive Range of Services

In accordance to the most pre-eminent kpo in Kolkata, this is a key reason for which celebrated organizations like Reuters, Volkswagen, Goldman Sachs, Sinopec Group and famed Fortune 500 companies pick India as the apt-est remote base for their ‘high-end’ tasks.

From FMGC to automobile, engineering to R&D and pharmaceuticals to telecom, the KPO spectrum is potent to offer the progressive-standard serviceability over varied arenas like –

  • Database creation and mining
  • Equity, market and patent researches inclusive of IPR protection
  • Competitive intelligence and Corporate planning
  • Scholarly-level educational projects
  • Financial structuring and analytics-based industry reporting
  • Process-oriented calculative decision-making and crafting of customised solutions
  • Optimized consultations over issues of partnerships & mergers and corporate legalities
  • Up-to-date and strategized banking solutions
  • Devising of real-time beneficial company insurance schemes
  • Risk management, IT functionality, 3D and CAE modeling,engineering design
  • Digital content and animation
  • End-to-end of technical back office support

Highly-Educated and Enriched Workforce

As vows the process head of Vision Call Services, the good-enough shortage of knowledgeable and proficient manpower in the developed western countries prevail as another chief factor for India’s popularity as a prominent KPO service zone.

Given to the nation’s inherent educational infrastructure, a greater emphasis over higher education and specialized knowledge is always maintained through a student’s educational span.

This, consequently, results in the generation of a pool of most conversant and agile professionals such as:

  • Engineers
  • Research analysts
  • Chartered accountants
  • Corporate lawyers
  • MBAs
  • PHD-holders


  • Scientists

who are capable to meet each existing and every emergent KPO need across the borders and thereby enhance the service benchmark of knowledge process outsourcing companies in India.

A latest development in this manpower texture is the emergence of deft bio-chemical engineers, radiologists and pharmaceutical professionals that allow India to expand its KPO horizon to more novel verticals like Tele-Radiology, healthcare, genetic engineering and life science.

Guaranteed Trustworthiness

Another prime driver of KPO-based commerce to the nation. Be it the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) or the very government, stringent standards are followed by both private and public sectors to champion client privacy and protect sensitive data.

While the national administration adopts distinctive measures for informational immunity, against data encroachment and over IPR corresponding to the most potential and persistent international clients –

Each member firm of NASSCOM undergoes annual audits by globally-reputed accounting agencies to ensure its safety practices are up-to-the-mark.

Such agencies also endeavor to up keep own security module attuned with the national legislative policies of the country the client belongs to.

The English Language Perk

From the very elementary level till the research standard, English remains the first preferred medium of education through-over the largest parts of India.

By the perspective of veteran kpo companies in Kolkata, such a feature, inherently benefit them with a team, where each persona is, at the minimum, fluent over English and can ensure that work or productivity does not get interrupted for language ‘as a barrier’.

This trait also optimally paces up initial-level interactions with clients (especially the U.S ones) and make the one instantly relate to the firm, experiencing a convincing, homely feel.

Top-Notch Governmental Endeavors

Not only on the security ground, but also over the very work-front at the KPO field, the Indian government has taken some very appreciable measures to:

  • Champion quality and productivity above all


  • Provide foreign companies with a professional environment that meets global standards

There has up come –

  • Optimized policies of tax liberalization and currency deregulation
  • Flexible licensing schemes including trouble-free investment norms for client organizations
  • Regulation-relaxed access to foreign technologies as required; so, the KPOs can enrich own operational level
  • Opening up of multiple SEZ-s and easy accreditation procedure for firms to get included and reduce own overall operational costs

Note: All these ‘sound’ financial ventures have, in turn, enabled every prevalent KPO house of India to offer own serviceability at a real-time budgetary yardstick.

In fact, American and European businesses availing Indian KPO services

  • Vow to save about 33% over investment and experience seriously effective cost curtailment.

In addition to the economic steps, by the past few years, government has also heavily invested upon infrastructural development and therein permit KPOs to function via a true state-of-art style.

In the prominent metro cities and other big towns, Knowledge parks and IT hubs have been opened that boast world-class set-up with progressive transportation facilities, evolved internet connectivity and unhindered power supply to guarantee-

  • Work pace and benchmark is never compromised for any infrastructural trouble.

Maintenance of Real-time Quality Level

One recent survey of the popular firms for kpo in Kolkata reveal that every 3 out of 4 such establishments fulfil criterions to qualify as SEI CMM (An American Quality Assessment Model to test a firm’s capability in delivering benchmark software service.)  Level 5 company.

And not only in Kolkata, but through-out the nation, over 100s of firms retain this certification – Making India the most crowded hub of SEI CMM Level 5 KPOs in comparison to any other state.

Moreover, about 250 firms abide by ISO 9000 standard for own quality assurance and continue serving around 300 Fortune 500 organizations across the globe.

Upkeep of such up-scale operational ‘class’, in consequence, permit each international client of Indian KPOs accomplish the most persistent quotient of revenue margin – irrespective of the global economic scenario.

Thus, if to outsource own knowledge-based tasks, weigh no other option than an Indian KPO and to taste true success.