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6 Ideas For Your Next Wine Tasting Weekend

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Wine connoisseurs can’t wait to go to the wineries and taste various kinds of wines. But a life full of schedules and deadlines often cannot afford time for a passion like wine tasting, especially on weekdays. So, most people go wine tasting on weekends and spend their precious weekends in wineries tasting wine. If you are also an oenophile (wine connoisseur) and are planning to go on a wine tasting adventure in the next weekend, you are in the right place. Here, we shall discover 6 Ideas for your Next Wine Tasting Weekend.

#1 Combine Riding Trips with Wine Tasting

If you own a vehicle, consider adding riding to your list of to-dos during the weekend. You may also want to just drive to the winery on your vehicle. So, hop on your Suzuki SV650 and head to the winery.

Wine tasting itself is exciting and riding to the winery along with your girlfriend along makes it much more exciting. If you are single, never mind, get in a bunch of best friends and get going.

#2 Rope in your loved ones

Humans are social animals, even the wine connoisseurs. The larger the group, more fun will wine tasting become. So, any activity, along with people of similar interests or the loved ones make it more meaningful. So, rope in your besties and/or your family into your wine tasting plan this weekend and get started.

This will actually help in strengthening the bond between you and your close ones. In addition to this, you can also make it more exciting as you can have many fun games in the wine yard and discover the amazing world of wines out there. You can also have family games like cards, dumb charades or even truth or dare.

#3 Find the unknown and off-the-beaten-path destination

Instead of going to a well known and expensive winery, you may want to go to a winery with fewer visitors and a little out of your reach, like Paso Robles near the heart of California, which is off the highway and is more peaceful with lesser crowds.

This exercise will serve many purposes – first, it will substantially cut off the costs; second, you get to discover many exciting new places; third, you will find a better customer experience as the less famous wineries want their customers to keep coming back to them and of course, you get a variety of wines to taste.

#4 Combine a Picnic with Wine Tasting Plans


Who told that wine tasting has to be wine tasting only? Plan a picnic with your family and friends. Prepare the best of the dishes that you can like your special sandwich or something which can be easily assembled and pack it for your trip. Serve them to your loved ones and ask them to tell their best food pairings with wine. Try their best ones out and make the most of the trip.

If you are planning to include the kiddos in your wine tasting weekend plans, it will also become an educative tour where they get to see how wines are made and take a look at the wide winery. Also, include some games that the kids will enjoy so that you can go about with your wine tasting in peace.

#5 Plan during the offseason

If you are looking to cut off your expenses with nearly the same experience, consider planning your wine tasting weekend in an offseason, such as the winter. This gives you two perks – the wineries will usually be less crowded and the prices will be lesser when compared to the peak seasons with huge crowds.

You may also consider planning your wine tasting weekend in the spring when there are still leaves on the wines. This ensures that you don’t pay a very high price for the same experience and there will be no annoying crowds. You can taste wine in peace.

#6 Homework

Consider doing proper research while you are planning for a wine tasting weekend regarding the wine varieties, food, wine tasting fees, etc. Plan everything like where you wish to put up, what you intend to eat and what wines you intend to taste and so on. This ensures that you don’t end up making last moment decisions in a haste.

Also make a detailed plan regarding the people who are accompanying you, mode of transportation, budget, etc. so that nothing gets disorganised to spoil your wine tasting weekend.

Bonus Tip #1: Try out different varieties of wine

Try out the maximum varieties of wine that the winery has to offer. Try not to stick just to your favourite ones. It is actually fine if some of them did not appease you because this will enhance your experience as to what you like and what not.

Many wineries also at times host tequila tastings too, so keep a watch out for such events. This helps you to compare wine with other kinds of drinks and who knows, you might fall in love with Don Julio 1942.

Bonus Tip #2: Wine and Food Combinations

Try to know the wines that the winery you are visiting offers and their taste profiles. Look up for the recipes that match this taste profile and you can try wine tasting with food pairings to add to the experience. Also, keep an eye on the winery’s policy on outside food, some wineries don’t prefer their customers bringing food. You may also compare the taste profiles to the ones which you have already tasted, need not be just wines, but also whiskeys like Blood Oath Bourbon.

These were the 6 Ideas that we promised for your next wine tasting weekend. You can also make your wine tasting more exciting by trying out the bonus tips. Hope you have an enhancing and enjoyable wine tasting weekend.

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