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5 Ways to Use Decorative Concrete Inside your Home

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Concrete happens to be a much downplayed building material. This material is well noted for its remarkable versatility and may be seamlessly applied both in the indoors and outdoors with spectacular results. With the emergence of decorative concrete finishes, concrete does not have to be drab and nondescript grey, nor does it have to be the sole preserve of outdoor residential properties’ installations. Concrete can now be likened to a chameleon and has the capacity to mimic a variety of high-end materials less the exorbitant cost of the latter.

Today, you might be able to take full advantage of different decorative concrete styles to create your very own distinctive space which amply reflects on your style. As such, there isn’t any limit to the creative ways concrete can be made use of to improve the beauty of your house. From varying colors, textures to finishes, concrete may complement virtually any interior décor style. Here then are some of the most popular ways you might integrate decorative concrete in your home to fashion a fresh and unique appearance that will strike the envy of all who see it.

  1. Decorative concrete floors

Concrete can make for a beautiful and long-lasting flooring option within the rooms of your house. To which end, you can update the looks of your living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and even sunrooms with an attractive concrete floor. The main thing to always bear in mind is to guarantee the concrete will possess the suitable color and texture for any particular room in order to allow it to complement its overall appearance. Concrete coloring may be achieved by integrating coloring substances into its mix prior to the material been poured. The end result is a permanent color which is seamlessly incorporated into the whole layer of the concrete. On the other hand, you could opt to stain the surface of your concrete flooring. You will always be spoilt for choices when it comes to picking the right colors for either of these options. Alternatively, you can decide to add a distinctive texture to your concrete floors.

For instance, concrete may be stamped to mimic an uncanny resemblance to materials such as tiles, natural stone or brick. Conversely, you could choose to polish your concrete floors to present a high shine and a slip-resistant sealer might be used to ensure the floor remains safe to walk on. Generally speaking, well insulated concrete never becomes damp and if the given rooms in which you install it receive plenty of sunshine, it will retain the heat and fell cozy to your feet. On the flipside, if you install it in a cold room, you can still compensate by adding heating elements during the installation process for a better, long-term solution. Lastly, you can even make use of concrete overlays which can easily be customized to fit into virtually any given indoor space. 

  1. Decorative concrete countertops

Besides the floor, concrete may as well be an excellent solution when it is utilized as countertops material. Concrete countertops will lend a more customized touch to both your kitchen and bathroom. Essentially, you will have numerous options to choose from in terms of color and edge designs. All of which might be effortlessly made to order. You could even embed other eye-catchy materials in your concrete countertops once it is poured. Concrete countertops can provide diverse benefits thanks to its inherent qualities. This includes been able to place hot cooking pans on them, using them as chopping boards, without having to be overly concerned of damaging the material.

Also, when a suitable sealer is added into the mix, concrete may even present a stain-free countertops surface. When such a sealer gets damaged through wear, you could still repair it. However, if you aren’t keen on taking up this additional upkeep task, you can embed trivets into the concrete to ensure hot utensils have a safe place to rest. Yet other popular additions to concrete countertops are drain boards. This functionality can permit you to set items to dry once you have finished rinsing them. Alternatively, you could install a hole in the slab which leads directly to pull-out cans below the countertops. All in all, concrete countertops will enable you to make your kitchen as user-friendly as you might want it to be. 

  1. Decorative concrete showers

Do you abhor having to constantly scrub mildew from the grout in your shower room? Well, concrete offers a permanent solution to avoid such monotonous chores. Ideally, when applied to a bathroom setting, concrete is normally troweled on and presents no seams. Additionally, using the right sorts of sealers makes it even easier to maintain it. At the same time, you could integrate a slip-resistant material in the sealer to deter falling accidents. This may also be achieved with a broom-swept texture which can offer more traction. On the other hand, concrete tubs may present a distinctive and creative look in your bath.

  1. Decorative concrete fireplaces

This building material can be a showstopper when utilized to create fireplace hearths. When you keep the design seamless, you may be able to create a beautiful monolithic structure. Alternatively, stamped concrete might mimic the looks of brick less the extra maintenance. A seasoned decorative Concrete Contractor Jacksonville FL professional can color-stamp your concrete to present depth through shadows and highlights too. 

  1. Decorative concrete patios

Concrete can also be a splendid solution for patios. Thanks to its impressive versatility, decorative concrete may imitate the appearance of high-end materials like natural stone, brick, flagstones or even cobblestones. Stamped concrete will permit you to create a highly textured and embossed surface featuring intricate custom patterns and designs.