April 20, 2021


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5 Ways Technology is Changing the Way You Travel


Technology is omnipresent. And, like it or not, it has become an integral part of our everyday lives. It has made our lives easier, faster, and of course, more efficient. Technology plays a role in everything we do today. Whether you want to cook pasta or order it from your favorite place, you have the technology right by your side to get you through every task. Most of us can’t remember a time when we could function without our smartphones. And that is how integral technology is to our functioning.

Technology has brought the world closer. Today you can communicate with anyone you like no matter how many thousand miles apart. But technology has also made the world more reachable and influenced travel for good. From maps to booking stays, you can swipe your entire itinerary with just a click on your phone. What is fascinating, is it has made travel smarter, cheaper, and approachable for all. Here are five ways technology has influenced the journey and made it amazing.

  1. It helps layout the choices for us: Browsing through the hotel room images from different angles in our phones, we often forget what a luxury it is to choose. Today technology has given us a chance to walk through a catalogue of options and choose the ones that suit us best. You can view tons of hotels, resorts, hostels, or cabins you like that are miles away from you on your phone before you finalize one. It eliminates the need to take a leap of faith and sacrifice your vacation over bad choices. Such choices apply to various areas such as travel bookings, transportation, events, sightseeing. Andtechnology also gives you chatbots that promise to resolve your queries and give you the best travel experience. These AI-enabled chatbots remove the time delays for getting the answers to common questions and make your experience faster and more comfortable. These chatbots have revolutionized the hospitality industry being the right tool to engage with the customers at any time of the day. With technology making travel so easy and comfortable, it is time to put scratch-off maps to use. You can buy one at amazon.com and scratch off the places you visit after every trip.
  1. It enhances the experience of your travel: Imagine wandering the streets of a strange land lost and confused without knowing the local language. That would be a nightmare and a sour taste of flying. But technology has eliminated the need to go through all this trouble and rather enriched the experience of drenching in a new culture. The language apps make translation and communication more comfortable, which improves your experience at any destination. The maps, blogs, and chatbots can guide you to the right places to enjoy the culture and cuisine of the city, without any hassle. And, if you were wondering how to get there, your cabs are also lined up on your phone, along with tons of alternate travel options. This way, you get to taste the best of the experiences any place you go and cherish the memory.
  1. It helps create memories: What could make travel better than having the chance to click the beauty of everything new and fresh? Photographs are a way of registering the memories of everything you experience while travelling and technology have made this more comfortable than ever. Instead of having to invest in expensive pieces of equipment, you can now capture the beauty in your smartphones. It not only gives you a chance to remember a fun time but also enables you to share it with anyone you like. You can revisit the memories you created during your travel through the pictures. Today you can share every moment of your experience and inspire young travel enthusiasts across the world to try the same by sharing your expertise through Vlogs, travel logs, blogs. And of course, you don’t have to wait till you get back to envy your friends with the amazing pictures you get to share instantaneously from anywhere and everywhere in social media and private messengers.
  1. It has made travel lighter: Technology has unloaded the weight of carrying tons of important documentation in folders and files. It has eliminated the need to stress over having all the documents with you every place you go to. Save them all in one location, and you can access it anywhere you need without having to worry over keeping it safe. You can organize these travel documents and enjoy peace of mind. It has also made your travel packing smarter and easier. From music to videos, flashlights to books, you have everything in your smartphones to keep you entertained and ready throughout your travel, making your packing easier than ever.
  1. It helps with customization and personalization: Everyone likes to live a different travel experience, and there is no one way to get to it. But technology helps deliver customizability as well as personalization that makes the travel more enjoyable and comfortable. You can plan where you eat, what you eat, where you go, and what interests you at any spontaneous moment, and technology gives you a hand in fulfilling everything you need. And many companies are utilizing blockchain technologies to create a special experience for every customer, and get more targeted results based on the available information. This helps improve customer engagement and enhances the efficiency of feedback to improve the tourism industry.

The world of Augmented Reality

Technology has even given you the liberty of enjoying the world from the comfort of your couch. You don’t need to climb Mount Everest to soak in the breathtaking view. With a couple of VR goggles, you can ease on your couch, while you view the beauty of the mountains right from your homes. Technology promises to make travel and experiencing the world reachable to everyone.

Technology will change much more in the tourism industry. The evolution could help eliminate bad experiences and probabilities of failure, along with assisting people in discovering new destinations and experiencing better hospitality. Companies and stakeholders will also benefit from these changes as it brings more interest and strengthens the market for the industry.