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5 Unique Client Appreciation Event Ideas

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Client appreciation events are significant because they increase your credibility, raise awareness of you and your brand, whilst allowing your clients to see a different, more social and human side of you that won’t necessarily always be visible during business hours. It’s vital for your clients to feel appreciated if you want them to continue working with you. A regular phone call won’t be enough to show them how much you appreciate them, so instead of risking losing the trust and potential collaboration, be sure to throw an appreciation event from time to time. Not only will this type of event help you make the bond with clients stronger, but it will also allow everyone to socialize and have a fun time.

Ice cream social event

Do you want to treat your clients with a fabulous outdoor event that won’t break your bank? If so, an ice cream social event is a wonderful choice that will be ideal for hot summer months when everybody craves a refreshing entertainment. Not only will the crowd enjoy the party, but it will be the talk of the town for the next few days. You simply can’t go wrong with offering everyone countless flavours of ice cream alongside baked sugary goods, candy and a variety of additional treats on the menu. Stock up on mixed sauce flavours, nuts, and cherries to offer everyone the yummiest sundaes ever. Turn your dessert game up a notch and serve milkshakes and floats to blow everyone’s mind.

Food and beverage tasting

Nothing will bring people together better than food, so think about hosting a client appreciation event in terms of tastings.  For all the wine aficionados, visiting a vineyard for wine tasting would be a dream come true. If you’re not an expert on hosting client appreciation events, it would be a good idea to hire an event management company who’ll take care of all the relevant details, find the venue, schedule the dates and just allow you to appear and enjoy your gathering. Aside from wine, you can also go for beer or champagne tasting, or even throw in some delectable bites and shift to food tasting. Work with local businesses and consider beer and food pairing for an all-inclusive tasting experience.

Take everyone golfing

Spending time outdoors is an excellent option. People can both enjoy the fresh air and use the surroundings to the full advantage. One of the amazing ideas for an outdoor client appreciation event is to take everyone golfing. Many retirees and financial advisors enjoy playing golf, but it can also become a favourite pastime for younger people. Invite your financial advisors alongside their families, throw in a few of your friends, and host an event to remember. Thanks to the laid-back atmosphere that usually fills the golf tournament, you’ll offer everyone a good time away from business talks. 

Bring yoga and meditation to them

Working full hours and being wrapped up in a hectic lifestyle often makes us run on autopilot. Mindfulness is a long-forgotten term. Offering your clients a quality time to get back in touch with their inner self will be invaluable. A mediation class will feel invigorating and allow everyone to relax, without having to put too much physical effort into it. Yoga, on the other hand, can be a fantastic option for everyone who needs to work on their flexibility and breathing techniques. Offer the clients some tasty treats alongside yoga and meditation class, to allow them to experience a real Zen-like state. 

Arts and crafts are entertaining too

You can never have too many skills mastered. Looking for something new your clients and you could learn together can be a fun kind of an appreciation event for them. Have you ever considered taking a welding class? How about pottery? What if you offered everyone a painting class or have a teacher present archery to you? Everyone can bring a family member or their friends and enjoy a new experience together. This will be a lovely way for you to form stronger bonds with your clients. You will also offer them some thrilling time with the people they don’t get to spend loads of time with. 

Final thoughts

Giving back to your client can best be done by inviting them for a client appreciation event. Your clients need to know that you’re grateful for having them do business with you. When you asking them to go golfing, it will prove to them that they’re invaluable to you. The same goes when taking them wine or food tasting or throwing an ice cream social event. Learn a new skill or relax with yoga and meditation for the ultimate stress-free event. Everyone will enjoy and hope to attend these events again very soon. Don’t limit yourself to one event a year. Have them at least twice a year, and think about having a traditional annual event.



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