Healthy Life

5 Things You MUST Do to Have a Healthy Life

Health is the relationship between you and your body. If you take care of it, it will make your wellbeing balanced. If you neglect it, it will take a toll on your body. Even though the world we live in can be such a scary and stressful place most of the times, we must find a way how to thrive in it – both physically and mentally. As both have a tight-knit connection, making sure you keep a steady pace balancing them is of crucial importance. If you are feeling lost and don’t know how to do it, here are 5 simple things you need to dedicate time to have a happy life. 

1) Be Optimistic

The health of the mind is deeply influenced by the nature of thoughts. If you are negative, pessimistic and think that bad things are coming your way, your brain will convince your body that you are right. Basically, when you think pessimistically, you make your body ill – and it is not that naïve – in fact, serious illnesses can develop including depression – the silent killer of today. 

That is why, you need to be optimistic – not only show that you can laugh, be happy and have a good time with family and friends but really feel it. You can lie to the others but you can’t lie to yourself. Surround yourself with positive people and people who make you feel good, and distance yourself from people who are killing your vibes, even the “just kidding” types of people. 

Read, travel, change your job if the one you have right now is very stressful and never look back. Direct your thoughts to everything blissful and you will feel the warm light inside of you. 

2) Eat Healthily

The next thing you should do is eat healthily. Lots of fruit and vegetables and a balanced diet throughout the day. Keep your stomach full of nutrients and avoid sugary food and soda drinks. You will feel better, your health will improve and you will have a lot more energy than before. 

Eating healthy is important for every part of the body. Too much sugar and fatty food in combination with bad hygiene can damage your teeth and create plaque and tartar. To avoid this, brush your teeth and clean your dental appliances with a retainer brite regularly. Floss the teeth after every meal and do regular check-ups at the dentist.

Also, eating healthy will give you a soft, smooth and firm skin. Break-outs on the face or the body happen too often because of unhealthy and unbalanced food. Make sure you do a detox day in the week where you will eat or drink food or drinks that will cleanse your body from all kinds of toxins. 

3) Do Sports or Exercise

Your body needs to stay active. It needs to move to strengthen the muscles and it needs a regular reminder of how strong it can be. Therefore, you must exercise or do sports. Jog in the park, hit the gym, lift some weights or join a local sports club to play a sport of your choice – even as a hobby it will bring you so many benefits for your wellbeing. 

Also, you will meet a lot of people who are taking care of the mind and body as well the same way you are and you can make new friends, meet new people who may have an important role in your life in the future. You never know!

4) Do Things That Make You Happy

You deserve to feel good by doing the things you love – whatever it is. Make sure you have “ME” time every day even if you have 2 or more children or you are a single person but covered with work projects. “ME” time is awesome – it recharges you, makes you feel positive about the next challenges of the day and it prepares you for the upcoming obstacles. 

Just imagine how good it would feel a spa day with a relaxing Chinese massage, or grabbing a drink with your best friend in your favourite bar, or perhaps watching an episode of your favourite TV show? This is your place of happiness that you are not sharing with anyone – and that is completely OK. Because if you are not happy alone first, how can you be happy with someone else? 

5) Smile and Laugh…

… as much as you can! Never frown, never let the negative energy to get to you. In stressful situations, just stop take a deep breath and think to yourself “There is no storm that can overshadow my sunlight” and shine again. Dealing with problems in life is never easy – but it will be so much easier to solve them if you are not obsessing about them. The answers are always simple, you just need to look for them with an open mind and a smile.  

Plus, when you smile and laugh, people see you differently. They want to be around you, they want to feel the energy you exude and they want to be you. Surrounding yourself with such a mutually beneficial feeling is more than a booster of the wellbeing – it is a necessity that keeps you in good spirits.